Spotify Wrapped 2023 is now available — here is how to see yours

Spotify Wrapped on Windows
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What you need to know

  • Spotify's annual "Wrapped" roundup is now available for users on iPhone, Android, and desktop.
  • Spotify Wrapped presents you with your top listening statistics for the year, including songs and artists you've streamed the most.
  • You can access your Wrapped showcase in the Spotify app, or via the Spotify Wrapped website.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is now LIVE! Every year, the Spotify app rounds up all the music you've listened to in the past year, and presents it in a neat little showcase that details your most listened to songs, artists, and genres. This year, the roundup will even assign you a city based on your music tastes!

The Spotify Wrapped roundup can be found directly in the Spotify app on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. If you don't see the button for it, you can also access your Spotify Wrapped roundup on the Spotify website, which is live for everyone now. 

The Spotify Wrapped showcase appears as an Instagram-like story feed, which you can tap between to see all the different statistics. It'll present your top five most listened to songs and artists, and well as the different kinds of music genres you've listened to throughout the year.

It'll even detail how many minutes and hours of music you've listened to, and how many songs you've listened to in total! Some artists have even recorded special video messages for fans if they appear in their top five list.

Spotify | Download Now

Spotify | Download Now

Spotify is a music streaming service with thousands of tracks, and a subscription service that removes ads. Listen to your favorite songs and podcasts using the app on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

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