Sprint: even more bad news

So as Dieter is n/a today (hanging with some RIM geeks), it pains me to have to take the reigns and write more bad Sprint news articles--but who can ignore such a calamity?

Evidently, to help stem the loss of all that revenue and subscribers, Sprint is doing what every corporation does in that situation: fire..err..layoff people, usually the bottom tier of course (don't get me started on labor issues).

More precisely, they are planning to

  • cut 4,000 jobs
  • close stores
  • lower wireless phone plans

Everything must go! We will not be undersold!

That lowering of price-plans sounds nifty. Then again, if you're sly enough to be on SERO or are another carrier, you probably already noticed Sprint's "other plans" and have decided for other reasons not to sign up (phone lineup, coverage, customer service)--lets be clear, Sprint already has some of the most competitive plans on the block, so it seems odd that lowering them even more will help.

Yikes. Please pull through Sprint as personally I can't take the "other" guys.

WC Staff
  • All this gloom and doom around Sprint...but they are best price/performance carrier out there. Everyone complains about the customer service, but have you tried other companies? They all suck. The online system is slick - you can activate/switch phones on the web site, no representative needed...and it takes effect immediately. Very slick and useful. Yes, the phone selection is weak, but their data network is tops and coverage is as good as other carriers (yes, there is always the exception.)
    I have 3 smartphones, unlimited data and text messaging, roaming, mobile-to-mobile, and sharing 1300 minutes for less than $60. No other company can touch it. I just save the difference each month and get other gadgets.
    Sure, they have make their share of mistakes (Nextel), but c'est la vie.
    I think reports of their death is greatly exaggerated.
  • It is a shame to hear all of the bad press that Sprint's been getting. I came from Verizon onto the SERO plan. I have to admit that I accidentally created some of the confusion because of the way I got on the SERO plan, but with admitting that, I can also say that Sprint is dealing with two separate billing applications that don't talk to each other and that's a problem. Not to mention that twice I was bounced to Spanish speaking operators when I don't speak Spanish.
    I've seen first hand that Sprints customer service is definitely inferior to it's competitors.
    I live in Baltimore and the phone service has been equivalent to Verizon's service; excellent.
    I don't want to see anything happen to Sprint. Hopefully their WiMax arm of their business will pull them out of the slump they're in.
    Hang in there Sprint! =)