Sprint Snap (S511) Gets WM6.5 Custom ROM Action

Hot on the heels of the Sprint Treo Pro's custom ROM comes one for the Sprint Snap, a device which I love and hate (hint: the KB drives me nuts).

As usual, credit goes to those mavericks at XDA.  Specifically jockyw2001, who did the HardSPL to unlock the ROM and ookba who brings a beautiful WM6.5 custom job with all sorts of goodies loaded up.

It's a pretty basic install:

  1. Run HardSPL
  2. Run SDA Application Unlock,
  3. Install Custom ROM

So how is WM6.5 for Standard?  Pretty. It's zippy, looks nice and works.

Ookba has done a great job of cooking all sorts of customizations, including Titanium Weather (similar to NRG Weather), button configuration utility, HTC UI Tweaks, IE keymaps, HTC Comm Manager, Skyfire, Opera Mini, HTC's Unlock screen...basically it feels more like the Verizon Ozone now (except the KB).

After the jump are a few screenshots. Remember, it's always nice to tip or at least give a thanks to these folks for all the hard work!





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  • Wow! If I could figure out how to tether an iPod Touch to this, I'd go out and buy one right now. Of course, I'd probably buy one right now if Sprint had left it looking and functioning (wifi) the way HTC made it.
  • I totally agree^. Same thing with the HTC Hero, it looked way cooler when HTC was done with it, Sprint ruined it. http://www.htc-snap.org/index.php?topic=188.0
  • Is HTC going to release a 6.5 for the Sprint Snap?
  • I couldn't get to work it made my pc freeze and reboot I ran virus scan no virus so whats going on??? am I being hack as I ask this question