Sprint: Unlimited Options For Shared Plans!

I don't know about you, but I was originally pretty excited when Sprint first announced their Simply Everything Plans.  For $99 a month I could get unlimited minutes, data, GPS, messaging, etc...  Only to call Sprint and hanging up the phone feeling like I was being left for the cold out in left field because this was only for individual plans. If you have a shared plan for a couple members of your family you would have to pay $89 for the second line, $79 for the 3rd line, etc.. My four lines would have cost a whopping $339.96 a month!

Today Sprint FINALLY announced a huge step closer to offering a Simply Everything Plan for those who have Shared Plans!  I called Sprint to confirm if this was really for real.  Yes it is for nearly everything except unlimited minutes.  Right now with my plan I have four lines, plus extra features like GPS for a couple lines, Sprint TV, etc... so I pay around $255 a month.  With the new unlimited shared data and services for Shared Plans, I will pay around $185 with taxes included. That will be saving me $840 a year!

Here is the deal.  On June 15th...this Sunday...you can get a Talk/Message/Data Share Plan with unlimited messaging, email, mobile Web, Blackberry Internet Service, GPS Navigation, Sprint TV Premier, Sprint Music Premier, NFL Mobile, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile(SM) with 2 lines included.  But unlike the individual Simply Everything Plans you have to pick how many minutes to include with the other unlimited services for your Shared Plans.  With 1500 minutes it will cost $129.99 ($99.99 if you want to share minutes and unlimited messaging only) and with 3000 minutes is will be $169.99 ($149.99 if you want to share minutes and unlimited messaging only).  

If you want to add additional lines and only want to share minutes and messaging it will be $9.99 a month per line.  If you want to share it all it will be $19.99 a month per additional line.  I did confirm with Sprint that you cannot mix and match your additional lines options, all your additional lines have to be either the $9.99 or the $19.99 option...so you cannot have one of each.

Check out their official press release from this morning to get all the juicy details.  For those with multiple lines, this is certainly something to look at.  They even give a matrix of how their plans and pricing compare to Verizon and AT&T.  If they are accurate, Sprint is giving them a run for their money!

Since you do not have to extend your contract to switch to it, I am doing it first thing Sunday morning.  If you are the wait and see how it goes type, then keep an eye out for when I follow after a bill or two to share how it really works out.

WC Staff