Sprint Touch Pro 2 update definitely coming tomorrow

Need more proof that the Sprint Touch Pro 2 is finally getting the official Windows Mobile 6.5 update on Friday? Look no further than the official Sprint playbook itself.

And so you can go ahead and torture their servers, bookmark Sprint.com/downloads and htc.com/www/support_select_product.aspx (opens in new tab) and get your F5 on. Thanks, 99accordv6!

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  • Why are they showing a photo of the original Touch Pro? LOL downgrade?
  • Can't help but notice that the picture is not a TP2, but rather a diamond or touch pro 1 (can't tell exactly)
  • Its a TP...notice the chrome trim?
  • I wonder why SPrint and HTC did not say anything about it even till now!!!!
  • more specifically, http://www.nextel.com/en/software_downloads/pda_smartphone/htc_touch_pro...
  • Snif...Snif...Snif... is that rat I smell?!!
  • Well, assuming this is a 'correct' ROM, I'm more anxious to see what goodness the ROM Chefs can gleam from this ... like a stable Manilla 2.5 .....
  • Unrelated I know, but in all the WP7S shuffle did they ever state whether or not there will be OTA updates?
  • it already the 19 in some parts of the US AND STILL NO UPDATE:(
  • If that happens i will be one happy person. One thing about it though, why is that a picture of the first touch pro on the side of it rather than the touch pro 2. But whatever if it happens i will be happy. But i just hope that when it comes it should have more enhancements then any other 6.5 update if we waited so long. And if it doesn
  • HERE IS THE REAL LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE FOR THE HTC TOUCH PRO 2 FROM SPRINT ...http://www.htc.com/us/support/touch-pro2-sprint/downloads/ WM 6.5
  • https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F2Fcli...
    this is the link to get the update for the HTC Touch Pro 2 From Sprint WM 6.5 i got it on my phone...
  • If it's about cheap electronics like they used us until now, then I'am definitely interested. Uh Uh, joy joy. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and now that is actually happening I can say that my await was really worth it.