Top Spider-Man Unlimited tips and tricks

Spider-Man Unlimited is the latest endless runner from mobile gaming giant Gameloft. The game's premise involves Spider-Men and villains from various universes converging into a single universe. With slick production values and dozens of different Spider-Men to collect, Unlimited is a real treat for fans of the web-slinger.

Want to get ahead on the Spider-Man Unlimited leaderboards and fill out your roster with Spidey's coolest costumes? Our latest tips and tricks guide will teach you the best ways to spend your time and energy while thwarting the plans of the Sinister Six.

1. Prioritize combos during Event and Unlimited runs

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

When you're playing Issues – the story mode – you don't have to worry about combos or score. Just focus on staying alive and completing the level goal.

But during Events and Unlimited Mode, scoring is the number one priority. You'll want to achieve as many combos as possible in order to get a high score. The best way to start or continue a combo is by punching or kicking an enemy. Each one adds to your combo and keeps the combo going for a little longer.

Going through rings also adds to your combo. These mostly show up during web-slinging, climbing, and free-falling sequences. Combos are more important than vials, so aim for rings first during those sequences.

2. Only use ISO-8 to continue on high-scoring Event and Unlimited runs

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

The temptation to spend ISO-8 (premium currency) to continue when you die is great. But you really need that ISO-8 for other things. Still, there are times when it makes sense to burn a few chunks of the element on a continue. The first continue costs one ISO-8, the second costs two, and the third and final continue costs four.

Events and Unlimited Mode both offer rewards for top leaderboard slots. Continuing in order to achieve a higher leaderboard bracket makes sense, as the rewards can sometimes be greater than the cost of the continues. Try to get a feel for your average maximum score, and only continue if you have reached or exceeded that maximum. Even then, you might not want to continue if you're likely to die right away after continuing.

3. Make lots of friends to boost your energy supply

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

Spider-Man Unlimited's energy system is a drag. It costs one unit of energy to play any mode, and it takes ten minutes to regenerate that one energy. Players can store a maximum of five energy units. Energy refills cost three ISO-8s.

Luckily, you can bolster your energy supply by making friends. Every day, players can send and receive one free unit of energy to each individual friend. The more friends you have, the more energy you'll receive as a result. You don't need to know the people you're friending. Just look at the leaderboard spaces above you and send requests to your fellow active players.

Remember that five is your maximum quantity of energy. If your energy is full and someone sends you an energy gift, just leave that gift in your inbox until you've spend your current supply.

4. Buy the right Power-up upgrades from the shop

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

It's tempting to spend vials on new Spider-Men, but don't do that very often. You're likely to get doubles, which offer very little benefit for the cost.

Instead, head to the Shop and invest in Power-up upgrades. The higher you level up a power-up, the longer that item will last when you pick one up during a run. The first upgrade costs 5,000 vials, with subsequent upgrades rising in price.

Focus on the power-ups that increase Spider-man's lifespan, not his scoring potential. That means Web Hammer and Web Shield upgrades come first. Web Hammer is more effective because it knocks out enemies automatically, works on obstacles, and won't go away until its timer expires. Web Shield will only protect you from a single hit, but its timer lasts much longer.

5. Purchase extra character slots when you can

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

Players start out with six character slots, which seems like a lot early on. But over time you'll acquire far more than six characters. If you don't have a lot to hold a new character, that Spider-Man will go to waste. So make sure to buy more slots in-between power-up upgrades.

The initial batch of slots cost vials, with each additional one going up in price. Eventually they will start costing ISO-8. Slots do get costly, but they're important.

6. Spend time with the Events and Unlimited mode to get more characters and currency

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

As mentioned earlier, Events and Unlimited Mode provide rewards based on leaderboard position. Unlimited Mode doles out either ISO-8 or premium characters every day, in fact.

Events pay out not only for leaderboards, but also reaching specific milestones like distance travelled or vials collected. Focus on reaching these milestones after you've achieved a good Unlimited score for the day.

7. Use Spidey Ops to boost your team's experience

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

Initially you can only play with one Spider-man at a time, which means the rest of your team will go to waste as you play. But you can still make use of your remaining crew by sending them out on Spidey Ops missions from the My Team menu.

Up to six teammates can go on a Spidey Ops mission at one time. The more you send, the likelier the mission is to succeed. Each member will receive experience and vials after the mission ends.

Beat Issue 1 to unlock the second tier of Spidey Ops missions. These pay better than the first tier, but they often take longer as well.

8. Save your ISO-8 for ranking up your top Spider-Men

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

ISO-8 serves many important purposes. Naturally you'll want to use it to buy a premium character or two, and eventually extra character slots. But you should probably save the rest for rank-ups after that.

Each Spider-Man has a level cap based on his current number of stars (rank). The higher the Spidey's level, the higher his score multiplier. Even a premium Spider-man won't do you much good on the leaderboards if he only has one star.

Hence, you'll want to choose one or two Spideys and increase their ranks as much as possible. Standard Spider-Man can be ranked up to three stars somewhat affordably, but it costs a whole lot of ISO-8 to take a rare or super-rare Spider-Man up through the ranks. Save up your ISO-8 and get those ranks up if you want your Spider-men to be able to reap high scores and play level-locked story levels.

Alternately, you can rank a character up for free by collecting a double of that exact Spider-Man (identical maximum star rating). Then you can sacrifice the double and two Spideys with a star rating one lower than the double, which will rank the main Spidey up for free. This presents some inventory management challenges and takes time due to the random nature of character collection, but at least it's free.

9. Only use Spider-Men to level up other Spider-Men when your team gets full

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

What do you do when you need room for another character and you can't afford more slots? Get rid of doubles and dead weight by using them to level up other Spider-Men.

Leveling up a character through the My Team menu requires at least one character to sacrifice, as well as a small sum of vials. Sacrificing multiple characters won't increase the vial cost, so it's best to burn multiple characters at once if you have them to spare.

Leveling up characters in this way is not a better source of experience than simply playing with them. Just use it to get rid of excess characters.

10. Keep at least one of every Spider-Man when possible

Even one you have a really strong rare Spider-Man, it's still a good idea to hold on to low-tier characters. Some story missions require a specific character to play. You don't have to play these missions in order to complete an issue, but they offer good rewards.

More importantly, Events will often pay a score bonus for using specific characters. Even if they don't, you might reach milestones more easily with certain characters' abilities. So keep one of everybody on-hand if you have room.

Bonus tip: Complete Issues to boost your scoring potential

Top 10 Spider-Man Unlimited Tips and Tricks

Issues are Spider-Man Unlimited's story maps. Completing levels in an issue will get you experience and ISO-8. But playing issues uses energy that you could be spending towards reaching Event milestones, making it tough to choose Story over the promise of those time-limited rewards.

Still, you'll want to clear the first issue as soon as you can. Not only does beating an issue unlock new Spidey Ops missions, it also unlocks the ability to take an extra Spidey along on missions. Equipping two Spideys will combine their score multipliers and abilities. You'll have a much easier time climbing the leaderboards with those bonuses.

Your top tips for Spider-Man Unlimited?

We hope you've enjoyed our Spider-Man Unlimited tips and tricks! Don't miss our full review.

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  • I don't know what to say. I'm too frustrated with this game. It's not working on my L920.. After first mission it asked for download of additional issues. The download always fails at 77%. Tried many times.
  • Close the game and re-download it. It will work then.
  • I did what you said. Still I'm getting ""DLC stopped downloading. Would you like it to resume?" After saying OK. It keeps on saying the same thing. Also I checked my Wi-fi. No problem there.
  • It should work. Cuz even I had the same problem and when I closed and re-launched the game,the message came about resume the download. I pressed ok and it was done. Don't know about you.
    Try deleting the game and then restart your device and then re-download. This mostly works.
  • It worked flawlessly on my 925 until a few days ago. The game just won't open. I tap on it, the Gameloft logo comes up, then it suddenly closes. I've deleted it then reinstalled and it happened again after a few times playing it. Just waiting for an update to fix this, because the game is really nice.
  • This game has 2 huge bugs,
    One is the time bug which for some reason increase in hours and then days! This is seriously unbearable.
    Second is the offline bug. Can't play without being connected even though the game states that it can be played offline. But when I am not connected, the game doesn't open!
    And finally a suggestion is that al least remove the health requirement in unlimited mode! I mean what's the point of being a endless runner when you can't even play regularly??
    That's my review...!
    Anyone else facing these bugs?
  • Yes, Offline mode is not working.
  • Bummer....
  • It always seems to ignore my swipes, and I end up dying early on (have tried increasing screen sensitivity)
  • I also have this issue and die often because of this. Playing on the 1520.
  • Yes I hate the time increase bug! I've got another 18 hours before I can play again, after waiting more than 15 already. And also the swipe bug, it doesn't register my swipes very good. At first my friends thought I was making excuses until they tried it on my phone as well. Other than those two large bugs, it has potential to be a very fun, addictive game.
  • Same here, deleted the game and will download when that bug is fixed.
  • Same here. Why does it need an Internet connection when we can play it offline? I deleted the game until offline mode is fixed.
  • I love this game. Never thought an endless runner Spiderman game could work, but they made it just interesting enough, and the web swinging, wall climbing and free falling sections + the bosses make it amazing. 
  • Any and every game with an energy system is horrible. Why do i have to pay in real currency or game currency just to continue to play???? Makes no sense. Just greedy.
  • I agree about the Energy system. So when I play, I toggle between this game and Spellfall (for iOS). That way I can always kill time somehow. And Spellfall needs to come to Windows.
  • i'll user the tips on my game oh, wait, i'm a 512 mb ram user, gameloft don't care about 
  • It will probably come to 512 MB devices too. You'll just have to wait for them to optimize it.
  • I'm loving this game, but my web swinging skills are letting me down big time.
  • Very nice set of tips. Some of them I was doing already! Sadly now my energy is showing 5 days left for the next recharge. Anyone else facing the same issue? :(
  • Same here! Last night I was playing till I ran out of energy, set up a spicy ops for an hour while I wait, came back an hour later and the game said I had 4 days until my energy!
    Everything else is fine, all other timers are in sync and my phone clock/date never changed, the energy timer.just increased 4 days. Not happy!
  • "512mb Not Supported" I Hate This Banner... :(
  • It is a slouch on the 1GB devices as well. Lot of bugs to be ironed out. Good gameplay but the poor optimization is jarring. Don't worry. You are not losing out on much. Let them optimize the performance first.
  • Game is pure shite
  • This game is awesome
  • Is pure shite, better than non pure shite?
  • Scouseman, watch your language please.
  • Thanks Paul
  • Overall it's a great game, but its very unstable on my lumia 1320 (WP8.1)
    It often crashes on loading screens, it tends to stop for a while during run, causing me to crash on an obstacle. It doesn't run smoothly even in menu. Plus the "days-to-recharge" issue. Anyone experiencing the same problems? Or is it just that 1320 doesn't have enough power to run this game smoothly?
  • I love this game.!!!
  • This game has many bugs on my Lumia 1320, it wont start without a Wi-Fi connection, it crashes sometimes.
    Btw, I already know all these tricks, nothing new
  • Just started playing the game and so far my only complaint is the amount of time it takes to download and get started playing. Otherwise, not a bad time waster.
  • I agree with everyone else that you shouldn't have to wait days to play an endless runner, which should be your go-to game for a quick fix.
  • IT doesn't work on my Lumia 1320 win 8.1 dev preview
  • When will it release for 512mb ram devices. Waiting for it badly..
  • Great game, but sometimes the controls are unresponsive
  • Swiping issues for me on my 1520. Otherwise else, a good game.
    One question, has anyone been able to play across multiple devices with the same profile? I tried playing my WP profile on my Nexus 7 but it did not load it.
  • Only problem I've got with this game is the time thing. 3 days until more energy?
    Also, when logging into Facebook through the game, with login notifications on, I got an email from facebook saying that I logged in using "Android on a Nokia Lumia 920) like iPhone". Wtf?
  • That's a bug, for sure. I'm lucky that it hasn't affected me, but it did hit my son. Hope Gameloft fixes it soon.
  • Is it possible to reset the game?
  • Fix the mentioned bugs plus the back button issue as well, often get the "you cant go back" popup. And do add me guys (2nd name on the leaderboard photo LOL), I will generously give out energy.
  • Do I really have to read all that and follow everything to play and enjoy this game? Seems like a lot to keep track off for an "endless runner" type game...
  • A tips and tricks article is for people who want tips and tricks...
  • Hey Paul, how do I get to run in issue 3? Is the entry level 50 or something?
  • Issue 3 will be unlocked in a future update.
  • I love this game on my android phone
  • Pleased that my 8X can run this without issue, very rare to see the fps drop in fact! Useful tips, especially about the making friends to get energy. For a couple days I was debating about whether to level last stand spidey to 10, wondering if the five free runs would expire for all characters...i just did and... Yeah, it sucks now, but I'm patient!
  • Playing this on my dads s3. Hope this comes for my 520.
  • Now supports 512mb ram