It's been no great secret that the Sprint version of the Touch Pro 2, which is listed at $349 after two-year contract and rebate, can be had for much less. We learned that from the get-go thanks to our outstanding commenters (that's you guys!). But a rumor coming through the long series of tubes (that's the Internets) has it that Sprint may be dropping the official price down to $199 to fall in line with the likes of Verizon. We may find out on Thursday.

We'll see. There also are rumors that for you early adopters who paid full price, some sweet talk with Sprint eCare reps could score you a $100 credit.

Now, then. Will T-Mobile, which is still offering its Touch Pro 2 at $349, be dropping its price anytime soon? And where will AT&T land when it (hopefully) eventually launches the Tilt 2?

ppcgeeks via BGR