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Spider-Man Unlimited review – a spectacular endless runner with a few cobwebs left to clear

Spider-Man Unlimited is the latest endless runner from mobile gaming giant Gameloft. The game's premise involves Spider-Men and villains from various universes converging into a single universe. With slick production values and dozens of different Spider-Men to collect, Unlimited has a lot to offer for fans of the web-slinger.

Windows Phone Central has already published a Tips and Tricks guide to help players in their battle against the Green Goblin and his cohorts. Now we return with our comprehensive review.

Return of the Sinister Six

The game starts out with a fully voice-acted introduction in which Nick Fury (Director of SHIELD) recruits Spider-Man to stop a new threat. The Sinister Six, a recurring team of Spidey-universe villains, has crossed dimensions to team up with alternate versions of themselves. Their goal is to mine this Spidey's world of its ISO-8 (a fictional element found in other Marvel games).

Luckily, SHIELD has its own plan to thwart the army of Sinister Six members. They're pulling Spider-Men in from universes as well. The first to come through is Mangaverse Spider-Man, who comes from a Japanese-style (but American-made) spin-off universe created in 2000. It's up to players to assemble the rest of the team to stop the legions of the Sinister Six and save the day.

Story Mode

Unlike many endless runners, Spider-Man Unlimited has a real story mode. At the moment, the game offers two maps or "Issues," with at least one more planned for the future. Each Issue focuses on variants of a single villain, starting with Green Goblin and Vulture.

One map consists of ten-ish primary levels that must be completed to continue to the next issue. Each map also contains several optional levels that are locked to specific Spider-Man characters. Story levels offer big XP and minor ISO-8 (premium currency) rewards, but they are non-repeatable. Failing a story level will result in no XP gain (unlike other modes), but you still keep any vials (soft currency) collected.

Completing the issues is important because each time you clear one, you gain the ability to equip an extra Spidey outside of Story mode. This boosts your multiplier and greatly increases scoring potential. You'll also unlock new Spidey Ops missions, which we'll get to in a bit.

I love the inclusion of Story mode, even though the mission briefings lack voice acting. My one complaint regarding the villains is that there are two few alternate villains. Genuine Green Goblin variants Menace, House of M Goblin, Gray Goblin, and Gold Goblin show up, but better-known variants like Hobgoblin, Ultimate Green Goblin, and Demogoblin are nowhere to be seen. Considering they could all be done as palette-swaps, the lack of more alternates is a real missed opportunity to add extra comic book appeal.

Unlimited Mode and Events

Outside of Story mode, Spidey and friends can engage in two score-based game types. Unlimited is the true endless running mode, as the game continues until our hero gets knocked out. The Unlimited leaderboard awards daily prizes based on rank, making this mode very rewarding.

The game also offers a constant supply of 1-3 limited-time events. Each has lasted 1-3 days so far. During these events, players have two ways to progress. Reaching milestones like distance traveled or vials collected will unlock rewards. High leaderboard positions also give very desirable rewards. Events will offer extra scoring bonuses for using certain Spider-Men.

Collecting and raising Spider-Men

The core feature that will keep players going is the hunt for more and better Spider-Men. Each Web-head has a maximum star-rating that indicates his rarity. Several Spider-Men come in two or more rarity levels (which pads the roster more than anything). You can spend vials to get a random 3-4 star character, with higher-star Spideys costing ISO-8.

The higher the Spidey's rarity, the further he can be leveled up. But there's a catch. Regardless of the Spider-Man's maximum star rating, most start at a lower rank (star rating). The lower the rank, the lower their current maximum level and score multiplier. You want to rank up any Spidey you use.

There are two ways to rank up. The best way is to collect a double of that exact Spider-Man (identical maximum star rating). Then you can sacrifice the double and two Spideys with a star rating one lower than the double, which will rank the main Spidey up for free. This presents some inventory management challenges and takes time due to the random nature of character collection, but at least it's free.

The other way to rank up is by spending ISO-8. This won't sacrifice any Spider-Men (I think). But the ISO-8 costs are awful and divorced from reality. To move up from one rank to another can cost $50-100 worth of premium currency. Gameloft's IAP prices are always steep, but the Spider-Man Unlimited's IAPs really sting since the game is so good.

Only the Spider-Men you take out on a run will gain experience. The rest of your characters essentially go to waste, unless you send them out on Spidey Ops. These are "away" missions that last one or more hours. Up to six Characters can be sent on a Spidey Ops mission, during which time they are unavailable for play, rank-ups, and level-ups.

Energy and social features

Spider-Man Unlimited adds a totally unwanted IAP mechanic to the endless running genre: energy. It costs one unit of energy to play any mode, and it takes ten minutes to regenerate that one energy. Players can store a maximum of five energy units. Energy refills cost three ISO-8s.

Luckily, you can bolster your energy supply by making friends. Every day, players can send and receive one free unit of energy to each individual friend. The more friends you have, the more energy you'll receive as a result. The energy they send can be "banked" in your inbox, ready to cash in when you need it.

If the game must have an energy system (we'd all prefer it didn't), Gameloft should offer a way to increase the maximum amount of energy that can be stored. I would pay a reasonable amount of money to boost the max up to ten or higher.

Technical Issues

Despite its high production values, Spider-man Unlimited suffers from a number of technical issues at launch:

  • Control sensitivity: The game suffers from missed swipes on all three platforms (Windows Phone, Android, and iOS). This leads to many unnecessary deaths and wasted energy. Hopefully Gameloft updates each version of the game with proper controls.

Windows Phone-specific bugs:

  • Start-up time: The game takes an excessive period of time to booth up – often one minute or more. This seems to stem from the online server. It's not uncommon for Gameloft games to crash on start-up or take forever to launch. They need to take care of the cause once and for all.
  • Online requirement: The game is supposed to be playable offline, but it fails to start up without an internet connection.
  • Spider-man selection during Rank- and Level-ups: After selecting a character to rank- or level-up, actually choosing the characters to spend on that upgrade is extremely difficult. The game won't let you scroll the list down; it just selects whichever character you last touched. The workaround is to move your finger off to the side after you scroll the screen.
  • Energy refill bug: The timer for energy refills bugs out on some users and won't refill for days. The workaround is to cash in energy from friends until your energy fills up, which will reset the timer.
  • Friends list bug: My friends list won't allow me to send energy to my friends. I can only send energy when requested from my inbox.
  • "You can't go back" bug: Sometimes the game won't allow users to press the Back button to exit the app.

Overall Impression

Spider-Man Unlimited is a tough game to rate. It's very disappointing to see Gameloft experiment with an energy system in a genre that traditionally does not have them. The game is loaded enough with IAP mechanics anyway, including many IAP prices that are ridiculous and much higher than equivalents found in other runners like Sonic Dash and Temple Run 2. Also, the technical issues can be off-putting, but at least those are likely to get fixed.

And yet… The game itself is just so good. The graphics, art style, and sound are all top-notch, perfectly capturing the essence of Spider-Man (other than his mid-level quips being kind of lame here). The hunt for new characters and constant competition of the Unlimited and Event modes proves extremely fun and addictive. We also get a quality story mode, which I hope will be updated to include a full roster of six supervillains over time.

Gamers who love Spider-Man and can tolerate the energy mechanic and bugs will probably fall in love with his game. I was tired of endless runners before Spider-Man Unlimited came out, and yet Unlimited is currently one of my favorite mobile games.

Note: Gameloft has yet to confirm whether this game will be updated for 512 MB devices. A Windows 8 version is not currently in development.

  • Spider-Man Unlimited – Windows Phone 8 – 91+ MB – Free – Store Link

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

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  • Just add random people from the leaderboards. You don't have to know them. Building a massive friends list is an important energy source anyway, even without the bug. :)
  • Ooh I hadn't thought of that. Thanks.
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  • Played for a bit, till I got the timer bug... And uninstall it went, o well.
  • Game just runs awful. Gameloft needs to start updating these games or stop releasing anything that asks for money. Tired of spending money on iap until yo have th sit in limbo for half a year (Rival Knights , example).
  • I agree, I spent a lot on IAP in Rival Knights because it was a great showcase for my new 1520 at the end of June. The end of June was there last time I was able to play it. It is really a shame that the game hasn't been updated at all. I have the update for Android but I haven't and will not play it as it doesn't sync across ecosystems. I don't want to start over.
  • Same here man.SPU seems good at first but when you get ahead ranking up a spidey needs iso's which are hard to get and the game lags after beating the first goblin.Hope they update this game.And I believe this game won't even run on 512ram.
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    We need games with a front price not monetization within the game's design.
  • I really want to love this game but the 5 energy thing ruins it. I would gladly pay $3-$4 for this as a non freemium game.
  • It sent me a reminder through Cortana to play the game, much like GT Racing. Games shouldn't be allowed to do that.
  • Settings >  Battery Saver > make sure spiderman unlimited cant run in the background.
    Settings > Notifications > turn all notifications off if they are there
    In App > turn off all notifications. that should fix that.
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  • We'll probably do one, yeah.
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  • No loading problems here on a 925. Loaded in 15 seconds, straight in no messing. Bit jittery to begin with but very smooth now. No missed swipes so far. Bit weird that Fury looks like Electro though!
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  • Hello Paul, thanks for the energy that you sent me. I appreciate it as my energy is stuck as you mentioned in the bugs section. It says 5 days. I'll try what you suggested when I receive enough energy from friends.
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    Oh damn that game looks gorgeous!
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    *throwing my phone to lake*
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  • Strange... Chris, your user profile says that you own a Nokia Lumia 920...
  • Lumi 520 is my secondary phone... Yap my 920 battery is damaged so cant stay a hour discharged... So while wait battery replacement i I'm using 520
    (sorry for my bad english)
  • Suffering that energy refill bug last couple days, hopefully in 7 hours it goes back to normal. I would have to agree with the reviews' conclusion though, this game is amazing. When I didn't have energy worries seems like so long ago but it is nowhere near a week yet lol
  • Nope, 512mb phones would not be supported. Sorry for the bad news, but I know this from the gameloft thread in forums. Hope to get the fixes soon
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  • I want to love this game, but it's unplayable garbage. I can't play a single section without encountering the game missing my swipes.
  • No 512MB RAM support :(
  • So where is @gameloftrayan hiding?
  • He was the one to confirm there'll be no 512mb ram support soon enough
  • But i can play it on my Lumia 520. :D cracked xap for 512 mb ram. It runs smooth. I don't know y gameloft don't want to support.
  • There will be an update allowing 512 in no time.
  • It would be cool if Spidey could spin me some Cyan for DP
  • I can't say nothing about this...i have 512Gb ram.. :-(
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  • I like the game a lot, and I do hope they continue with it. As far as the villain situation goes, I think they just wanted to include characters that fly, so that's why they included Menace(Lily Hollister, Harry Osborn's ex) & Gray Goblin(Gabriel Stacy, the growth enhanced, jaded son of Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy), instead of Demogoblin(Ultimate Harry Osborn). They all came from the main universe, by the way. Plus, I don't think they know which Hobgoblin to use, either Roderick Kingsley, Ned Leeds, Jason Macendale, or Phil Urich. Expect to see Beetle(Abner Jenkins) or Dr. Octopus, as opposed to Sandman(Flint Marko) or Electro(Max Dillon) or Kraven The Hunter(Sergei Kravenoff). Apologies for the nerd-out...
  • Thanks for reminding me about Gray Goblin! You know, the original Demogoblin could fly. The end of issue 2 does tease Electro, so I'm pretty sure he's the villain of issue 3.
  • I'm addicted. I'm actually surprised the game doesn't drain as much battery as I thought it would. My only complaint I have is when starting up the game, my phone sometimes gets hot. I want a DCU version though, oh well.
  • I connected to facebook through this game and had a facebook login email saying my device was "Android on Nokia Lumia 920 like iPhone"
    OS - WP8.1
    Browser - Android
    Can someone else try this?
    I was also using Opera and a website autodetected my device as a Galaxy S4.
  • That is because IE in WP 8.1 Update uses a different User Agent string for sites known to have compatibility issues with IE 11 but work perfectly on Android/iOS. Hence the convoluted UA string. Funny isn't it. :)
  • Just thought it was strange that I get normal messages when logging in using the browser and the app.
  • The bug won't go away for me. I've got another 40 hours of no energy.
  • Gameloft made the decision to put the energy because this feature makes people play the game more (scientifically proved)
  • Thanks for the workaround to recharge issue, Paul! It worked great, hope it never returnes. Still waiting for optimization, the games sometimes has drops of fps.
    My brother on LG L9 doesn't have these "POW!" signs when beating bosses, for example. We have full details, regardles of hardware, which I assume, is causing the fps drops.
  • The sensitivity bug is EXTREMELY frustrating! They seriously need to fix that. Other than that it's a great endless runner.
  • Tried it for a couple of days. It's an amazing game that sadly suffers from recent mobile trends such as an energy system and notification nags that integrate with the calendar.
  • A Gameloft game with bugs??? really?? Wow, im so surprised...
  • any information about Windows 8.1 version of this game?
  • There is information about it at the end of the review.
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  • (All are my personal opinion and experiences) Gaming giant Gameloft...??? LMFAOooo Are you people a joke. Gameloft don't care about our platform. I was very skeptical when the game was launched. I wrote also at the rating stuff with the stars at the phone, that i don't have big expectations. Wait and see after level 10 what will happend ? And like expected, wham all the bugs have started. Same happend with the games Rival Knights, Dungeon Gems and now Spider-Man Unlimited. Tell me just one, only one Gameloft Game which is working without any bugs, lags or problems. You see there isn't, so don't call them Gaming Giant. As Business Company maybe a Game Giant but never ever as user friendly. There trying but if you have the same issues at all your last 3 games then there is a problem. Are they not able or capable ? maybe incompetent. But games like these do not suit for the phrase Gaming Giant. I wrote also to their customer care services and recieved answers which are so regular standart ignoring replay answers, they don'teven read what you are writing. They told me to turn of battery saver, clear the cache, turn off and on my phone re-install the app re-connect via Wi-Fi. WTF do they think that we are writing without doing this standart protocols if something is wrong. Instead of advising standart protocol, "SOLVE" it. Today is the 8'th day that i have still the energy time bug so it means for me no solution at all and don't care about our platform.
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  • Now supports 512mb of ram