Sony bringing PlayStation 4 Remote Play functionality to Windows and Mac

Earlier this week, an unofficial streaming app debuted, allowing those on a PC to play PlayStation 4 titles. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony CE's President of Worldwide Studios, has confirmed on Twitter that Sony is working on an official Remote Play app for the PC and Mac:

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While Sony had Remote Play functionality enabled for the PlayStation 3 and PS4, it was limited to its Xperia-branded devices as well as the PS Vita and PlayStation TV. With the Xbox One now able to stream games to Windows 10, Sony is leveling the playing field by introducing a similar feature. Mac compatibility will only make things that much more interesting.

Source: Twitter (Shuhei Yoshida); Via: Neowin

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • What's a Playstation?
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  • The console with a slimmer design, no power brick, yet better graphics performance?
  • Oh that's right, you must mean the one my friend has that sounds like a jet engine when he's playing games.
  • No, I mean the one I have that doesn't sound any louder than my ultrabook, yet gets 1080p at 60fps.
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  • Sony must make a universal PlayStation app on windows! Also sell Sony windows phones!
  • Not going to happen with Sony's disastrous phone division
  • Why u say so? Z-series were great as cup coasters
  • No
  • Lol they're already bleeding money on their phone division because they're idiots. Going with WP would just be seppuku. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Haha well put xD Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I still love the Xperia X1. Hope they again comeback to the Windows platform. With some cool design and concept
  • No, please. Sony is so cheap and disgusting making products.
  • Nice! Now if only they make a playstation app for windows phone
  • You mean WM... WP died..... Choked on a chicken bone..
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  • I think everybody knows what he meant and besides... We do have windows phones.
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    And, no.... This perfectly executed 1520 is now a W10 device.... My EX stole my 920, so I do not have a WP device;; therefore it is dead on arrival.. Hahahaha!
  • Wait, what?
  • Wouldn't work out, I don't believe Sony is interested in releasing a phone with a Xbox branded system app.
  • Lucky they sold off Vaio then.
  • But a xperia z5 running W10M would look nice. After all, xperia was running Windows mobile in the beginning :)
  • True - it would be good to have a Z5 running W10 - nice to have the option as WP are getting too similar in design!
  • I preffer if they stop making things.
  • They make wonderful TVs! I am enjoying my 52" Sony XBR6 still. No need to replace yet.
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  • Of course that you do. It's a masterpiece! Bloodbourne + Uncharted 3 *_*
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  • And,, Chrome is left in the dust..
    I wish that's how developer support would shift. More developers targeting Windows than Android, because of the greater potential..
  • In all fairness Sony already offers this on Android. Just limited to try and help sell its own phones. The question then becomes will Microsoft open up XB1 streaming to the Mac as well?
  • To be fair, if you game and own a Mac, you should really have Windows on it anyway.
  • But this isn't about Mac gaming. Neither is Xbox streaming about PC gaming. That's all about Xbox gaming. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Except iTunes pricing for digital games is like buying a apple music subscription overpriced but no other options exist.
  • I just want them to do a universal app that allows for streaming to both Windows Mobile and PCs. Even moreso for continuum and the ability to hook up an Xbox controller via OTG. Ideal for those who don't have a PC hooked up in the bedroom for example when someone wants to use the living room for TV shows.
  • They do?? Damn, didn't know that.
  • Oh, definitely. Microsoft has long been a Mac compatibility's hard to see that they won't follow suit or even release it before Sony does.
  • What are they going to do next rename their console to Xbox One as well.
    First they bash everything microsoft is doing then turn around and copy lol. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Theyre the new Apple. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Kind of like how they copied Microsoft with free games every month for paid subscriptions, oh wait. And besides, Sony did game streaming long before the Xbox One, hell it's even referenced in the article you are commenting on. This is great though, it means when my housemate is playing fallout 4 I'll be able to still play PS4 games on my Surface.
  • Games... You mean... The remakes:')
  • Typicall Sony.
  • Yeah, typical Sony, that changed console gaming when Xbox wasn't even born and still swimming in Ballmer's nut.
  • It's the in thing. Everybody's doing it.
  • I love reading squabbles like this from the lesser races. Everyone knows the master race can do all these things and more... ;) #PCgamingIsRealGaming
  • That's nice and all but can we get an official Playstation app for Windows Phone first?
  • Not all windows users are wp users as well. And there are a lot more windows users.
  • But are they 8.x/10 users
  • Oh yes cant believe I will finally be able to do this. I would love it if my PS4 and Windows Phone got along
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  • Do you own a PS4? :S
  • Now, if only it was possible to stream Xbox games to Windows Phone Mobile... WHY NOT, MICROSOFT?!
  • I believe that is in the works and why shouldn't it be.
    The future is in mobility, though the questions are much compression can you use without distorting streaming over a cellular network and most importantly how stable is your connection. It's not easy as some think.
    Over your own network, yes however you need to ensure you enable QOS and have a router capable of constant high band with streaming for the best experience. Even then you have other "variables" to contend with.
  • Sure, I hope so too. I'm just surpries we haven't seen it already. I'm even more surprised that they haven't demo'ed with Continuum.
  • They could have done, but we need Wirelessly controller support for an amazing experience. Wired would be easy to do now :). Wireless support that's where the excitement is now. Technology waits for no one lol. Speaking of tech, it would difficult to pull off with lower end phones. As they are looking to bring continuum to the low end. That is where the true differentiation lies, people with expendable income already have other means of accessing the internet etc
  • Sure just like multitask & connecting operator billing to xb1
  • @FarStrider2001. Operating billing to the x1 would be nice. Though I suppose it wouldn't be if you have kids for instance, accidently ordering a £50 came off the digital store.... With no chance of getting that refunded lol.
  • It would be nice to play easy games on the phone but i absolutely don't want to play FIFA 16 on my phone lol :p Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hope they do an a universal app :). Some of us did save up a tonne of money just to play games you know. Although.... Finding the time to play them, that's another story entirely!
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  • Hahahaha! Funny playstation people.. Same level as that what Microsoft is providing with Xbox one, dont think so. They see Microsoft doing it and most likely bringing something half assed out of Facepalm and doing it not "for the players" but for themselves. Playstation gamers beg for Backwards compatibility but they said there are not enough engineers in the world that can do that :D but they are able to do this?..
  • PS4 is getting backwards compatibility with the PS2, which had more games than the 360 ever will.
  • 70% of which was the type of shovelware that would make a casual Wii player sick.
  • Different generations dude.
  • yeah right, everyone wants to play PS2 on their expensive and supposely Next gen console PS4 /s
  • This going to help sell more windows 10. It looks like a first major market impact of win 10.
  • No, thanks.
  • So now Sony will beat Microsoft when it comes to graphics, number of exclusives, backwards compatibility (PS4 is getting PS2 games, which there are way more games for that than Xbox 360. Hell, FIFA 14 got a PS2 edition), and now they're having a cross platform streaming. I don't understand how a company as big as Microsoft can continually get their butts handed to them on a silver platter by a company that loses millions every quarter.
  • NeoGAF is that way <======
  • Why would I go to Neogaf? There are a bunch of PS4 fans over there, and I'm a big Xbox fan. Not sure what you're getting at.
  • Well, in fairness Sony's a larger Corporation with more employees and more diversified branches. With that dispersion it's easier to run into money-loss than with a more focused operation like Microsoft runs. And when you have stubborn divisions that refuse to pay attention to the market (like the Mobile Division or Sony Pictures) but aren't put in line by the CEO of the company...well, it just takes everything to a different kind of hell. On the other hand, the fact that Sony is so much dispersed, should work in favour of Microsoft which should be able to do things faster. Apparently not.
  • it seems you are a sony/playstation and probably a Japanese fan that is so blind that you are not seeing the truth.
    I won't say people like you are stupid, but you really need to use a little more your brain and stop pretending that Sony is winning anything here, they only have more people thinking they are better because they are "japanese" nothing more. if Sony was a Chinese company, I am sure it wouldn't have the same image.
  • Um... I'm an Xbox fan who owns tons of Microsoft products. I'm also an American who prefers to buy American items, I just see the facts as they are.
  • To the people that dont understand Sony has been remote playing first, they didn't copy Microsoft, second its not a move because Xbox can be streamed to pc, the remote play was always going to come to pc, iOS, etc. They said that it would be coming to Sony devices 1st. They said this years ago.
  • Didn't do it tho? Wat they did do was nothing like it either.    
  • Haha looks like Playstation is copying Xbox One. Backwards compatibility and now PC streaming.
  • BC with a crappy PS2, while it was popular and good, would you want to play those old titles in your supposely next gen console? you can even use an emulator to play many PS2 on a computer... it's not PS3 BC so it's not what people wanted.... on PS2 can you play online with your friends? get on parties and voice chat with them like XboxOne BC?... that's what I mean with "it's not PS3" it will be useful, but I am sure if Microsoft wanted to let Emulator through Windows universal apps, then Microsoft would have a more powerful console. but I am sure for legal reasons they will not let it happen.
    ​And about PC streaming, Microsoft is looking into bringing the PC into Xbox One, while Streaming Xbox One on the PC can have its uses, let's be honest, it's not a killing feature. But bringing Windows into the Xbox One would be more impressive. Also, can you crossbuy and crossplay between PS4 and mac or windows? no. you can't do it, nobody mentions that, but Fable Legends is a nice example, and Gigantic of what will happen on Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming future. Of course, blind playstation fans can get a half solution and they will still say "oh they are beating Microsoft" yet they are so blind they can't see, anything yet, only anouncements and they don't even know if they will be half assed features or not. just look the PS3 "BC" as a example. yet some people said Xbox One sucked because it didn't offer 360 games.
  • PLAYSTATION had remote streaming to Vita and other even PlayStation tv long before Microsoft did...its more like Microsoft copied Sony I'm.not a.Sony/PS fanbou, I have them both, this is true..
  • I thought that Sony was firmly entrenched in the Sony Now hype train and against Backwards compatibility? Now they see how immensely popular that BC has become on the X1 and they're all in on BC.
  • All I want is control compatibility, is to much ask for it!? I demand play PC games with the best control
  • Lot's of sore rear ends over the superior "gaming" device.
  • Nice, now if they will give keyboard/mouse control as well as PS4 controller they would have one up on Microsoft... There is Nothing like a good shooter on a.keyboard... Most PC/console combo gamers would agree with me here. Fan boys, get over it, I have them both for a reason, to get full access to great games
  • Geez I can tell which peeps here if wp fails will go to iPhone. Can't you put blinders on and look at it from a consumers view. By this competition we the consumer are reaping the benefits. Right now I could plug my mhl adapter into my xperia grab my ps4 controller and play my apps on my 50" not to mention play my ps4 games on my phone while wife could still watch something else on tv. I waited and hoped for years I could do this with my 1520 but it never happened. I also can carry my movie collection on my phone with that same mhl adapter and use in hotels for movies. There's really no excuse ms didn't incorporate this long ago he'll they don't even have a vudu app for wp. They did presentations back in the day thro USB but said it would compromise security yet today (till maybe they stop it) you can unlock bootloader on some lumias. I still visit here cause I'm still a wp fan just wish ms would catch up they're still a year behind. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Like davidinct said...own both just wait another year and you can pick up either console for 150 bucks like I did with the 360. Just like the xperia z3v I bought on eBay for 160 3 moths ago cause it had a small crack in back cover. I'll buy the 950 next year for 200 off some clown that gives up on wp lol. Its way easier to wait a year or two and be a fan of all things then just picking on platform, (well not so true still can't use apple just can't get used to the os). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't have a PS4, but if I did, I would NEVER stream it to my PC. I would only stream the Xbox One gameplay to my PC.
  • I could care less about the console war. But if I had to choose it would be a Xbox One. Better updates and software.
  • This is great because ps4 incoming + fanless hp x360 n3700 :)