Sprint pulls the hood off the HTC Snap

Looks like Sprint's moratorium on anything not Palm Pre has been lifted. The HTC Snap is now available on Sprint's Web site and, presumably, in stores. You'll have to pony up $149.99 — after the $150 in "instant savings" and another $100 mail-in-rebate — for the pleasure.

If you're still on the fence, be sure to check out our hands-on with the Sprint Snap.

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  • It seems like they could have made the screen a little bigger on the bottom. There are no buttons there or anything. They should have just made the keyboard and buttons bigger if they didn't want to make a bigger screen.
  • seriously, what does "mail-in-rebate" mean? more than that it's some kind of saving, but why seperate it from the instant savings? isn't it instant? no really, i don't get it. perhaps i'm just unfamiliar with the term?