Microsoft is even adding AI to the Notepad app on Windows 11

AI in Notepad
(Image credit: PhantomOcean3 on X)

What you need to know

  • The latest preview build of Notepad for Windows 11 includes early references to a new AI-powered "Cowriter" feature.
  • The AI feature will allow users to rewrite text, make text shorter or longer, and change tone or format.
  • Ai in Notepad is just one of many apps and places Microsoft wants to add AI to Windows this year.

It's an open secret at this point that 2024 is going to be a big year for AI in Windows. We know Microsoft is working on a major AI update for Windows that is expected to launch later this year, that will introduce deeper AI integration across the OS. It's also expected to come to more apps, and that appears to include Notepad.

In a screenshot posted on X by @PhantomOcean3, the latest Notepad app has a hidden menu with an early implementation of a new feature called "Cowriter," which uses AI to rewrite text, make text shorter or longer, and change the tone or format of text in a Notepad text file. 

It appears the AI features don't actually work yet, but it's a sign that Microsoft is indeed planning to bring AI integration to the Notepad app on Windows 11 soon. It will likely be implemented in a similar way to how AI has been added to Paint, using an online service that requires logging into your Microsoft account to use.

The hero image spotted in program files for the Notepad app (Image credit: Microsoft)

Hidden in the Notepad build is a hero image showcasing what the cowriter interface will even look like, suggesting Microsoft is close to making an official announcement for this feature. Notepad has seen a lot of love from Microsoft since the launch of Windows 11, with a new interface, tabs, dark mode, and much more.

Microsoft is currently hard at work on the next major Windows OS update, codenamed Hudson Valley. It's expected to focus primarily on next-gen AI features, including an AI powered Windows Search and user history/timeline feature that will make finding previously opened apps, files, and webpages much easier. There's also a new Super Resolution feature in the works that will use AI to upscale the resolution of video games, and more.

Last week, Microsoft announced that 2024 will be the era of the AI PC, and unveiled that upcoming Windows PCs would ship with a dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard. Microsoft is just getting started with adding AI to Windows, after a year of implementing it in Office and its other online services.

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  • TheFerrango
    That kind of defeats the point of Notepad being a no-frills, text focused text editor.

    It would've made more sense to keep Wordpad in Windows and integrate Copilot there
  • Jack Pipsam
    Notepad should be as lightweight and simple as possible. This is utterly pointless and can only cause more dramas.
  • ITGuy1980
    Now it takes 10 seconds to open for me, due to tons of tabs it keeps open. With AI and other garbage it will be even slower
  • gojtron
    Thanks I hate it.