Spotify to provide a fresh personalized mix of music each week

Spotify is launching a new feature called Discover Weekly. This latest addition to the service will provide new means for streamers to find and enjoy new music. Spotify now adds a two-hour playlist of suggestions based on listening habits each week to your collection, which will improve as you interact with included tracks. The mix collection is refreshed every Monday.

Providing yet another quick and convenient way to access new music, Spotify is aiming to better position the company to compete against alternative services. Initially, as is the case with these types of suggestion-based tools, you may find the tracks on offer to be mediocre at best, but Spotify does state the feature should adapt and provide better suggestions as you use it.

Expect to see Discover Weekly added to Spotify's array of supported platforms soon enough.

Source: Engadget

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  • Are those playlists done by professional humans just like on apple music ^^
  • Couldn't be. Everyone gets a personalized playlist. That's millions of people.
  • Spotify has already had playlists created by professionals way before apple music lol. Every single major playlist in the discover section is from someone who's job it is to make playlists.
  • Just curious as I haven't checked, is Spotify available in India, and id it is, how much?
  • Spotify is not available in India. Though you can use it on the desktop by changing your IP address to US. and after signing up on that you can also download and use the app on WindowsPhone.
  • Thanks :)
    This sucks. I'm one of the very few people in my circle who is starting to realise the importance of music and an going to decide to start BUYING music from stores, or have a subscription. But no Xbox Music and no Spotify? I'll pass. I'm not going to iTunes, because unless you're a big label, you don't really get much.
  • You can stream unlimited music for free. But you can't skip unlimitedly, nor get rid of the ads, or make songs available for offline use and some other limitations.
    But if you have a credit card, you can spend $9.99/monthly and get the premium tier.
  • Yap dude it really sucks here
  • Btw how can change my ip address to us
  • I wish Microsoft would just buy them already...
  • They could use the money
  • They would rename it Funky Fever, 'update' it to remove features, and then kill the whole thing in two years.
  • Funny but #Missionsparta is right.
  • Well first they have to redesign it to make it ugly too! Unfortunately that's actually quite accurate.
  • Yup. It has legs. (Whereas maps (ie Here) is the next commodity.) But, on the other hand, it appears with recent strategy announcements and actions (closing lots of MSN sites), consumer products are out of favor.
  • Did the WP Spotify app get the update for dynamic running playlists? If so how do I get to it?
  • No it hasn't
  • How about you update the app first?
  • Yes, cool bring to Windows now please.
  • When will Spotify offer lossless streaming?
  • Wish it would work on 10166 build! Can't get it to load.
  • For what it worth, Spotify works fine on my 1520.3 with 10166. Today anyway. That can change.
  • I can also open it in 10166, L930
  • This would be great if they added it and Spotify Running to Windows Phone.
  • this app is available in india.
  • Yaaay!
    I didn't know that though I have been using it for a few months now.
  • I just wish for an update to smoothen things up. It reloads and resumes too many times, too.
  • Agreed.
  • Same here ! Now, that would be good news.
  • But the WP Spotify app hasn't been updated since February :/
  • It's on par with the Android/iOS counterpart.
  • No its not. Spotify running isn't on it.
  • I really hope that they update the Spotify to have same parity of features like from iOS and Android.
  • I hope that the new version of Spotify were a universal app, that would be excellent to use in the xbox and the surface.
  • I've been using Spotify since groove music is missing most features, it's quite nice on phone. Nevertheless, Spotify is blocked at the place I'm working now and groove isn't, so I can't migrate completely (I'm on a free premium offer til the end of the year from Vodafone, I'm not rich :P)
  • Am I the only experiencing EXASPERATING laaaaaaag everytime I try to browse my playlists? I'm using a Lumia 1520 and neither on the phone or SD card Spotify loads without taking EONS!
  • Yeah, I've become less and less happy with Spotify on WP. Super slow, boots up to some weird error every time, and I can't find what I think is basic stuff like allowing a playlist to play offline (which was important to me in the woods last weekend on a camping trip) and undoing shuffle when I want to go front to back on an album.  I think an update would be good.
  • I can do each and every one of the things you just complained about just fine. I think its just user error. And judging by what you said, I don't think you have premium which you need for both of those features on the phone version.
  • Discover Weekly now appears near the top of my playlist section. I didn't realize that it didn't require an app update to do that. Makes sense in retrospect.
  • Spotify barely works with windows phone....its laggy when it works--- even on wifi... it also gets stuck-- freezes- and does not play nice with my car's bluetooth...   will some look into this-- I am a Lumia 950xl FAN.. but this is a deal killer...   help!