Sprint Motorola Q9c gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially

Weren't we just suggesting that we wanted to see Windows Mobile 6.1 updates this summer? Why, yes, yes we were. Must have been a fiat, because the Motorola Q9c on Sprint has gotten the update today over at Motorola's software update page [via everythingQ].

Updates are the standard sort of WinMo 6.1 stuff you've been hearing so much about: the cool sliding panel today screen, threaded SMS, better battery life, copy and paste, and so on. Another nice bit: Live Search is built-in. Somebody with a Q9c want to give this puppy a download and report back about whether the intermediate driver for the GPS is a little less bugtastic? Or see if the assisted GPS works by default or if it requites that assisted GPS hack?

Aw, heck, we'd settle for just hearing if it works and is a reliable update -- 'cause this is an unexpected gift and the Moto Updater isn't exactly ideal. Give that download a shot!

Thanks to Chris for the tip!

WC Staff