Spin the wheel with the Microsoft Store Windows Phone app and win prizes

If you find yourself currently situated somewhere within the United States with a Windows Phone you’ll want to enter this little contest from the Microsoft Store. In fact I just won Kinect Sports for the Xbox 360 in less than thirty seconds. Let’s win some prizes.

First up, it looks like the official Microsoft Store app for Windows Phone was updated yesterday. You’ll want to update to the latest version (v2.02), which adds support for specialty stores and minor bug fixes. Now for the fun.

Once you get past all those beautiful people on the lockscreen you’ll be on the main pivot within the app. Right there on the very top you’ll see a purple tile. That purple tile will say “Win with Windows Phone”, click that and you’ll be launched out to IE to finish the little contest/game. Next you’ll sign up through either Facebook or manually entering in your contact info. Once you do that you’ll “spin” the wheel to try and win a prize. It’s fairly self-explanatory and you’ll just need to follow the on screen prompts.

Microsoft Store SC

Congratulations! …If you won something. Daniel won a copy of Halo Reach and George won some Microsoft points to use on Xbox Live. Poor Rich couldn’t play, this looks like a US of A thing for now. What did you guys win? Sound off below!

Grab the Microsoft Store app right here in the Store, QR code it up below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip Karl!

QR: Microsoft Store

Sam Sabri