SpaceScribble, Windows Phone space combat the doodle way

SpaceScribble is a free Windows Phone game where you take command of a space ship to battle enemy vessels and dodge a rather aggressive asteroid field.

While the doodled graphics are absent of color, they are well done. The doodle-styled space ships flying across graph paper has a certain level of appeal and helps set the game apart. Game game play is rather challenging, somewhat addictive and has a nice pace. All totaled, SpaceScribble is an attractive gaming option for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

The main menu for SpaceScribble has options to start the game, view gaming instructions, view the online leaderboards, and access the game’s settings. You also have links in the lower corners of the main menu to view more games from the developer and the About screen.

The instructional screens are well done, interactively walking you through the various elements of the game. Settings for SpaceScribble include music/sound levels, vibration on or off and turning on/off the automatic fire control. In theory, if you turn off the automatic weapons fire, a fire button will appear on screen. I say "in theory" because I couldn't get the setting to turn off the automatic fire to stick.

As you jump into game play, you will have the option to choose your space ship and control method. SpaceScribble has your entry-level ship and six additional ships that you can purchase/unlock with the money you earn during game play. Control options include:

  • Touch input to drag your space ship around the screen
  • Tilt controls to move your ship by your Windows Phone sensors

The touch input controls are a little more responsive and precise than the tilt controls. This can come in handy when dodging asteroids or enemy weapons fire.

Game Play

The gaming screen for SpaceScribble has your graph paper backdrop and once your space ship is drawn, the action begins. Across the top of the screen you will find your score and level of play and your ship’s vital statistics that include health, shields and ammunition.

Across the bottom of the gaming screen is a collection of icons that represent power-ups. You can catch boosts during game play (little shiny star-like objects) as you destroy the enemy ships that can unlock these power-ups. They will be highlighted when available and tapping them will activate them.

Again, ship movement is accomplished by touch or with your Windows Phone sensors and weapons fire can be done automatically or by a weapons button. The pace of the game is such that the touch option for movement and automatic fire seems to work the best (especially seeing that turning off auto-fire has a bug). In addition to the standard weapon's fire, you also have a special weapon that can be fired with a secondary touch of the screen.

Enemy space ships invade the gaming screen from all angles and can fire upon you from all angles as well. You shouldn't let your guard down once a flight of ships have passed because they can fire to the rear as well as to the sides and front. Some ships will require multiple hits from your main weapon to destroy them but the special weapon seems to obliterate them quicker. Along with the squadrons of ships that skirt across the screen, you also have some enemy ships that will chase your ship across the screen.

Along with the enemy ships, you will find yourself contending with an asteroid storm that you’ll have to maneuver your ship through. Eventually you will reach a boss ship that takes considerable effort to eliminate. The boss ship’s health meter will run across the bottom of the screen and once defeated you will advance to the next level where game play gets a little more difficult.

Once you’ve exhausted all your ship’s lives, the game ends with a scoring summary screen. Here you can add your name to the online leaderboard and see how many credits you have earned to buy new ships with.

Overall Impression

SpaceScribble is a very enjoyable space shooter game. While graphics are minimalistic, the game is well presented. Game play is challenging, fast paced and will keep you on your toes. My only nit (and it is a small one) is that you often forget about the power-up icons because you are concentrating so intently with avoiding asteroids and enemy ship fire.

I don’t know but it might have been better to offer the power-ups in a more traditional manner. That is having the power-up icon drop randomly from destroyed space ships and activated when collected by your ship.

Nonetheless, SpaceScribble is a great gaming option for your Windows Phone. Don’t be surprised if you begin to develop calluses on your fingertip from sliding your space ship around the game screen so much.

SpaceScribble is a free, ad-supported game that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can pick up your copy of SpaceScribble here in the Windows Phone Store.

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