Some Windows 11 Insiders can't ditch the Dev Channel, says report

Windows 11 Update Windowsupdate Estimate New Dark
Windows 11 Update Windowsupdate Estimate New Dark (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows Insiders have been warned to reconsider staying in the Dev Channel.
  • This warning is a result of upcoming builds being less stable than usual.
  • However, not everyone has been able to abandon ship.

Windows 11 builds are set to get a bit rockier for Insiders in the Dev Channel, hence why Microsoft has advised users to reconsider whether they want to be on the less stable side of development or move over to the calmer Beta Channel. However, it seems that not everyone who's interested in hopping ships is going to have the easiest time making the switch.

According to HTNovo, the channel-swapping issue that's plagued Insiders for a long time has once again cropped up, this time to prevent those interested in going the Beta route from doing so. As such, individuals currently on the Dev Channel track may be stuck there if they're one of the unlucky few unable to reselect their preferences.

HTNovo does cite a way to escape the Dev Channel via a little Windows Registry work, but it's not ideal for those who still want to experience updates in a timely fashion. So, if you see your ability to swap channels is grayed out, and you don't want to risk missing out on the latest and greatest Windows developments, it may be preferable to stick with the Dev Channel until the action gets too hot to handle.

Whatever your channel preference is, stay frosty when it comes to the latest Windows developments, as who knows what the upcoming unstable adventures of Windows 11 may entail. And if you find yourself in a pickle and need a little Windows 11 help, check out our numerous guides for the OS (hyperlinked in this very sentence, for your convenience).

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