Signs of a new HTC Windows Phone surfaces, headed to Sprint

The operation team behind Chinese app Love Wallpaper HD recently found new device codenames from Samsung, Huawei and Nokia. Yesterday the guys had another look at their updated server log. And guess what they found? A new device from HTC. That makes almost a full house (save for ZTE) for the next wave of Windows Phone devices.

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The new HTC device is codenamed HTCP0881_Sprint.  We've heard rumors that Sprint will offer the Samsung ATIV S in the near future but could this be the HTC Tiara that we've also heard rumors of?  The discovery of P0881 is definitely good news and if it holds true, marks the presence of Windows Phone on all major US carriers.

And of course, Windows Phone fans on Sprint could upgrade their old HTC Arrives to something more up to date.

Source: WPDang

Kane Gao