Spiegel Online German

Update: Hey international readers, as noted in comments, within the app if you click the middle icon "rubriken" and then scroll down to "englisch", you get the International edition

Spiegel Online ( is a fairly serious news source on the internets, so it’s exciting to see them launch an official Windows Phone app today. Available in most regions (including the US), the app should give readers of the site a quick and easy way to access it on the go.

Unfortunately it’s only the German-language version and not the International edition, so unless you know the German language well, you’ll have to pass.

Spiegel Online German

That app is less than 1MB in size and will run on all Windows Phones, regardless of version numbers. The app itself appears to be a PhoneGap release, meaning data pulled looks to be reformatted web pages and it has not been natively coded for Windows Phone. Having said that, it’s quite zippy to use and gets the job done, allowing quick and easy browsing, sharing of articles and quickly navigating to various sections of the news site.

Should you want to venture and grab Spiegel Online’s app for Windows Phone, head here to the Store. Thanks, TschomDoe, for the tip!

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