Spore available on Windows Mobile

Can we say, "This sure took long enough?"

You can now download Spore for your Windows Mobile device. [via]

In case you've been living under a rock, it's essentially Sim Universe. Create a creature and guide it through five stages of evolution.

Price: $9.99 from Handango - and hopefully other retailers later. (A dollar off if you're part of "Club Handango.") You can also try it from the Spore mobile site.

Availability: Windows Mobile Pro and Standard devices. Nobody's left out.

Except, wait ... CrackBerries?

WC Staff
  • Will it run on the Treo 800w and Pro's 320x320 screen? I've been waiting for this!
  • The game is resolution independent and properly scales and adjusts its interface for various resolutions and orientations. I've tried it on several screens from 240x320 up to 480x800 including a 320x320 screen and the game works just fine.
  • Then I'm buying it - thanks alcedes!!