Spotify client Spotimo will soon be removed from the Microsoft Store

Spotimo Spotify client
Spotimo Spotify client (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Spotify client Spotimo will be removed from the Microsoft Store soon.
  • Spotify filed a content infringement claim to Microsoft against Spotimo.
  • The app will still work in the future for people who already have it on their system.

Popular Spotify client Spotimo will be removed from the Microsoft Store soon. The app could be removed as quickly as the next day or two. Spotimo will continue to work following its removal from the Microsoft Store if you already have the app on your system.

Clients for popular services often run into issues similar to those that the developer of Spotimo faces. YouTube clients have been taken down in the past, and third-party software often runs into issues from large companies. In this case, Spotify submitted a content infringement claim to Microsoft, which will force the app to be removed from the Microsoft Store. Spotify did not explicitly state what they claimed the app infringed but sent the app's developer a trademark listing for Spotify logos.

Arlo, the developer behind Spotimo, reached out on Twitter to share his experience with this process. He shared emails to Spotify on Twitter, which try to explain why he feels the app should be able to stay in the Microsoft Store and that he is willing to work with Spotify to make sure the app meets compliance guidelines. Spotify responded with a message including trademarks of the Spotify logo.

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As explained in Arlo's email to Spotify and by Arlo directly to us, Spotimo will continue to work if you already have it on your PC. If you'd like to use it in the future, you should install it now.

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  • Will this affect all third-party Spotify apps? If Spotify would step it's game up and build an app that isn't trash we wouldn't need all of these third-party apps.
  • Well, Spotify is a crappy service to begin with. Shame that a 3rd party dev gets beaten up by a company that sucks at its job, but I guess that's the nature of copyrights.
  • This is a sad news especially when Spotify simply does not want to communicate with the developer at all. It really sucks for the developer pouring countless of hours into making the app. They think that the logo violates the copyright, despite it looks nothing like Spotify. The name do sounds like it, but developer is willing to change it, but alas Spotify simply does not want to talk. This is sometimes there is something we need to be fix in our copyright systems so this won't get abused by big companies.
  • We do need to vote with our wallets, it's a sad state of affairs that people have become accustomed to relying a single app to provide a service. Take whatsapp for example, so many people have become reliant on that service so much so that when the service is no longer supported on a device they own. That device is literally discarded adding to the massive e-waste problem. Legally, given Whatsapp hasn't really charged people for the service there are no grounds for any legal complaint for non receipt of service. So there is no compulsion on Whatsapp's (or rather Facebook's) part to support certain devices other than it's moral and ethical to do - to support old devices which still work - so they are not added to landfills. Where over time the materials and chemicals in the device will break down and be slowly be absorbed into the ground thus infecting the ground water and water table. Which is often the source of drinking for alot of people - plus there is also the impact on the local ecology.
  • What devices that aren't arcient have lost WhatsApp support?!
  • It was a pretty decent and the only option when it comes down to Spotify client on Windows Mobile. Unfortunately the withdrawal of the app from the store is not that relevant, since with the last update the developer managed to lose cached sign-in data and ruin login as well. The app gets stuck on Authenticating... page.
  • I was able to login just fine @Gregorius Magnus, wish I had known about this app sooner as it's way better than crappy mobile wrapper Spotify has in the store. In any case Spotify have just lost a premium subscriber - as I've just cancelled my sub - had a three month trial and was using Spotify throughout January 2020. I have been working around Spotify's crappy mobile app - using the desktop app to search for music and play it on my phone. I'm going to give Deezer another try, it's been ages since I last used the service - they didn't have some of the Artists I was listening to at the time.
  • Are you still using a Windows phone?!
  • I miss Windows Mobile. Android is trash, and iPhone is so locked-down I can't stand it. Been having to bear Android for the last couple years, but pulled out my old Lumia 820 for my 15-mo son to play with. Man that was a great OS.
  • Why does this app need access to your personal information just to play this app? It's not like I'm trying to sign up for service with them. Well, that was an automatic uninstall.