Sprint WiMAX WaTCH: XOHM Network Still on Track

Looks like not only is Sprint still planning on launching XOHM, their 4G WiMAX-based network, they're feeling pretty good about it too. Electronista reports that Sprint core technology vp Ben Vos says the new network is on track (we saw a soft launch in December), presumably to the markets totaling 100 million people Sprint promised. Best part - XOHM looks to use standard IP switching to managing devices, just like the internets. That should make creating networked apps a lot easier.

...For a second there you thought we were going to talk about Sprint without bringing up the possibility of an imminent Deathwatch, didn't you? Silly rabbit. No, the wrinkle with XOHM is that Sprint isn't telling just how the expansion is going to go until their next financial results call (when they will hopefully lay out the details). Sounds an awful lot like they're trying to make sure they have some good news to offset what many expect to be a deluge of red ink and bad news.

WC Staff