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Sprint's next Windows Phone, the HTC Tiara, inches closer to release with FCC cert

Some good news on a Friday for the 5 of you Sprint customers still rocking a Windows Phone 7.x device. We’ve known for sure since early January that you’d be getting some Windows Phone 8 handsets around summer time. One from Samsung and the other from HTC – the Tiara and Ativ S. One of those devices looks like it’s spent some time with our friends at the FCC. Is Sprint about to get some Windows Phone 8 love?

We’ve seen the HTC phone destined for Sprint pop up on our radars in the recent months, but haven’t heard much of the Samsung offering. And it looks like it will stay that way, the device at the FCC is from HTC.

Today’s stop at the FCC doesn’t reveal too much that we couldn’t have figured out with a good guestimate. For specs we have standard things like support for NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, and WiFi a/b/g/n. You’ll remember that while phones like the Lumia 920 have the ability to someday take advantage of their Bluetooth 4.0 hardware, the Windows Phone OS currently is holding that ability back. But it’s nice to see this device be somewhat future proof in that regard.

So what makes this device destined for Sprint? The FCC filings indicate support for CDMA and LTE Band 25. Other than that, nothing else has new has been learned about this device. We suspect it to be a mid-range smartphone with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 8GB internal storage, 4.3 inch WVGA LCD2 display, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera with 1.6MP up front. Powering all this is an 1800 mAh battery.  

So for the few of you readers on Sprint, are you looking to this device or the Samsung Ativ S? Or have you already jumped ship or plan to when the Eos launches? Sound off below with your thoughts.

Thanks for the tip Rich E!

Source: FCC, Via: Engadget

  • I'm still holding out for the sprint Samsung Windows Phone.
  • Sprint Sucks Balls. There used to be 9 Sprint Customers but I took 4 lines to Verizon. They have the best Service and The HTC 8X is the Best!! Its Fast!! Its Blue!! People Dig it!!! WPCentral should QUIT posting about Sprint and Windows Phone 8. They Make me ill. I waited untill I couldn't, wait any longer. My wife had to get the iPhone 5. I love My 8X and she loves her phone. Leave Sprint and go to Verizon, you will not regret it. When Windows Phone 9 comes out on Sprint you will have to wait 2 years. ;-)
  • For increasing the market share of WP every carrier should have atleast one flagship device ..
    This is how Android rose to it's glory now
    Good to see WP8 is finally coming to other carriers like Expansys ..
  • I love windows phone, but not enough to pay $40 more a month
  • Well, the Service for connecting internet, calls, text is way better on Verizon. It never bothered me with Our Arrives until the faster Windows 8 phones came out. I got tired of watching this page for a new Sprint Phone, AND I don't have to complain about Service anymore. She did go from the Arrive to the iPhone though. No More Complaints, Better Service, You Get what you Pay For. Life is Good!!!!
  • Sure pay for more bills
  • That name though... smh :/
  • Agree, does not really appeal to men lol
  • That's not it's name-name, that's it's internal product reference. Don't worry, HTC/Sprint will think of another stupid name for it.
  • Like the, uh, Palm Pixi!
  • HTC Arrive!
  • Just gave up the arrive and my SERO plan for the 928 and I am so happy I did.....Verizon's lte in my area is great, and honestly, if you don't have a Nokia you are are not really experiencing WP8....the lumina feels almost like a different platform with all the Nokia software
  • Amen to that Daniel. They need to be smart and rock a flagship and a mid.
  • The "Tiara" is a mid end, and if the rumor is true the Ativ S may be the high end...
  • The "HTC 8X EVO 4G LTE Touch"?
  • You forgot epic
  • Kyocera Echo. That phone had major NY buildup, they invited a magician to pull rabbits from a hat and it lasted about 6 weeks before sprint realized they mucked up again. Return rate higher than a dual laxative and a bowl of prunes.  lol
  • If you actually follow some reports, they actually point towards being named the 8V in order to stay in line with the 8S and 8X.
  • LOL I know right? Makes me think of placing the phone on top of my head.
  • It can also be... A hat.
  • SmartHat?
  • "Accord" didn't make it, it was named the 8X for production.
    Likewise this will have an actual name
  • The Re-Arrive!
  • I like the name :P
  • With a name like Tiara that better be one heck of a device :-)
  • More than 5 people still have an Arrive, me included. I just maybe might go for this, though, I will need more memory than 8 GB. I remember Sprint saying both phones would have external storage. Hopefully that's true or I'll wait for the Ativ S
  • 6 people? Sorry couldn't resist!!
  • I would have loved to be in that group but stupid HTC did not release a GSM model in the US (much less a GSM model period supporting all US 3G frequencies). I was so pumped for that phone until I learned it was CDMA garbage.
  • I'm still rockin' my HTC Arrive but I brought it over to Ting since Sprint doesn't give you a discount after you've paid off your phone.
  • Man, I envy Sprint for getting the ATIV S. I wanted a simple and lightweight WP8 phone for AT&T with expandable memory. 925 would be perfect if it was on AT&T and had expandable memory. My 920 is a tad bulky and heavy for my taste. One can only dream...
  • +920 its a bit bigger than I'd like, the bezels should also be cut down for the next generation Lumias
  • a la galaxy s4
  • Opinions.. Opinions... I seriously think this is the most sleek, and sexy phone I've held in a while. Oh and the weight just makes it feel like a solid phone(which it is) unlike the Galaxy which I just can't stand because it's weightless and feels like a cheap plastic toy that I could snap in half(literally)
  • I'm with Lawrence, while I like ATIV S power, it feels like a plastic toy.
  • Meh opinions, just like assholes we all have them. Hopefully any OEM is able to make a phone that meets your needs....
  • No Nokia, no sale
  • I had to stop waiting for Sprint, I just got my Lumia 928.  It is a very cool phone!
  • I was on Sprint moved to Verizon for the 8X and just my 928 two weeks ago. Loving my Nokia and Verizon.
  • Same here. I took all three of my line a while ago after bei g with them for 14 years. So far ATT has been great!
  • Another happy Sprint deserter here..after 12 years. Unlimited long as modem speed doesn't bother you, lol.
  • internet speeds? i couldnt even get a phone call to stay connected 30% of the time. Hopefully with network vision they get it together because like always competition is a plus.
  • Can you wear it on your head?
    If not, the person that named this phone should never have kids.
  • Guess we're supposed to called the Nokia EOS device the Nokia Elvis on release now? Uh, no. Internal product names are for internal reference only.
  • I'm waiting for the Sprint Ativ-S, but still Rocking the Arrive til then
  • 1,2ghz dual and 1gb ram? Sounds pretty cool! Future of low-range WP8 specs? ;) Guess everyone would love that 1GB ram :)
  • I've been waiting since last year for a WP8 device on Sprint. Tired of waiting only to have them try and push mid-level stuff on us. Jumping ship to T-mobile once the 925 launches.
  • That's probably your best bet. I can't tell anyone to honestly wait on Sprint any more.
  • I was with sprint for over a decade. I had the Moto Q, HTC phones and the win7.5 Arrive. Finally had to go with Verizon Nokia 822. Only bad thing is Bid Red is expensive :(
  • Moto Q and Treo 700w were two of my favorite phones...even the 800w and Snap were a lot of fun. Those *were* the days!
  • PPC-6700 baby!
  • Couldn't agree more Daniel. My wife and I left Verizon and our HTC Touch Pro 2 for the HTC Arrive. Honestly, the Arrive has been really great. Wish I could say the same for Sprint. Maybe it was the fact we came from the best network to the 3rd worst, but it has been a sad story network-wise, especially with several sustained outages of several days in DFW, for goodness sakes. Add to that the extra $10 per device we pay for the Sprint 4G network... On devices that cannot utilize it and therefore should not be thusly charged. Finally, Sprint essentially killed their only Windows Phone and them thumbed their nose at the platform... Right up until their brass must have uttered "I think I've made a big mistake". Oh well, Sprint contract finally over in July and headed back to Big Red and likely the 928 unless I hear rumors of something better coming soon. In fact, if the Arrive was on Verizon I'd consider riding it out with this 7.x device a bit longer. Hard to beat the slide-and-tilt keyboard.
  • Make it happen bro. The 925 is a beast! plus, TMO has improved their network considerably over the past few months.
  • True! They just turned on LTE in southern California and my Lumia 920 (from Build) is getting crazy fast speeds! 30mbps down!
  • insane..
  • Where is SoCal? I am on Orange County
  • Conveniently, you can access maps on your Windows Phone....
    Or do you mean where IN SoCal?
  • You may want to check on the problems Microsoft was having in getting Qualcomm based CDMA coding, which is the main reason no CDMA carrier would touch WP8 devices with China Mobile based CDMA coding (as Verizon did with the four devices they currently carry with the now realistic promise those will get the proper coding very soon).
  • None of that has to do with why there won't be a Nokia on Sprint though, or why you won't see Sprint actually push these phones when they do come out. Watch. They'll be on the shelves to buy and that's all they'll get.
  • Just curious, why wont there be a Nokia on Sprint?
  • Nokia and Sprint haven't worked together in years and when WP 7 came out, Nokia at one point made a pretty bold statement that they didn't want to work with Sprint.
    The new HTC will be pretty nice - who knows the name, but I'm positive it has 16GB and SD card
  • The "Tiara" is a mid end, and if the rumor is true the Ativ S may be the high end...
  • What if I tell you that assumption of yours is way off. If you ask the right people at Sprint rather than being blinded by your bias. Also, if you know the story between Nokia and Sprint, you must know Nokia blames Sprint for the lawsuit they got from Qualcomm for using unlicensed CDMA components, when in reality Nokia just wanted to dump CDMA production rather than becoming compliant with Qualcomm as other OEMs. That also brought the excuse of CDMA being "niche in the US market" when over 60% of the total cell lines currently are on CDMA networks (national and regional, postpaid and prepaid).
  • Sorry, but you're just wrong on the Nokia-Sprint thing. I'm not "blinded" my bias, I simply know the inside story on Windows Phone and Sprint and what happened with recent Nokia discussions. Once again, nothing you will say here will sway me from telling people to ditch Sprint if they want the best for Windows Phone. I understand people have different priorities and price points and switching is not an option, but if money is less of a concern, then they should get off of Sprint--they're dead and dying.
  • Dude, every time you post a rant against Sprint, you do so without any research.  A dying company does NOT triple its value in less than 18 months.  Check the stock Value Sprint closed yesterday at $7.24, compared to their lowest value ever at $2.20 eighteen months ago.
    if you actually know what happened between Nokia and Sprint, you need to go back several years ago when Nokia gave the two finger salute to all CDMA carriers in the US due to Qualcomm lawsuit for which Elop and company at Nokia are still blaming Sprint for being the true enforcer of Qualcomm CDMA standards.
    you are mad at Sprint because they pointed out all the flaws Windows Phone has besides the fact David Owens telling Windows Phone sales figures in the US market are horrible based on Gartner reports (which actually report sales figures each quarter, and breaks them down by region, mobile platform, manufacturer, and by carrier for which Windows Phone has a major gap to fill on the majority-in-size CDMA market), but then again, your half baked reporting when it comes to Sprint is a perfect example of the "Let me show my bias by ignoring the facts" approach you happen to use very often.  I can bet right now many of the Sprint subscribers as well as any subscriber from any non-participating CDMA carrier in the US and Puerto Rico/USVI  who like their carriers are getting tired of the attacks you have been engaging for the past year and a half.
    You should consider yourself lucky Sprint hasn't sued you and the site for slander and libel (google or bing those two words), and for endorsing trolling and spamming on all of Sprint's social media sites.  You better thank Dan Hesse for not dragging your feet into a court, but I am not sure if Softbank or perhaps  Charles Ergen  would be  so merciful...
  • I thought the cdma issues was way back when WP launched that's why it was a few months delay after GSM launched do you have any kinda proof of this
  • Sam, I appreciate you posting this since you have been the only writer who has been fair when it comes to Sprint (unlike Rubino who has been the complete opposite, especially if you ask people on Pro-Sprint sites and fanpages/groups).  Thank you for being impartial.
    I wonder where is JazMac/TechBlogger...(of course he has nothing to say when it comes to positive mention of Sprint involving Windows Phone).
  • I used to be a Sprint customer, because of the low-cost of service, but once I realized how bad their network really was (and that it has gotten worse the past few years), I switched to AT&T. I pay a little more, but I know that I'm guaranteed access to the top-tier phone choices. Now that Verizon is catching up on Windows Phone, I may jump ship in a year or two when my contracts are up... we'll see.
    It's not that I hate Sprint... I just think they dumped so much money into their Apple partnership that they can't afford to work on their network. Hell, I never even see any Sprint commercials anymore. Every once in a while I see their iPhone commercial, but that's literally the only ad I see.
  • @mrmdj31675 I don't need to be impartial and I won't be. If you actually care about Windows Phone, want a decent selection of devices and a carrier who backs it up, then you will run as far as you can from Sprint. I speak as a Sprint customer and as a Windows Phone user--I'm honest in my opinion to our readers because they deserve better. Not to mention Sprint's network with the whole WiMax fiasco and forever delayed LTE is just terrible in 2013. There's just little value in them anymore and I say that as someone who was a customer of theirs for 13 years, even on SERO ($30 a month) and I still quit them today.  They're a garbage carrier now. And their Windows Phone "push" will be anything but with these Samsung and HTC phones.And I say above, there's a specific reason why there won't be a Nokia phone on Sprint for the foreseeable future (Hint: It's not because Nokia doesn't want a phone on Sprint, but they're not suckers either). Best value for Windows Phone users will be on T-Mobile. If you want the best of the best, you go with AT&T. And if you a solid range (or the 928) then Verizon is a good (but pricey) choice now too. Myself and Phil Nickinson (Android Central) were the biggest fans of Sprint years ago--heck I got 10 people to get the Palm Centro and sign up with Sprint. But that was then, this is 2013--Sprint is dead and dying.
  • I back you 100% Daniel. I had Sprint for a long time and was pro Sprint forever until they stopped supporting my OS of choice. They no longer spoke to me. ATT has been great.
  • Then it shows you do have a bias, and for you to be the Editor in Chief is not the best position to have, especially when good part of your articles against Sprint are also considered attacks against the Qualcomm based CDMA community in the US, Japan, South Korea, and Puerto Rico/USVI for refusing to carry devices with coding and encryption that would only be good in China (ask why the FCC is pushing new network standards for both GSM and CDMA starting on August 1st, and WHY GDR2 is coming very soon)
    Ask why there is still hardly (perhaps zero) exsistance why WP8 in the CDMA based regional postpaid, and on the CDMA based prepaid market?
    ask why Nokia has no immediate plans to add more CDMA carriers as partners..
    ask why Microsft has treated CDMA carriers in the US as a stepchild, knowing CDMA HAS over 60% of all thr cell lines.
    You mentioned Wimax.  The deployment was done by Clearwire who botched the deployment of it.  And in regards to LTE, it has more markets than AT&T in one year of  deployment (over 140 officially and unofficially launched compared to 30 AT&T launched).
    if Sprint is dead, how come there are two major buyers trying to get whatever stock amount they can get, and if you haven't been followingthe stock market, it has tripled its value in the last 18 months, even when they are fully funding thesame network overhaul the other major carriers will have to do in 3-4 years from now.
    no wonder why my friend from USN thinks you are biased with a passion.
  • Sprint is a joke guy. The not now network.
    I was there 11 yrs 2 lines and have much better data speeds,reception,call quality and customer service at att. They crapped on ALL arrive owners,lied multiple times to keep me around until after talking with people with dan@sprint and hearing negative comments from staff combined with their non support of updates.
    staff that doesn't even know what phones they offer or what OS's they run.customer service in Louisiana playing phone games,hell the manager on duty claimed she doesn't even own a smart phone. From sprints actions they made it clear the windows phone community is not welcome,I'm glad I left and will talk anyone I find out is still on sprint to get on a different carrier,doubt I do though
  • They gave me a Sprint WWAN box for work. The reception is noticeably worse than ATT in my area. When my Sprint box doesn't work I tether my ATT Quantum and away I go.
  • Wow... Daniel must be pretty awesome if he's able to remain so passionately biased against anyone who ever touched a CDMA device across continents and cultures... Yet still maintain his responsibilities as Editor in Chief at WPC. Daniel... We solute you!
  • For the record, besides the inability to take CDMA devices global, I actually prefer CDMA over GSM due to better reception indoors/thru buildings. Sprint was my first carrier and I've had every Windows Mobile/Windows Phone they ever released--every Treo, every Windows Mobile Standard, every HTC. I was a huge supporter of theirs for a long time, but they've lost me in recent years.
  • Daniel, The CDMA portability issue can be addresed with a proper change in DMCA which would give the FCC the authority to make the CDMA carriers and Qualcomm come up with a way to allow devices be connected on another network (Global devices and a database similar to the one Verizon and Sprint use to add lost/stolen devices).  I think most here like my idea, since Sprint has a program for the MVNOs which allows certain devices and a database is used.
    I posted on the forums the entire plan, and most responses (as well as likes and thank yous) were positive.
  • @mrmdj31675 "Then it shows you do have a bias, and for you to be the Editor in Chief is not the best position to have..."
    Then it shows? I told you I have a specific opinion on Sprint. Deal with it. I'm not here to flatter some of you in comments with false notions of objectivity especially when a carrier deserves the criticism I heap on it. Also, your opinion on whether or not I'm qualified to run this site has zero influence or standing with anyone, meaning no one takes you seriously. Let's just stick to our respective positions: you make comments, I run the site, m'kay?
  • And as long as you stay inconsistent, I will continue to expose them. We can agree to disagree.
  • Daniel just to take this conversation in another direction, do you think Softbank or Dish could save Sprint? They used to be my favorite carrier, and its so disappointing what's happened to them over the years.
  • Honestly, I don't have any opinion on that as I can see it going many ways. Being a carrier is a tough business, especially when you're up against nasty juggernauts like AT&T/Verizon. Even T-Mobile is getting hammered (though at least they're trying to be creative).  In the end, it comes down to infrastructure and capital. AT&T has it in spades as does Verizon  (though I'm a tad disappointed with Verizon's LTE coverage here in NY compared to AT&T).
  • This is still not positive,I will not pat there back they dumped the arrive when it was there highest rated phone never updated it
  • Lol 8gb
  • So how exactly does the american system work? If you are with one provider you can't just buy an unlocked phone or change to a different provider? And how come certain providers get similar phones but have different names? E.g. Lumia 520 vs 521 etc.
    In Switzerland at least people would go crazy if we had exclusives. Every provider (we only got 3) have the same models and names.
    thx for any clarification :)
  • Providers operate on a variety of different bands, and can make it actual impossible, hardware-wise, for phones to interoperate between networks with full functionality. Sprint is not even GSM... They run off of CDMA tech and your phone can't be moved elsewhere. I won't go into more detail, but that's how it is
  • Oh wow...thx for the heads up :)
  • In the US, you sign a long term agreement, through which, you pay for the phone over the contract term (often an up front fee for the phone too). Essentially you are locked in until pay off the phone(plus some) with that carrier. If you buy the phone outright, you have more options, but the carriers all have different network bans, so your phone would have to have those bans onboard already to use a network. Plus, we have LTE on our two biggest(and soon a third) and some phones being built only support one carriers LTE or another. By getting exclusives and not having other LTE bans available, you pretty much have to stay with that carrier, or live without LTE if you change and pay a cancellation fee for early termination. Once you have LTE, you'll not want to live without it. Carriers know this. Its another way of keeping you as customer on their network. Others can add and correct anything I have said....
  • That was a good question and interesting answers, the low prices you pay for your devices really comes at a price.... Not cool.
  • We like to buy things we can't afford by stretching out payments over time :-)
  • Even if we bought the phone upright, we still pay the same price for the plan, at least with att, sprint, and Verizon, mobile is starting to change. We'll see if the others follow.
  • It does not come at a price-your bill is the same whether or not you paid full price or bought on contract with discount. Tired of this this fud being spread around. The only thing about paying full price for a phone is you don't have to extend contract for another 2 years. That's fine for people who constantly change carriers.
  • Is the EOS an ATT exclusive?
  • We do believe so. 
  • I used an Arrive till I jumped ship to At&t for a 920. Honestly couldn't be happier, as Sprint's 3g in my area is terrible and who knows when we'll see their LTE. Plus I wanted Nokia hardware so bad. But if I had stayed, I'd prob get the Ativ S.
  • Still alive with my Arrive..... I did drop it with the slider out...but it's still works even if I cannot update past 7.5 (sad face). Can't jump for another 14 months so time is not of essence here...tick tock
  • Well with its small display and pretty decent battery size I think this phone will be great with battery life.
  • Already jumped ship to att
  • Another Sprint guy with an HTC Arrive here... economically, staying with Sprint makes the most sense for me. As a former rep, I'm on the employee plan. Coverage has been no issue for me either (I'm about 50 miles north of NYC), and I'm been hearing that a closeby city 15 miles to my west has random pockets of LTE popping up, so that's exciting.
    For the money I'm paying per month and the service I'm getting, it makes zero sense for me to switch carriers. Yes, I love Windows Phone and am devoted (otherwise, I'd have gotten a new phone already) but I will wait for these new devices to be released. I've been eligible for a new phone since LAST JUNE, so what's another month or two?
    No matter what carrier I look at, pricing is the most important to me. AT&T could get the EOS tomorrow and I'd stay with Sprint. The only disheartening thing is that Nokia will most likely not be on Sprint for the foreseeable future, but it's something I'll have to deal with. You can't beat $30/month with unlimited everything and pretty good service.
  • Well I have 3 phones on mobile and I pay 100 so that includes tethering
  • ...but that's T-Mobile.
    1) Their network isn't too up to snuff around here; I'd like to remain on one of the big 3 for coverage sake.
    2) For their individual unlimited, I'd be paying $70/month and I'd still have to buy a phone outright, or choose to pay monthly on top of my plan. No thanks to the latter. As for hotspot, according to their site, only 500MBs worth for mobile hotspot. Yes, I'm not locked into a contract but I'd still be paying more per month, even if I immediately bought the phone outright.
    3) T-Mo's talk plan is unlimited only to OTHER T-Mo customers. Sprint gives me unlimited calling to anyone with a cell phone on ANY carrier. Sprint wins here.
    4) Their 4G isn't LTE.. it's faux-g, so while Sprint doesn't have LTE here yet, neither does T-Mo, so they cancel each other out in that regard right now.
  • Just to clarify, Tmo's packages are for unlimited talk time to any and everyone..landline, or cell phone on any network..not just tmo phones users.
  • Despite what TMo's website says, I don't think you are limited to only 500 MB for tethering. Call a live person--I did, and he was very clear all of my data could be used for tethering and that the web site's 500MB tethering limit is misleading. Who cares if their 4G is faux-G? Seriously, if you get the speeds you want, does it matter what it's called? In my part of the country, I routinely get faster speeds than people on other carriers, and I've got a lowly HD7 that only supports 3G. (Tested with the assorted speed apps that are available.)
  • And that's just it, so long as you have priorities and you stick with them, that's fine. If money is no object, you go with AT&T but if value is, Sprint is an okay choice. Having said that, even on SERO/$30 I couldn't use them--I literally had not used my Sprint line in 14 months. And with these new phones, i don't want to have to fight to keep my plan if I get a new "4G" phone (I'm honestly not sure if that's an issue or not).
  • Agreed with the money aspect, if it was really no object... I would go AT&T.
    As for fighting to keep your SERO, that was only an issue (I believe) if you weren't paying the $10/month fee yet or moving from Nextel to Sprint, but if you're on a plan now as myself on Sprint and paying the $10/month fee, it's pretty much set in stone until I cancel my service. I can get any phone I want and not worry.
    My now ex-boss told me, and I quote "The only way you'll lose this plan is if you cancel your Sprint service, otherwise... if you happen to kick the bucket tomorrow. That's the only other way."
    I'm not trashing any other carrier or trying to be Mr. Sprintman... I'm just doing what works best for me right now. My having been a Sprint rep in the past has no bearing on any post I make here or anywhere. I was a Sprint sub before I worked for them and as long as what I have now keeps up, I'll stay.
    If something changes tomorrow and I lose my plan, I'll heavily consider moving elsewhere.
  • My brother has that same employee plan from when he worked at RadioShack and he likes the value of it but he does complain about his service here in AZ which I was surprised because I thought it was better that T-Mobile (which I have) but he claims its not. Sometimes we're out eating and we need to look something up (like a video) and my phone is faster on "4G" and he has 3G, I always end up finding it first. Verizon just started to bundle with Cox Cable so I may do that in the future but I have no complaints about T-Mobile which I may just stick to. He has an S2 Vibrant but he was so impressed with my Nokia 810, using Here Drive+ he might get a WP8 phone...
  • I envy you. Awesome price. Nice to know that you kept you EPP.
  • Where the hell is the release date and the Samsung one I was hoping to get a ativ !
  • It's *not* going to be the Tiara, so I guess that leaves the ATIV S. But I was hoping for something with a slide out keyboard. I'm an endangered species though, I think.
  • physical keyboards are long gone, sorry (saying that as someone who just got a Q10 for old times' sake)
  • My work is locked into BB, and I am due a new phone. Hoping for a BB10 device. Not holding my breath. Doubt I'll get one of the new BBs, and just end up with another 9930. I cant use the physical keyboards. I can't type on those tiny buttons to save my life.. Thank goodness for WP for my personal phone.
  • I had a dream once... But I woke up and the ATT branded Nokia E6 was not on my nightstand. =(
  • Perhaps not being what some people want, but the market for QWERTY devices still exsist.  Ironically, QWERTY devices are still Blackberry's "Bread and Butter."
  • My Sprint contract is up in 5 days. Going to AT&T with 4 lines. 2 920's 1 8X and I'm bringing an unlocked 521 that will be a place holder for the EOS on-contract price. My Arrive has served me well and my wife will miss her physical QWERTY. But I am done with Sprint.
  • Typing on an HTC arrive:). My wife and myself are sick of sprint, I'm out of contract and paid the etf today on hers so we can both get away. Got 2 blackberry 10s from Verizon, if blackberry doesn't make it the Ubuntu phone will be out in 12 to 24 months.
    These arrive phones have been brutally awful for us.
  • Poor Sprint. They need to get things rolling in the right direction. Can't believe they're the last on board with WP8. Seems like Verizon/ATT seem to be running the WP8 show with a little from T-Mobile I guess... Better late than never they always say...
  • Have you checked the availability of WP8 on USCC as well as all the regional CDMA based postpaid carriers like C Spire, Premier, Appalacchian Wireless, United Wireless, nTelos, and Open Mobile de Puerto Rico?  There are NONE! 
  • I notices that. And I read up on it. Seems odd to say the least.
  • But some people think here there is no problem, especially when a deadline for GDR 2 matches with a deadline with the FCC (and ironically Sprint) in terms of all mobile platforms being required to use Qualcomm CDMA if they want their devices sold in the US as well as meeting requirements of security of data while being used on US government agencies, especially the armed forces (same for GSM devices).
    all the CDMA carriers are waiting for how well WP8 works on Qualcomm based CDMA coding on Sprint before making commitments.
  • It used to be 9 Sprint customers but I took 4 phones to Verizon. The HTC 8X Rocks!!!! Sprint sucks balls. WP Central should quit talking about Windows Phone 8 and Sprint. I have the best phone and the best service. No more issues like I had with Sprint
  • What color did u get
  • Blue and everyone thinks its cool. People, android and iCrap alike love my phone.
  • With any luck, HTC will still be around to sell it....  As a former HTC customer and a current Nokia customer, I can't imagine why anyone would buy an HTC Windows Phone.  Nokia's support of the platform and ecosystem is light years ahead of anything HTC has to offer.  HTC is so screwed - Samsung owns Android and Nokia owns Windows Phone.
  • While I want HTC to succeed as a whole, Nokia just overshadows the everliving hell out of ALL WP manufacturers.  They generate hype and release the hardware to back it up.  I had the Focus for two years and it was a nice phone.  I have the 920 and it's a great phone.
  • I've loved my HTC Arrive... Still love it more than any iPhone or Android. Sprint has the last of unlimited plans. Happy we're finally getting any WP8, wish Nokia would come aboard.
  • Is up to Nokia where they want their products.
  • It's up to Sprint to be a viable partner, willing to actually sell and promote these phones too. There's a reason why AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile all get exclusive phones, heavily subsidized from Nokia.
  • It's up to Nokia to meet the conditions Sprint is requiring, especially when Nokia is very disliked by the CDMA community for their actions several years ago, and Nokia has no leverage.  Also, Nokia needs the CDMA community in the US a whole lot more than the CDMA community needs them (and this is not limited to Sprint), and Elop is starting to run out of time from investors and stockholders.
  • And is up to Microsoft as well to give the same attention they give to Nokia and AT&T to other manufacturers like Samsung (which I know you hate as much as Sprint) and other participating carriers. Microsoft knows very well they screwed up promoting WP7 on all carriers (actually, they did no work outside the GSM world), and left it to the carriers and HTC for the CDMA side. Did you forget that fact as well, Daniel, or did you intentionally ommitted that just to push your bias? Keep bringing inconsistencies, and I will keep pointing them out. Your anaolgy of why Sprint "lacked devices and promotion" for Windows Phone is flawed because you will have to apply it to every CDMA carrier in the US market. That analogy makes your bias agains Sprint extremely flawed, and one which will only make you look foolish sooner than later.
  • Well sprint sucks anyway I still don't get why people would waste money on shitty sprint when there is Tmobile and a lot of others
  • Because T Mobile is not for everyone, which can be said for any carrier.
  • Can u explain why
  • Location, location, location. That is why a customer has to try out the device and decide to stay under contract, or at least commit paying full retail price for a device if going the "no contract" approach.
  • Im a arrive user mine is dying I was hoping to see the ativ go through fcc this phone doesn't seem bad but id much rather see both before making a decision.
  • And my upgrade is up im more interested in the damn release date c'mon sprint!
  • I took 3 arrives to att (4 lines total). Every once I a while I stop by the store to show the reps how fast lte is. And ask when they are getting lte, and they always say soon. Our towers are getting upgraded as we speak, while I was there the towers were always getting updated, and I never noticed any improvements. I'd go back, but att has been great, I really don't understand what people complain about att, maybe the best way to get great service is to switch providers every 2 years.
  • Ahh Sprint. Worked for them in a call center till they axed all 600 of us. Left around the i860 days. i730 and its piss poor reception. The i1000+ was the best imei based one. I would have loved to sell Windows Phones.
  • Still here with my Arrive, rockin' a lead pozion 7.8 ROM. Props to the devs or I would have ditched this phone awhile ago. Hate to give up my unlimited plan, but moving soon to VT where Sprint coverage sucks. Likely going to Verizon. Otherwise would likely pick the AITV if staying on Sprint. Nokia goodness, here I come!!!
  • I'll wait until Sprint puts out a phone that isn't old when they finally come out with it.  Come on Man!!!  Sprint should come out with a new phone not a phone everyone else either passes up on or have had for months.  I'm hating Sprint for their lack of vision when it comes to windows phone. 
  • Wow, the Tiara looks a lot different from the 8X and 8s brand models.I wonder why htc went for such a different body and design? Looks like it has a monobody design, or does it have a removable cover to replace the battery?
  • Hey Daniel, im one of the SERO holdouts. IS there ANY chance that the reason that we haven't seen much on the ATIV S is because Sprint may be getting an updated version? (see: "These won't be 6 month old devices" lol)
  • Hahaha all you fools who left sprint go to either tmobile, Verizon and art are fools just to get a wp8 nokia. Now sprint will have high end wp8 Samsung ativ s. It so thin and very light weight. Great part external memory slot. Yup best high Samsung ativ s. It been out in Europe for 4 months now and many awesome reviews on Samsung ativ s. Nokia 920 is bulky and heavy.
  • Please learn how to write before posting again...geezus look at this
  • Sprint wins with unlimited data all you can eat. While other carriers charges over the data. Hahahah
  • I think this is a good example of how silly the youngsters are these days, how truly clueless and unmotivated they are, and how much time they waste on stupid uselsss topics like this one..when are you kids going to get off your tails and do some work?  And stop being so whiny and hypersensitive, maybe you'll get some respect one day from those of us who have provided you with excellent opportunity.  I can't believe the poor English on this site, these kids are ignorant beyond belief.  No wonder the US has fallen so far behind other countries in prodcutivity, our kids are too worried about looking and sounding cool instead of actually knowing or doing anything.  Thanks Bubba Clinton for creating a worthless, lazy, politically correct generation with zero accountability.
  • Thank you for the irrelevant diatribe.  Go back to the nursing home, you senile pauper.