Sorry, HTC 8x owners, you won't be getting Windows 10 Mobile

The HTC 8x was first launched in late 2012 with support for Windows Phone 8, and later got an official update to Windows Phone 8.1. However, the smartphone maker has confirmed that the phone won't be getting an second OS update to Windows 10 Mobile.

The news comes from the HTC UK Twitter account, in response to a fan's request for information:

"There are no further updates planned for the HTC Windows phone 8X currently"

In addition, according to reports from our forum members, HTC 8x owners can't upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile via the Windows Insider preview program either. The last Windows Phone device from HTC was the One M8 for Windows in 2014. The company has not announced any plans to launch an new phone that will run Windows 10 Mobile out of the box.

Source: HTC UK (Twitter): Via: WMPU

John Callaham
  • Hardly shocking is it? The phone is 3 years old, and HTC are in a poor financial situation.
  • This is why most people will continue to buy Lumia phones. For the most part, they will be prioritized for upgrades. Samsung, HTC, LG... It's a crap shoot
  • HTC may not be around when Nadella finally gets W10M ready.
  • Lol, more like not around when W10M will be awesome. Because they could just release the 10586.63 if things go well
  • I've found alarms to be unreliable on .63... They go off several minutes late somewhat consistently. That would be a deal breaker for most people.
  • Will any of us be around by then?
  • @David B7:
    No one will be around anymore. Nadella has deemphasized the development of Windows 10 Mobile, so by the time it has become usable, the universe will have collapsed.
  • COMPLETELY agree.  I loved my Samsung Focus, I have no problem with buying a Samsung if we are strictly talking hardware...but the outlook on all the off-shoot company's support is very dismal at best.  I would need a 3 year software guarantee from the company...but would MS even give Windows 10 Mobile a 3 year guarentee??
  • I loved my Focus too. I have a 1020 right now, but honestly, if I could get a samsung focus sized phone with a quard core chip, 32gb and micro sdxc support, I'd buy right now.
  • You should've gotten the Ativ SE, the only thing that sucks about it is the name.
  • Samsung is no diffrent than HTC, i guess no one remembers the Samsung Ativ S and Ativ SE. 
  • At least they're fully compatible for upgrade unlike the 8s/x its a shame most chose price over specs. At least it means for me at least the big 3 in Canada have one more reason to update the sgh-t899m but if the core its based on the hspa model doesn't even get it I doubt it will have a chance unless they pay up more
  • Yes Microsoft did give that guarantee. Windows 10 Mobile is part of their Windows 10 Universal App Platform and phones are part of their Windows device ecosystem. Satya Nadella has stated that 'if no OEMs make phones running Windows 10 Microsoft will'. Satya Nadella has stated that they have a mission to make their services available on every form factor and platform. That some people might only use devices running Windows but that they know that in this ever changing world a lot of people use a iPhone or Android phone next to their PC and that Microsoft's intention is to play nice with all those platforms. But no where ever has Microsoft even given the slightest indication that they would terminate Windows Phone ever and everything they did since Satya Nadella became CEO is to make sure Windows Phone has a less negative influences because of ther low market share in mobile... I mean their entire Universal App Platform is built around the fact to use their dominate PC share to get developers to built apps for Windows entire device ecosystem, including mobile.
  • As the owner of a Windows 7 phone, a Surface RT and a Verizon Lumia 928, I have very little faith in my future with Windows 10. Bad timing for MS with carriers no longer subsidizing phones. I assume Verizon will not update my perfectly good 2 year old phone so all this W10 mobile action is irrelevant to me.
  • Download the windows insider so app and give Verizon the middle finger
  • True
  • The subsidizing doesn't really change. You pay the fees monthly when subsidized and now you'll do the same, except now with EDGE you gets options for the length of owning the phone instead of just 2 years. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Subsidizing makes a big difference. People used to contracts come in and say, "What's the cheapest phone I can renew my contract with?" Anyone with less than 10gb of data on AT&T should use contracts, because it becomes $15/mon (basically) for any phone on the network. HUGE difference. The absence of contracts has repercussions that you have to really think about.
  • Except that no carrier in the US, other than AT&T is offering any Win 10 Phone for their financing plans. Bit irrelevent that new Win10 phones don't even work on two of those networks. Then AT&T only offers the 950.
  • If Samsung were to release galaxy s6/note 5 hardware based windows 10 devices they would be very good phones.
  • No mobile maker guarantees 3 years
  • Focus had the best vibrator ever.
  • Wat Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • Good for you HTC 8x users... Now you can toss that damn phone once and for all with a clear conscience ... No more fruitless wait for a miracle to happen... I certainly envy you!!!
  • In its heyday, that phone was barely a blip on the Wp usage charts. I cant imagine there are many users still running it.
  • They're not missing anything with W10 anyway.  Keep your 8.1 device as long as you can.
  • True. 8.1 runs much better on these older devices anyways. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • @the_craze:
    "It's a trap!"
    [Enter Admiral Ackbar pic here.]
  • Yep, its understandable.
  • HTC hasn't ever supported their devices, regardless of financial situation. Their bad support of a device was actually how I got my Lumia 900 because ATT took pity on my complaints and mailed me one.
  • I'd argue that point...they supported some phones more than others...the 8XT was first in the world with GDR2 & 3, and had several firmware updates as well.  HTC also released the images for their WP phones, so they're supported by the Windows Device Recovery Tool... What more could they have done?  Like I said, some phones they did great, others, not so much.
  • Unfortunately I threw out my two 8x phones that were in an endless boot loop before they were supported in device recovery. That came as a complete surprise. They were basically impossible to change batteries anyway, so that old of a device can be very poor without a new battery. My 1020s are very easy to change batteries in comparison.
  • @Paul Kinslow:
    HTC were lauded for the awesome inner packaging of the components. That was what made them so slim (for their respective time). No time left for a changeable battery, not to mention future-proofing the device.
  • They use to make palms folks
  • But news like this "we don't support our phones", regardless of install base, adds to their overall negative perception and hurts their brand. This is the why of their poor financial condition.
  • No its over 3 years old morons
  • They barely support Android after 1 year, unless it's a flagship, why would they still support these old devices? Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • No kidding!
  • No, not that surprising. I'm fairly sure the intention was that we would get the upgrade but too much time has passed now. I'm still rocking my 8X. I simply haven't seen anything from anyone that has come close to tempting me to upgrade. It may be the phone I take to the grave with me. :D
  • not that shocking if the Nokia Lumia 820 and 530 will not be  upgraded to windows 10 then   no surprises,  welcome to the club of the programmed obsolescence
  • Lumia 820 does support windows 10 mobile through the Insider Preview.
  • That's not the same as saying Microsoft supports it just likely the drivers and stuff were so similar to other Lumia's that it just works.
  • Installed preview on my 820, so nope, you're wrong :D
  • People actually bought the 530? That thing was fuglier than the 520
  • Microsoft said that all the WP8 Lumias will be upgraded to W10, eventually. The 820 and 530 are simply not in the first batch.
  • It's not just HTC, every OEM is like this. It's why I (over)pay for Surface devices instead of getting a Dell or Lenovo. I'm sick of every time a new OS gets released, their story is, "gosh, I dunno... see if the old drivers still work? Oh, they are flaky? Sucks to be you, maybe you can buy a new laptop from us?"
  • Microsoft is just as guilty. I had a Surface 2 that was 9 months old when Windows 10 came out. It never received an upgrade either.
  • Maybe three years old, but that blue, oh my! Miss my red 1520...display went bad, but all else seems to work...buttons, hey Cortana, power, etc, even reset it with hardware buttons. Oh well, the 950 seems ok so far. I like hello.
  • Not shocking at all. However I think HTCs history of not upgrading any of their phones as much as the competition is starting to hurt them.
  • Wow bummer for some people. Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • Or a dodged bullet.
  • Maybe they plan to surprise us later by releasing HTC 10X /s
  • And so it begins
  • ********/moaning/blaming MS/Obama?
  • I dont understand why ppl blame obama, isnt it the congress that rule america? The world sure is a grim place sometimes for old gadgets.
  • It's both...we are suppose to have a check/balance system between Congress (legislative), President (executive), Supreme Court (judicial). It's just a lot easier to ***** about the President as he's the most face-forward of the many leaders and holds the most power of any single member (even that could be up for debate depending on who you ask).
  • WTF did I say that blamed anyone? I have a L950...I couldn't care less about the 8X getting the upgrade. That being said, get ready for more articles about phone that won't be eligible for the WM10 upgrade. Lol @ blaming Obama. You read way too much into that
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  • ???
  • Your silence is deafening. Posted via the Windows Central App for NES
  • This guy gets it^
  • Crazy fcker.
  • What the hell is a PC mustard race?
  • I loved that phone. Perfect shape and size. I still go back to it every now and then when I get frustrated with w10 on my 830.
  • and what does that tell you about w10?  
  • That Windows 10 wouldn't run that great on three year-old hardware?
  • It runs great on my 820, Bill.
  • It says only install official releases.
  • Never trust HTC when it comes to updates. They sucked at support even back in their old Windows Mobile days. Lesson learned.
  • Yes it's a bad decision but understandable. HTC can't support a 3 year old phone forever. Beside may be the no of current users are less.
  • I posted this above...but it bears repeating.  The 8XT was first in the world with GDR2 & GDR3, and was coupled with firmware updates to move the phone up to 8.1 successfully.  HTC has released the images and they're now supported in WDRT. What exactly did they not support?  I'm sure if a carrier said that they wanted WM10 on it, HTC would find away.   I think this speaks more about HTC skimping on the OS memory partition making it very difficult to upgrade the phone vs. the Lumia's which has a larger allocation.  
  • Yup, I had an HTC 8S a while back and it was one of the worst phones I have ever had. I will NEVER go back to a HTC again.
  • Well it was kinda expected. That's why it's tough to choose any other OEM.
  • "Every 8.1 device will get 10"
  • Yes, if the manufacturer is ready to put a recovery rom. Basically they need to allow firmware restoration ability if anything goes wrong with updates.
  • HTC released the images, and they're in the, there's that...
  • That's for 8.1 right. They need to provide w10 images.
  • Right, yes, my bad!  Definitely would need W10 images...which was never going to happen.
  • Yeah, they should have said, W10 will be available for every device. If a manufacturer refuses to cooperate, what can they do. On the other hand, is anyone out there still using a 8X?
  • Had the 800 and the 8x with Beats - really liked the phone but the cyan colour was just a coating that wore off quickly. Moved to a 920 and on my 2nd 930 currently. To be honest, it is dated and not surprised by the lack of support from HTC.
  • Yes, I do.
  • and then it was changed to "most" becuase in reality, HTC, Samsung, huawei and others might not care about it.
  • This isn't a 8.1 phone. It was a 8.0 phone with a 8.1 upgrade on it.
  • They have made many false promises before and continue to do so.
  • MS can't help if HTC didn't support the phone. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Agree with you, Had an 8s. still in portico (The first update in windows phone 8.0) and nothing more, no update 2 or 3. now scared to buy HTC products again. 
  • Every device? They never guaranteed that. Probably they did for the Lumias, but not for every other device. The OEM has to have a say in this as well.
  • So same fate for HTC 8S ?
  • The 8S has been known about for a while
  • 8S didn't even get over-the-air 8.1, although I could be wrong.
  • What about the HD2? Haha - that little guy could run anything
  • It's the ultimate phone. God knows what makes it so unique. It can take any thing.
  • The original HTC HD is what brought me to WP. Great device and and I'm still a WP fan :)
  • There should be a reason. This is a bad response from msft.
  • Duh. It's HTC decision. Microsoft can't do anything unless HTC supports the phone.
  • The response is from HTC, not Microsoft.
  • This response isnt from msft - its from HTC. MS didnt decide this.
  • really "from msft"....
    last time I saw HTC was not part of Microsoft, maybe you should stop blaming Microsoft for other partners not supporting their phones and devices. wow, I love how clueless people blame on Microsoft for everything.
  • The decision should be because of msft. It was so busy developing Windows Phone with Lumia line to bring it up front for that 3% market share. They neglected the fact that they had support from other OEMs. HTC was hurt bad and that should be taken seriously.
  • Htc is hurt badly in android too :P why don't you blame google too for the state they are in, for letting Samsung trash them...? No...? Ok...
  • So... MS should drop what they are doing with Lumia's and completely write HTC's software and firmware and test it for months, for them? Ok. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Lol way to go "tiger"... :D
  • Made me rofl :DD
  • wow HTC... I am sure they don't have to do much to get W10M on the handset but they are lazy and stupid company that after getting money from their phones they drop support of them.
  • HTC is the only company I know that actually includes a guarantee of software updates for what 24 months with every phone they sell others may say it but HTC puts it in writing on every box
  • So the question is, when did they sell the last 8X officially? Hopefully not later than January 2014.......if not, they are not up to their own commitments.
  • Understandable , HTC is struggling alot now even with android
  • And probably the lowest recenue in recent years.......
  • Well now i guess we'll be hearing the same news about the Ativ S
  • You can bet on it.
  • Sorry to hear that. A great little device as is the HTC 8s. Originally I thought the win phone 10 update included any wp device with a minimum of 512 mb of Ram & 4 GB of onboard storage, via the Insiders Program. And nothing going for the HTC M8 either, that's disappointing indeed.
  • I think the update needed at least 8 GB of onboard storage, that's why the Lumia 530 won't get it
  • No way windows 10 works on that old HTC anyways.different kernel on an outdated processor
  • Windows 10 works on 520 and 620. HTC just doesn't want to keep supporting a 3 year old phone.
  • 92x, 82x, 810, 1020, HTC 8x, etc all use the same Snapdragon S4 that isn't the issue.
  • And only 4GB of internal storage  
  • That's terrible. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's the kicker ms has said must have more than 4gb of internal memory
  • Lol, no. That's the ****** 8S. This one has 16 gigs of storage.
  • Thats HTC for you....
  • What a ******* moron
  • Years of bad personal experiences with their non existent customer service and product support says otherwise. Great devices, that's all the positive I can muster.. Sorry.
  • Do you know that if it wasn't for HTC windows mobile would never had made it past 5
  • Has nothing to do with 7,8, or 10 :)
  • We wouldn't even have 7 if HTC hadn't skinned the **** out of Wm 5 6.5 and made it as touch friendly as possible remember the touch diamond
  • I can't really blame HTC... The 8X while a gorgeous phone is over 3 years old at this point (genuinely asking, how long they are supposed to support it to satisfy people?) & HTC is not exactly in a position to spare resources to legacy devices.
    As a former 8X I don't regret my decision to buy it over the 920 at all & I'd do it all over again if I had the chance.
    My only regret is selling the 8X after I got a 930
  • I too loved that device and sold it after I updated my 920 to a 930. With the smaller screen and lack of wireless charging etc, it just made sense. So, not currently regretting it myself.
  • The 8X speakers (& headphone output) are better than the 930's though.
  • The reason I kept it was to play music as it has Beats included. But I like the sound produced by the 930, with good speakers and headphones it just wins for me as Beats is bass biased. But, sound quality is subjective
  • Bass bias seems like a pretty objective statement to me. Of course, people are free to have a preference for lots of base if they wish but, that doesn't get away from the fact the Beats is really only suitable for listening to R&B. For listening to classical, jazz, rock or just about any other genre, a good set of Sennheiser or Bose headphones are objectively better. Beats don't do nuance.
  • I have an 8X as a secondary device and it runs flawlessly on 8.1. I think they would only ruin it if they upgraded it.
  • That's the spirit. If it's not broken don't fix it.
  • Windows just keeps on leaving their supporters blowing in the mother-******* ****-sucking wind. They better get their **** together fast...because they've pissed off tons of people. Their OS right now sucks major dick.   Go ahead...get offended and disgusted by the language...the **** I wrote is still true as ****. Whoever disagrees is a blind piece of poop.
  • Except this has nothing to do with Microsoft
  • Well, what you wrote is absolutely not true.
  • Yup, true as poop indeed
  • RAAAAAGE !! :D
  • Get the **** out
  • As a current and long time Windows Phone user, all I have to say is.....   This guy is right.  There has been very little that MS has done right regarding their phone ecosystem.
  • Im also going to have to agree.. Ive been here literally since day 1 with a Samsung focus with the launch of WP7 back in December 2010. I love it as an OS and still cringe at the thought of having to go back to the static icons of Android or iOS, but MS has fragemented the OS with every major release now. Some people go left behind at Windows Phone 7.5 as 8 came out, others are now getting left behind at 8.1 as we move to 10. Fragmentation has always been one of the things i argue I hate most about Android, but here we are, on our 2nd fragementation in as many major releases. I'm also not pleased with the bait and switch on Office for Mobile now that continnum is out...I have to buy a 365 subscription to make use off software already on my damn phone.
  • Lmao. After seeing all the "*****" I was not expecting to see "poop" at the end. Lol
  • Used to love HTC, back in their ODM days. They really should have stuck to that business model. Now, I simply couldn't pull the trigger on any of their phones. They burned me on the Titan, in WP7 days. My net phone was a Lumia 920. After seeing Nokia's support, for their phones, I knew I'd never buy another HTC. Their support of any of their products, screams, disregard, for their customers money/future business. Of any of their Windows Phonea, are upgradable, it's a check box item. You support the upgrade, even if it's a final act, of love, and you never create another differentiator app (really, only their compass was any good), or update firmware.
  • What am I missing? What keeps the 8x from getting the update through the insider program?
  • HTC need to provide a rom for firmware update etc.
  • Shame, it's a great handset.
  • This is the reason why people won't buy any Windows phones other than Lumia, in case people are looking for them. And since MS is doing some terrific job with Lumias (by discontinuing or down grading them), wonder how many years Windows phones gonna live. Posted via Lumia 520/630/730
  • Android only updates for 18 months
  • Wonder if over 3 year old iPhones get the latest iOS9?
  • Well actually yes. IPhone 4s can be upgraded to iOS 9. And its not just about big OS updates. Carriers in US, OEMs don't support their Windows phones as they support Android phones. It was a terrible move by Microsoft to discontinue mid range Lumias. OEMs will think if even MS can't sell their phones, why should they care to invest in them.
  • IOS yes but op said Android
  • Yes, they did!
  • Is Android market in any sort of danger?
  • Android makers like HTC are. Is Samsung the only one making any money over there?
  • Well money making and market share are completely different things. Since Androids account for only 6% of the total profit from smartphones and HTC and Sony are at loss, the only company left is Samsung. So yes you can say that Samsung is the only Android manufacturer making money. Will be interesting to see when Nokia comes back in business with Androids. I'm waiting to get a Nokia phone again.
  • If it's anything like their other uninspiring Android devices, they won't sell well at all. Just look at all the solid devices that still just don't sell in large numbers. It's hard to make a unique, appealing smartphone, apparently. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Folks do not know or even care that they have an android phone they say I got a note or a galaxy
  • So true
  • 3-4 years guys
  • And?
  • I've only had one HTC phone. The Vivid. Weirdest phone i ever had. But it's understandable they don't want to support an old phone forever. ​
  • I owned one. Loved the feel and color of it.
  • Loved my 8XT, great phone and with BoomSound Speakers & Beats.  But yeah, they've gotten long in the tooth and I don't think anyone would be surprised by this announcement.
  • I own HTC 8x, but this XMas bought Xiaomi Mi4 LTE and use it with Win10M. But I need to confirm that 8x is not outdated hardware - it is on par with Icon (925) for example.
  • The ICON is actually the 930. A 925 is a tweaked 920 ... which is indeed on par with the 8X.
  • The Icon is 929/930 and the HTC 8x nowhere on par with it in terms of specs. But it is on par with the 925 (minus the camera).
  • Hi guys I am facing a problem in my phone ,I want to update to windows 10 so I downloaded windows insider after download insider app i select fastring then i check for update it shows windows 100586.29 i thought i will download it at night at night i i heard new build update 586.63 but in my phone i shows to download build29 there is no option fo recheck the update so how to recheck update in windows 8.1 Lumia 535 please help
  • Try soft reset.
  • Sorry duplicate post...
  • Old phone. Is there a 2012 iPhone getting iOS 9? (really asking).
  • Yes. iPhone 4S released in 2011 got iOS9
  • Ok Apple is Apple. How about an Android 2012 phone. A HTC 2012 Android phone?
  • We shouldn't be comparing ourselves with others to see what should be done, just do the right thing and provide upgrades. Unfortunatly HTC rarely does the right thing.
  • Still, I think it's to old to complain about updates.
  • Not sure about 2012, but Sony updated all their Z line to Lollipop. Only with Marshmallow will they be leaving out the original Xperia Z (from January 2013) and I believe the Z1 (Sept 2013).
  • Z1s didn't get lollipop I believe And those are newer than the 8x
  • Z1S is a T-Mobile variant. It's therefore not in Sony's hands to deliver that update. Sony provided it. T-Mobile decided not to update.
  • android you mean? is that serious a question? you could basically install the latest android OS on the first ever g1 dream, so yes, android support is up to you, and if you're up to the task then its BY FAR the best support imaginable, almost pc-like, and second would be apple
  • I'm talking about officials updates.
  • Nope. None from that period getting Marshmallow. You can't say the same for ROMS though and and third party support. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Except those locked bootloaders. :/ Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • And it shouldn't it slowed it wtf down
  • 4s
  • This is always a WP issue isn't it. Stick with Lumia. The odds are you will get an upgrade even the m8 for Windows is a none update device. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, It's not. This is HTC decision, not Microsoft. The ohone couldy easly run W10M but HTC doesn't want to update it. It's not Microsoft-s job to update other OEM phone. Microsoft can provide builds, but at the end, It's the OEM job to update the phone. So stop blaming everything on Microsoft.
  • The final straw that pushes me reluctantly to Android. My first smartphone was the 8x, I was excited for WP. But lets face it the writing has been on the wall for a while now. WP is dead, gaming on WP is dead. This is actually a blessing in disguise since W10 mobile is not ready for consumers. 8.1 is at least sort of decent although they never fixed a lot of problems before abandoning it.
  • The Android situation is worse, updates are rare and you'll have little choice to root and flash the phone yourself unless you go with a Nexus device.
  • Technically no worse than Windows. I'll say better. LG and Samsung have really improved Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good, go away to your Android then. We don't need people, who don't understand that this is HTC decision.
  • Great
  • I honestly don't see why 1 manufacturer/device not getting an update would push you from an entire platform. Everyone knows Lumia's are very well supported. Unless you really just want to buy future HTC devices... But this was still a very old phone. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • No big shock there. I had the HTC 8X, it was a great phone and I really enjoyed it. But, when it came time for WP 8.1, the 8X got left out in the cold, so why would anyone think it would get WP 10? I purchased the Lumia 950XL and am loving this new phone.
  • Huh? HTC did release WP8.1u for the 8X
  • For tmobile it did not
  • Nor did Bell in Canada... :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oh I remember old 8x blue, we shared some good times until I met 925, but then moved onto the 830, now yearning for the 950 :D
  • And this is why I bought a Lumia. HTC didn't even upgrade the 8x to8.1 you could only get it through the insider program. So Htc having financial struggles can be laid at their feet. Support all your products you'll get loyal customers. FYI I've owned both the arrive and 8x and loved them till the 8.1 bs!
  • I been waiting this notice for a long time, the only thing stop me from buying a android or iPhone it's the w10 update in my HTC 8x :( bye WP
  • You sir are a ******* moron goodnight
  • Ok so I got myself the 8X three years ago. The only thing that made me go for it was the looks. It's the most freaking beautiful phone ever designed.The OS, when compared to its competitors at that time: the glassy iOS 6, and the laggy Android, was superior. Now its outdated, true. And that statement holds truer for the OS than for the Phone. But its by far more beautiful than the actual "flagship" devices from Microsoft. The only thing holding me to this OS was this phone. As per some geniuses we got on these comments discussion ("OMG SOMEONE STILL USES THIS PHONE") there's nothing special in Windows 10 so I don't get to lose all that much, and getting a new device for it is not on my list of logical things to do. I have had the same luck with my brand new (back then) Omnia W. Two months after the purchase, WP8 launched, with a brand new KERNEL and lots of stuff like incompatibility with devices who had every requirements except the time 'worth' it to make it available for them. None can guarantee me the same thing is not going to happen again. Microsoft can provide the Insider preview for us too, because first they said they would need a ROM to restore devices to 8.1 if things were not going to work out correctly. Then they gave us the insider preview (accidentally), and in order to undo the fruck up, they got the 8.1 roms from HTC. But again, why not screw some of our loyal clients when we have the chance, with a reason even more laughable than the one they gave for WP7 phones. Now look, we (users of these rare devices) may not be big in number, but remember that WP only holds 3% of phone marketshare, and it might just not be a very small number nevertheless. Oh and as a matter of fact, a product released in 2011 still gets the latest updates from its manufacturer. Guess which one that is. Yup, you're right. And there you go, another good reason why you should consider being an iSheep, just like I'm probably going to be. Have fun everyone, I hope your patience will be greater than mine (only lasted 4 years)!
  • 100% Agree
  • Yes but the updates make your phone obsolete anyway. Have you used an iPhone 6 worth iOS 9? They purposely make it much slower than at launch.
  • Used 5s after iOS 9 update, no major slow down..
  • Yep, iPhone 6 running iOS 9 just dandy...
  • How about the 4s or 5 that's about the same slows it way the **** down
  • Yep, the HTC 8X is, was a beautiful phone, and better looking than Nokia phones. At the time W8.1 was better than iOS and Android. But modern Lumias and W10 mobile is pretty tediously lame compared to modern Android phones.
  • Nokia to me was kind of overrated in design. Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • There's a way to install w10 in the HTC 8x? (not a official way) hahaha
  • I was hoping at least an Insider install. The leaked update proved it might work.
  • They should have called the (M8) the HTC "Last" One with Windows! Uh-hyuk! =p
  • couldnt have said it better :P  
  • Poo. Guess I definitely will have to grab that new Alcatel on TMo (or maybe the 550) if I want w10 without spending a ridiculous amount for an unfinished OS.
  • My first Windows Phone was the HTC Arrive. My wife's first Windows Phone was the HTC 8X. We've since then moved on to Lumias and are never going anywhere else.
  • Why frist WP was HTC 8x. Got it for like 500 eur. Barely sold it for 100$... Shame.
  • The T-Mobile version doesn't even have LTE.  It would be ridiculous to waste time and money updating it to Win10 (and new firmware) when for little more than $100, one can buy a much better phone.  (former 8x owner here...)
  • Hell even the 640 for 40 is a better device...its not as sexy but it is better
  • Windows is Lumia so no surprise there.
  • OMG, are you people really that stupid or what. This is HTC decision. This phone could have been updated to W10M, but HTC doesn't want to, so stop blaing everything on Microsoft.
  • You do realize that he just might mean that Lumias get better support. He never indicated any blame towards Microsoft.
  • no insider support either? ugh, wth ms
  • I don't think any 3rd party Windows Phone manufacturers made money on them so its not surprising.
  • Pants
  • HTC, Samsung and maybe some more I consider brands to avoid.
    They do not give a sneeze for the customer. They want to sell the product and do not want to hear from their customers any more 
    - up until the next purchase is due. In the meantime they just simply screw you.  One-night-stand companies they are. Apple on the other hand considers their hardware to be sales channels of numerous services 
    and therefore try to keep those devices usable as long as possible.
    Customer buy new hardware not because their old hardware does not work any more or does not get updates but because they want better/different/newer/fancier hardware.
    My iPad 2 still works (well barely, but it still performs some basic tasks ok like playing audiobooks
    and it is still  good for my Netatmo devices).
    And who knows, maybe it will even get the upcoming iOS 9.3 update.  Microsoft is a runner-up and they need as many W10M equiped devices out there in the field regardless of their age and make just in order to have an installed base that is noticable. A customer who does receive an W10M upgrade on his/her device
    will also be much more likely to go for W10M on their next replacement purchase
    since he/ she already have had an impression on what W10M can do for him/her.. 
    Like with Apple, he/she then is just much more likely to stick with the OS and just go for better hardware and more features. I venture to say that Windows Phone users, who will not receive an W10M upgrade on their (aging) phone
    are highly likely to go for an Android phone because this decision is a very easy one and comes "naturally". "Everybody" (every buddy) will just recommend some Android device because "everyone" is using Android. It is in Microsoft's best interest to make sure existing Windows Phones users get an "on-board" taste of W10M on  hardware they already own. .               
  • Trust me, there's worse than Samsung and HTC for software updates. Much worse... Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • I agree. Should have purchased Microsoft's Lumias :)
  • Yeah, keep it coming Microsoft, keep on digging your own grave.
  • HTC.
  • You are really stupid, aren't you. This is HTC decision, you d*** f***!
  • They are ******* morons
  • Have you learned the lesson? Only Microsoft products.
  • And this is why I will only by a Lumia/Microsoft device.
  • It's a pity because I loved my 8X, it looked great and felt great in my hand. I'm can't really blame them for not updating it to Windows 10 Mobile since it's over 3 years old, but HTC never kept their promise of this phone. This was the SIGNATURE Windows Phone, and yet, it never got updates timely, it skipped updates.
  • HTC làm ăn cái kiểu này thì dần dần người dùng Windows Phone kiểu gì cũng sẽ cạch mặt HTC :)
  • HTC has provided miserable support for the 8X since it was made available.  Far as I'm concerned they were bankrupt before their financial woes.
  • Can't help but laugh. This is why I said getting the 8X was a bad idea in the first place--I have no faith in HTC.
  • Exactly. Glad I moved to Lumia in 2012.
  • I really liked the 8X. The curved back allowed it to rest perfectly in your hand. HTC's designers did a great job with that one.
  • But what about the HTC One M8? The HTC 8x is much older, but I'm still worried...
  • Yeah, that will be interesting to see... No update on that phone and people have a legitimate reason to be upset. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Can Microsoft at least throw the 8X a bone and either turn on updates to 8.1.1 version 14219, or better yet 8.1 update 2? They don't have to test it, it would be nice to have one last Preview for Developers update for it. Please upvote me!
  • RIP
  • One Down. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's doubtful the Samsung Ativ S will get Win 10 either.
  • Not surprising. Will only buy Lumia's from now on
  • It's 4 years. Even Apple abandon the products this old.
  • HTC is down for a while, and the phone is old. Didn't even expect win10 on it. Go for Lumia, the best choice for Windows.
  • My HTC One is running 10 just fine. Saving it up for a Surface Phone
  • I picked up a used Lumia 928 this summer and have it running W10. I will update to a more modern W10 phone when Verizon gets one. I am buying only Microsoft phones as long as I use Windows.
  • NOt sure why this is even a story....Someone name me a 3.5YO Android phone that'll be getting Marshmallow.  This is only a story in the WP community when you bend over backwards to accomodate people and their old hardware all you get is a kick where it hurts.  there is no REAL reason to even still have and 8X...not when you can buy an unlocked 640 for less that $80, sorry guys get a new phone.
  • That's just sad
  • People, HTC doesn't support any of their old phones. Do you think an HTC One M7 or HTC One X (same age as 8X) will ever see Lollipop or Marshmallow? I don't think so.
  • This is not good news. I get a feeling even the BLU Win JR LTE will not be upgradeable.
  • HTC = Honestly This Crap
  • I just stopped even thinking of HTC after my HTC Desire / Desire S. They just cannot be trusted concerning updates.
  • Is it possible to get the insider preview on the 8X?
  • Still using an 8X and still think it's one of the best looking smartphones ever. It's not exactly quick (Resuming...) but I'll be using it for a while yet. That said, I'm totally fine with it not getting Windows 10, I never expected it to get it. Seriously, why should anyone expect a phone (which these days people seem to treat as a disposible item), a 3 year old phone at that, to still be supported? It does its job well, Windows Phone 8.1 is totally stable and from what I can see, 90% less buggy than Windows 10 Mobile (ok I just pulled that figure out of the air but still) and I'm sure my sister will be perfectly happy with it when I pass it on to her (she's still using my old Samsung Omnia 7 and is happy with that).
  • Still riding on 8x not jumping on the w10 wagon
  • Shouldn't the the headline read, "Congratulations, HTC 8x Owners..."
  • Why buy HTC with their long history of not upgrading their phones as much as their competitors'?
    I switched to Lumia long ago after years of poor service from HTC, I think it's finally caught up with them. People want their phones to last 2-4 years, not upgrade every time they release a new model.
  • The Verizon HTC 8X was a nice phone for it's day, slick device, comparable speeds against other modls, wireless charging (my first wireless charging device). It will be rememberd by me as a great phone for it's day. I thought there was a hack to install the preview on it ? Not sure why it's not supported, it IS a WP 8 device...
  • What about Samsung Ativ S (European edition - 'cause there's also Ativ S Neo in America). 
  •     I am so glad that I gave away my 8X and switched to Lumia devices years ago, for fear of something just like this happening. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix it so that these users can upgrade through the Insider Program. Users need to file a class action suit against OEMs and carriers for not pushing out updates if OS maker makes it available.
  • just in around 2 year my HTC 8x will not get any support from Windows OS.. Surely i will go with phone with OS other than Windows. Microsoft not making existing customer happy and how it will get more new customer?
  • Guys stop complaining. It's been 3 years. Can you give me an example of one brand that supports their phones for longer than 1 year? Except Nexus please. HTC is comparably pretty great with support, they tend to release at least one update to every phone.