This third-party Ink Workspace for Windows 11 puts Microsoft's to shame

Ink Workspace app on Windows 11
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What you need to know

  • A third-party app called Ink Workspace was recently updated to visually align with Windows 11.
  • The app allows you to pin apps that work with a pen and supports several quick actions, such as recording your screen.
  • Windows 11 has its own built-in Ink Workspace, but it does not have as many features as the third-party app that shares the same name.

Windows 11 has a built-in Ink Workspace that allows you to pin pen-focused apps. It shows any apps that you've pinned and suggests other inking apps, but it's relatively basic. Third-party developer Michał Łeptuch has their own app, also called Ink Workspace, that's designed to deliver a more robust inking experience.

Ink Workspace also allows the pinning of apps, but it adds a quick actions section for screen recording, projecting your screen, and more. These quick actions can be customized as well. Below your pinned apps and quick actions, Ink Workspace shows your pen's battery level and some shortcuts.

Ink Workspace | Free at Microsoft

Ink Workspace | Free at Microsoft

This third-party app allows you to pin your favorite inking apps for easy access. It also supports quick actions and lets you know how much battery your pen has left.

Łeptuch recently released an update to Ink Workspace that brings the app to version 2.3. Here's everything that's new, as shared by the developer on Twitter:

  • new Windows 11 Mica app style
  • new font for Windows 11 users
  • Segoe UI Variable
  • new Sleep feature (in Shut down quick action)
  • new parallax animation for Bing wallpaper
  • new icons for Screen Sketch, Clipboard and Virtual touchpad
  • fixes for grouping apps in Apps view
  • fixes for Rotate screen feature
  • new languages other fixes

While the feature set of Ink Workspace is nice, some may like it more for its looks. Our Managing Editor Jez Corden said he wished the app could be the new Start menu on Windows 11.

Following its recent update, Ink Workspace fits in on Windows 11. It also picked up a few handy fixes and features, such as the ability to put it to sleep through quick actions.

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  • Iamdumbguy
    Dev did a nice job, but it's just still links. Who cares? The only pen app MS has is OneNote (mention Journal and I'll cut you) which despite being "supported" and getting a "visual refresh" has barely changed over the past two decades. I don't understand how your premier computer is a tablet with a pen and you just don't make pen apps. It's a little like making an Android phone and outsourcing all your Android apps. Oops.
  • MrElectrifyer
    It's a great welcome app, instantly replaced the useless Windows 11 Pen Menu for me, and I've set my Surface Pen Shortcut button to launch it instead. Would be even better if the pop-up window height could be dynamic to the content in it, especially as I've made the app and quick action tiles small, and hidden the recent files:

    Furthermore, if the dev allowed adding of keyboard shortcut tiles to those "Quick Actions", it'll be the outright dream-come-through Wacom radial menu replacement I've been longing for since I upgraded from my Wacom based Surface Pro 2 to the N-Trig based Surface Pro 7+.