SoundByte gives SoundCloud the Fluent Design treatment

The Fluent Design System support extends to multiple Microsoft platforms as SoundByte is available for free on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Windows Holographic.

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SoundByte has pretty much every Fluent Design feature that we've seen leading up to the Fall Creators Update. It utilizes transparent backgrounds, hover over effects, and a transparent title bar.

Embracing these makes SoundByte a beautiful app on Windows 10 that looks natural on multiple form factors. In addition to having a fluent design, the app also has other Windows 10 features such as Live Tile support. By themselves, most of these aren't a big deal but when you have an app that brings them all together it fits very well into the Windows 10 ecosystem.


It's a relatively simple app but that isn't a bad thing. It does what it's supposed to and does it well.

You can login as you normally would to SoundCloud. In addition to SoundCloud it also has Fanburst support, though that's in Alpha at the moment.

You can see charts as well as your personal stream of content you subscribe to and search for anything you'd like to find.

Continuing the app's trend of embracing Windows 10 design and features, SoundByte has a mini music player on PCs that you can click and drag around and use to control content. It's a very nice touch that makes it that much easier to use.


SoundByte is a well featured SoundCloud client but being a third party SoundCloud app, it does come with some limitations. The developers admit this and while for most people they may not be deal breakers they're worth pointing out.

Some tracks won't appear within the app and some users will have issues logging in with their Google accounts. The app also doesn't support downloading tracks but they explain that this "respects the SoundCloud Developer API" so it isn't surprising.

Summing things up

SoundByte is a solid SoundCloud client available on multiple devices running Windows 10. It's feature set and design make it feel right at home in your library of Windows apps.

See SoundByte in the Windows Store

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