Sprint WiMAX WaTCH: Delayed

Ouch. Not a month after Sprint promised us that XOHM, their WiMAX service, was all set to launch on time later this month, we hear that this isn't really going to be the case:

Sprint Nextel will delay the commercial launch of its Xohm WiMax service until later in the year, a spokesman said Wednesday.The Overland Park, Kan., carrier was originally scheduled to launch the service this month. But it will come later this year, said spokesman James Fisher. It's the latest in a series of setbacks for the troubled company. - [Cellular News via Engadget]

Not all that surprising given Sprint's many recent woes, but still a bummer. Folks are hoping for summer and noting that the fact that Hesse didn't really focus too much on XOHM during his CTIA Keynote should have sounded the alarm that this would happen.

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