Sprint confirms Snap in stores June 21, says Palm Pre the reason it's not there now

We've already gotten our hands on one at Best Buy (and we hear there might be some at Radio Shack -- didn't see any at one this morning), and now there's confirmation that the HTC Snap will go on sale in honest-to-goodness Sprint stores starting June 21.

Said confirmation comes from Information Week [via Phone Scoop]. Why no Snap in stores yet? Blame Palm.

Sprint said it will be available through their stores June 21 for $149 after rebates and a new two-year contract. The third-largest U.S. carrier said it intentionally staggered the launch in order to accommodate for this week's debut of the Palm Pre smartphone.

We've said it before (look for the cameo by yours truly) and we'll say it again. PALLLLLLLLLLLLLM!

Phil Nickinson

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