New Bing with ChatGPT may show ads within AI-generated responses

New Bing on Microsoft Edge
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has met with advertisers to discuss monetization possibilities for the new Bing, according to a report.
  • The new Bing, which features AI tech and ChatGPT, was unveiled by Microsoft earlier this month.
  • Microsoft is reportedly considering placing ads within generated responses and has already begun some forms of testing.

Microsoft has reportedly discussed how it plans to monetize the new Bing that uses artificial intelligence to generate responses. Reuters reports that the tech giant has already met with a major ad agency to demonstrate the new Bing. There, Microsoft shared plans to allow paid links in responses, according to an ad executive that spoke with Reuters anonymously.

Microsoft unveiled its revamped search engine earlier this month. The new Bing with ChatGPT scours the web for information and then uses artificial intelligence to create responses to queries. Interest in the service has been high, with millions of people signing up to try out the new Bing in preview.

It's not surprising that Microsoft plans to incorporate ads into the new Bing. The current version of Bing features ads, and Microsoft discussed the income potential of the new Bing in a recent investor call. Notably, the tech giant stated that for every one percent of search market share it gained that it would make an additional $2 billion annually. Those earnings would have to come from somewhere, with ads likely being the primary driver.

The question at the moment is how ads would work within the new Bing. The search engine generates responses, meaning the traditional model of having monetized search results above other results may not work or be optimal.

Microsoft is already testing ad placement within the new Bing, according to the report. Ads are being placed within generated responses at the moment, according to the executive that spoke with Reuters.

Additionally, Microsoft reportedly plans to have ads appear that are related to a query.

It is not an exaggeration to say that (Microsoft and Google's) announcements signal the biggest change to search in 20 years.

Omnicom to clients (via Reuters)

With Microsoft announcing the new Bing and Google unveiling Bard, search may see a monumental shift over the next year.

Executive vice president of performance media at Horizon Media, Michael Cohen, shared information with Reuters about a separate meeting with Microsoft representatives. "They seem intent on starting off immediately with paid ads integrated," he said. Cohen also noted that the space below AI-generated responses could house advertisements.

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