Spin the wheel with the Microsoft Store Windows Phone app and win prizes

If you find yourself currently situated somewhere within the United States with a Windows Phone you’ll want to enter this little contest from the Microsoft Store. In fact I just won Kinect Sports for the Xbox 360 in less than thirty seconds. Let’s win some prizes.

First up, it looks like the official Microsoft Store app for Windows Phone was updated yesterday. You’ll want to update to the latest version (v2.02), which adds support for specialty stores and minor bug fixes. Now for the fun.

Once you get past all those beautiful people on the lockscreen you’ll be on the main pivot within the app. Right there on the very top you’ll see a purple tile. That purple tile will say “Win with Windows Phone”, click that and you’ll be launched out to IE to finish the little contest/game. Next you’ll sign up through either Facebook or manually entering in your contact info. Once you do that you’ll “spin” the wheel to try and win a prize. It’s fairly self-explanatory and you’ll just need to follow the on screen prompts.

Microsoft Store SC

Congratulations! …If you won something. Daniel won a copy of Halo Reach and George won some Microsoft points to use on Xbox Live. Poor Rich couldn’t play, this looks like a US of A thing for now. What did you guys win? Sound off below!

Grab the Microsoft Store app right here in the Store, QR code it up below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip Karl!

QR: Microsoft Store

  • Bloody MicrUSoft only offer the US great contests and offers
  • You guys wanna be our next state? :)
  • +1
  • You have to feel for us, We feel so left out...:'(
  • Hahahahahaha.. Now you know how it feels to have a Windows Phone that isn't a Nokia!
  • Or a windows phone full stop
  • Or a Windows Phone 7.8 user!
  • Never. You can be our next province. The rest of the world will like you more for no particular reason.
  • We already are, aren't we?
  • I like America, but rather not ;-)
  • we drink your coke, we eat your burgers, cereals, apple pies, we drive your cars, we watch your series, movies listen to your music, we use your technology. give us the damn prizes ms. we all live in america.
  • Yea I agree it should be for anyone with a windows phone no matter we they may live.
  • I drive Toyota and I have never been disappointed. :)
  • That Toyota was built in Ohio :)
  • My Toyota was built in Japan and shipped to Canada also never dissapoints
  • I doubt you actually drive American made car. You most likely own a Toyota
  • I drive a Chevy cobalt 2010 and a hummer h3 2006 . Give me a contest in Canada.
  • Unlikely since states are small, but hey you guys could become our new province if the US' economy continues to go down. We are nice people up there.
  • HAHAHA! That's the funniest reply I've read here in a while.
  • Your next state pfff... We are the United States of Europe.
  • Yeah, a bit annoying that all the fun stuff from MS is US only.
  • I wonder when will Microsoft finally learn that limiting something like this or limiting exclusive avatar item JUST FOR US is just damaging its reputation not helping it win customers. Fucking idiots.
  • Thing is 99% of WP users don't follow the news as closely as us WPCentral readers.
    They are so NOT pissed about a contest they don't even know the existence of....
    It's a legal thing, not MS hating every country but US. Even having a giveaway contest in the US can be tricky sometimes, multiply that by every set of laws in every worldwide territory. MS has branches all over that can handle their own contests.
  • I must have really bad luck, cause I didn't win anything. :(
  • Didn't win anything
  • Nothing here either, better luck tomorrow guys
  • Yep, me too. It actually looked like it just jumped directly to try again. Its rigged! Lol
  • Same here. But we have until 30 June to keep trying to win. I better win at least once in that time.
  • Didn't win either. Guess I'll try again tomorrow!
  • I didn't win either
  • I didn't win anything, but that's pretty much par for the course for me, I never win things.
  • +1
  • Awesome user name, that guy with the face
  • Just won Halo Reach. Sweet.
  • I didnt win :( ill try again tomorrow.
  • Yep sucks
  • Won halo reach as well. Sweet
  • Lame I lost :(
  • Hmm I think I will move to somewhere in US cos I am missing out on a lot here in the non US region
  • Yep shafted by Microsoft again
  • MS is a US company. Don't blame them. Blame your government. The European union laze the hammer down on MS for everything. I could hear them now. MS is giving free stuff away. Let's fine them for being anti competitive. That's illegally trying to monopolize the phone market. Then they'd fine MS like 100 million. It's not just the European union either. That is why so much stuff is US only. Every other Government wants to find any excuse to get their greedy paws in MS piggy bank.
  • Didn't win anything. I never win anything.
  • I never win anything either, except for this one game were it was play till you win. :/
  • Friggin US only...
  • I lost, too. Sadface.
  • Yeah, If they could fix f*cking Microsoft Store in Portugal instead...that would be great.
  • It works here in Canada, I didn't win anything today.
  • Ditto.
  • Same here, Canadian, worked fine, won nothing. You get to try everyday until June 30th
  • I lost :/ maybe tomorrow I've got til 6/30
  • Hey Sam, the app and contest also work in Canada. Might want to edit the article to mention that
  • Its funny how I never knew this app existed! Question: I looked for the Windows Phone tile near the computers, software, accessories, etc. in the grey section and couldn't find it. Other than physically searching for a specific phone by name, I can't find the section for phones in this app...am I missing something?
  • Also, I can't seem to register for upcoming events at my local store...did I miss it somewhere? This is my first time using this app...
  • Did you choose a default location yet? Also, the tiny pop up stores don't have events, only the full stores.
  • Yes I chose my store location. Its a full retail store...its huge! I've been several times. I can see all of the stores events, but I can't register for them. There's no register now button or link...
  • Oh, I misunderstood. You can only view the events. There's no online registration through the app. Most store events don't require registration. You just show up. A few exceptions, like the kids digital summer camp lessons.
  • I'm a loser...
  • This is great... I never usually win anything but for the first time ever I won something. I won a message that reads "this app is not available for your device, tap here for more info" only in America.
    Lucky at last :-)
  • Halo reach
  • Microsoft = us only
  • URL, please?
  • https://microsoft dot promo dot eprize dot com/windowsphonedemo/ <- the url was being censored, replace 'dot' with '.'
    looks like you don't actually need the app or even a windows phone...
    Also it looks like you can play as many times per day as you have email addresses, although I haven't won anything with any of mine yet
  • Windows phone can never get 10-20% global marketshare if Microsoft continues its USA-only approach.
  • +1 I am so disappointed.
  • Odd, because WP is bigger in Europe/Asia than in US.
  • The contest works in india
  • +1 Microsoft are idiots for thinking the US is the only country in the World
  • I won... Nothing. Go figure. I never win. :(
  • It's an app for Microsoft Store which aren't present anywhere in the world except USA and Canada .. So , I think even Canada people would be eligible
  • I didn't win :'(
  • I didn't win either :(
  • I didn't win. The app gets ⭐
  • MS must know the WPcentral crew for them to win....iLost =(
  • I won 1600 Microsoft points!
  • I didn't win anything the next day.
  • How can I change my store region to US?
  • Kinda getting tired of those promo's being US only.. If they don't bring more services to non-us countries they should just keep WP there.. :-/
  • Funny people complaining in non US country's,I seem to remember they wp7 coming with a FREE XBOX IN MAY NON US MARKETS. And people say Americans are entitled whiners,smh
  • Then should I start about all the bing services and other WP functions which are build in but don't work in like 80% of world?
  • No luck for me :(
  • I won another chance to win tomorrow!
  • Lol ++++++1
  • Typo in the very first sentence. I think you mean situated not situation. Also, you dont actually have to be in the USA. I thought maybe they used location or your local internet IP, but no. I am in Greenland (though I have US account) and it worked fine. Effin lost though!
  • Colorado flag! (I live there, so that's why I'm so excited to see this)
  • ha yeah man. me too. CO is the best!
  • I didn't win anything. Do they randomly allocate prizes at different time intervals throughout a day or they just take prizes out of a pool and when it has been exhaused it's done for the day?
  • I tried it, won something. Can't collect. USA only. ...Sucks!!
  • Microsoft better remember that it's those of us outside the US that gave them the support they so desperately needed to make wp profitable.
  • +1, also without Nokia, a NON-US company they would be nothing
  • I'm in Canada and registered, spun but didn't win. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Hey guys, register new emails or refresh browser to keep playing.
  • And did you ever win? I spun a dozen times, no joy... Pretty sure its predetermined before you spin, locked to your account... 50/50 chance and no win... Also did 3 email addresses' and still no win!
  • Just read the game rules... Winning is based on randomly selected times... First player to spin during that time win... So its not worthwhile to spin over and over... Just sayin.
  • Yea thinks for the tip Karl. Now my OCD can't stop spinning the wheel until I win something
  • These kinda offers will NEVER come to India.. :(
  • Any love for Australian WP users? haha :)
  • Do they have MS stores outside the US & Canada? If not, that would explain why your not eligible.
  • Screwed if your roaming then :)
  • I tried twice and didn't win anything
  • Tried n tried...never won
  • Didn't win today but yesterday I won three months of live. Cool.
  • Um, you don't need this app or the link within it to access this contest. Anyone can access it from the browser at https://microsoft.promo.eprize.com/windowsphonedemo/
  • Thanks for ther link!
    I can play in UK :-)
    I lost, but meh!
  • Calling BS on 3/4 of WPcentral staff winning,unless they gave out all prizes on that day. I've used 2 920s 3x now,at your posted odds one should've hit something.#1stWorldProblems
  • No BS man. I'm just super lucky with these things ;)
  • With my luck I'll win a game I already own. Hopefully I only get MSP.
  • Did not win. Ouch!
  • I lost.... And I was having a good day.
  • I live in the UK, and unlike every other poster from a none US country, I am not a whiner, Who cares if you cant win a free game you already own?
    I think its a great PR stunt to get Windows Phone sold instead of a competing OS.
    More users (us or otherwise) equals more developers and better (maybe even unique to the OS) games and apps we so sorely need.
    Ive not bought a Windows Phone game for at least a few months...
    MS please will you pickup game of the week and deal of the week, my money is finding other vendors!
  • Is this working for anyway today? It says Watch the video below, then get a chance to WIN greate prizes, but I don't see a video...... L920 Red
  • Is this working for anyone today? It says Watch the video below, then get a chance to WIN great prizes. I have no video appearing on my l920 red....
  • @dwigfor Not working for me either.  No video, no wheel to spin.
  • It's working now..  They must have updated it to include the required demo video/presentation....   Still haven't won................
  • How far through the demo? This seems utterly ridiculous. I thought the whole contest was to win with WI does phone? Why make windows phone owners win by viewing a demo of a product they intimately know.
  • Does not work here. I get the video (sometimes) and the demo interface but cannot click "continue". Seems its not supporting WP7.
    As said the demo is stupid as it is targeted mainly towards current WP users.
  • I have sent multiple emails to MS about this the day they updated the Microsoft Store app. Apparently they can not read English. The response I got back was pretty much trash. As y'all have said, why make someone with a windows phone already, go through a demo for the phones we already own. And on top of that they link you to a page with flash. HELLO, I AM ON A WINDOWS PHONE, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SEE FLASH. Things like this and MS not supporting it's own OS and keeping things exclusive on WP like office etc make me want to get a feature phone.
  • worked in Uk too, although i didnt win anything!!!!!