Skype can now translate your own voice into different languages with AI

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What you need to know

  • Skype can now translate your voice in real-time to other languages.
  • The feature uses AI to make it sound as if you were speaking another language.
  • Previously, Skype's real-time translation feature used a generic voice that could sound off since it did not match the original speaker.

Microsoft announced a new experience for Skype mobile today. Alongside that news, the company also shared details about an improved translation feature for the communication platform. Skype can now translate a person's voice in real-time while using AI to make the translated voice sound similar to that of the original speaker.

Real-time translation has been available on Skype for years, but it could be a jarring experience since the translated voice wouldn't sound anything like the original speaker. For example, in Microsoft's demonstration video below, the original speaker is male while the translated voice is female. The speakers also have different accents.

Now, with the power of artificial intelligence, Skype can make it sound as if you're speaking another language, at least to an extent. The feature is clearly still in its early stages, but the change between a person's voice and the translation is less jarring with natural voice enabled.

Skype uses speech recognition technology and natural language processing to translate speech. AI is then stacked on top of that to sample spoken words to shape the sound of the voice translation. The natural voice processing is done in real-time to prevent people from being able to misuse your voice.

Natural voice translation is available now in Skype 1-on-1 calls. It will make its way to group calls and phone calls made through Skype next year. It's currently possible to translate your voice in real-time to English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and several other languages.


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While not as popular as Zoom, WhatsApp, and Teams, Microsoft's Skype is a powerful communication app that supports calls, video calls, and messaging. Now, it can translate your voice in real-time while using AI to make the translated speech sound as if you were speaking another language.

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