Signs of a new HTC Windows Phone surfaces, headed to Sprint

The operation team behind Chinese app Love Wallpaper HD (opens in new tab) recently found new device codenames from Samsung, Huawei and Nokia. Yesterday the guys had another look at their updated server log. And guess what they found? A new device from HTC. That makes almost a full house (save for ZTE) for the next wave of Windows Phone devices.

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The new HTC device is codenamed HTCP0881_Sprint.  We've heard rumors that Sprint will offer the Samsung ATIV S in the near future but could this be the HTC Tiara that we've also heard rumors of?  The discovery of P0881 is definitely good news and if it holds true, marks the presence of Windows Phone on all major US carriers.

And of course, Windows Phone fans on Sprint could upgrade their old HTC Arrives to something more up to date.

Source: WPDang

  • First
  • So what?
  • Any chance of moderating this spam, WPCentral?
  • It took 6 months for Sprint to get the HTC Arrive, now its 6 months to get an announcement that they will get a Windows Phone 8. I just Ported the first of four of my Sprint phones to Verizon. I want Phones when they are launched. I LOVE MY HTC 8X!!!! The Phone is Awesome and the Service is Unrivaled, Sprint can't touch this. People who see this Phone Dig it. One person just got one after seeing my phone and three more will get it soon. Wasted four years with Sprint
  • If you remember correctly the Arrive was the first CDMA Windows Phone device.  So it wasnt sprint's fault that they had a windows phone 6 months after AT&T and T Mobile, it just wasnt possible for a windows phone to work on sprints network (and Verizon for that matter) before the NoDo update.
  • That don't mean Shit to me. I had 4 phones with Sprint, I moved 2 to Verizon in April and May. The other 2 are Moving to Verizon Next Month. The Service on the HTC 8X is AWESOME!!!! 8 months and Sprint still doesn't have a Windows Phone 8!!!! Gone and Never lookin Back!!!! I waited for the 7, now you can't get the 8. Apple is Dropping like an Anchor, You guys are Cooked.
  • HTC needs a real High End fast. A W8 version of the Titan with 32GB or they will be toast.
  • I am sure my friends on sprint will be happy now. They can finally upgrade!
  • I dunno. I still don't see WP8 as an upgrade to WP7.5. More of a sideways step backwards.
  • More like; "a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind"... ;)
  • What...? How the hell is it a step backwards??
  • I am not sure either. I am glad that they are coming up with an updated phone. Maybe it might just come with the so called 8.1 update preinstalled. Now that's a step forward to me.
  • Tell them to go to Verizon, Sprint Sucks. I just got the HTC 8X on Verizon, love the phone and the service!!! This. Phone would Suck Balls on Sprints Service.
  • Would be nice to see an HTC One with WP OS. Won't happen, but I can dream.
  • You never anything is possible.
  • I think alot of ppl are hoping for that! :)
  • After GD3 that will be more than possible and for sure HTC will do it.
  • Having used the One, I think it'll be my next Sprint android phone. I'll likely pick up whatever HTC comes out with on Craigslist. The Tiara is rumored to be similar to the 8x in terms of hardware. Not a bad phone, but after the Lumia 920, not something to upgrade to.
  • Do u enjoy the "One" more than WP8?
  • No. Personally, WP8 > iOS > Android. But the latter two I use for work. I do wish some OEMs other than Nokia would give a damn about WP.
  • Just put a phone on Sprint already! Let their customers have WP8!
  • Thanks, my Arrive is doing okay with 7.8, but I want 8... 
  • How did you get 7.8 on your Arrive and is it worth doing when I'll hopefully be upgrading in a month or two?
  • seveneighter utility will get your Arrive to 7.8.  Yes, it is worth it.
  • I used it as problems. I was scared to pull the trigger on it though, glad I did. Feels like a new phone (even if it is just a bandaid). It took quite a bit as it had to do all updates between 7.5 and 7.8 but well worth it in the end.
  • I used seveneighter and having even that small change was worth it to me. Other than the new Start Screen, the no more missing keyboard is so helpful.
  • Better still, Ting has been saying that they are going to get a WP8 phone sometime this summer. Perhaps this is it. Now if they would get some Nokia devices, I might switch to them when my current contract is up.
  • Poor sprint, maybe someday you'll get Nokia.
  • It's Nokia who's not willing to deal with Sprint or any other CDMA carrier in the US besides Verizon (for the time being).  Sony plays the picky game as well (No Xperias on the CDMA side).
  • More like sprint is out of money to get good phones.
  • That's whys sprint has the top 3 phones of the year aka the htc one, the iPhone 5, and the gs4. It has more to do with wp not selling enough to nose dive in. Remember sprint has been skeptical on wp 8 since its market share is still lackluster. Sprint has to be more careful with the phones it chooses on its network or it can lose some cash fast.
  • Sprint ran out of cash because of the iPhone. Sprint had to go overseas to get more cash. Do a little research next time ;)
  • I think you are both right... Sprint DID run low on money because of the deal with Apples iphone 5, and they DID look for Softbank for some cash flow. But it is also true they have always been skeptical about windowsphone and seeing as they are low on money they must be very, very careful about what product they invest in. Of course they're gonna get the Htc One and Galaxy S4, those phones are android and they know they are wanted. Now if I was running Sprint, I would open my eyes and strike a deal with Nokia to bring that Lumia line over because if anything IS gonna sell well for windowsphone its the Lumia line :)
  • Who cares
  • Sprint really needs to hurry and get something. I'm truly tempted to break from them and get some Verizon Nokia goodness...
  • I did in November and got the 8X. Verizon LTE is way faster.
  • Sprint has rolled out 4g LTE in my area, so i decided to hold of on jumping ship. I will give their 4GLTE and Win8 a try, coupled with my unlimited plan it could be sweet. Speeds range from 14MB-25MB(DL) which is pretty damn good for me.
  • Think about Microsoft and taking two years to use Qualcomm compliant CDMA coding and encryption.  That is the main reason Windows Phone devices are still lacking on most US carriers at this time.
  • HTC's ImageChip is awesome
  • If this is the budget phone mentioned before I really feel bad for Sprint and can no longer complain about not having a high end Lumia device for T-Mobile.
  • My poor girlfriend is envious of my Lumia 920. She's been stuck with Sprint and her HTC Arrive for 2 years. This is good news for her.
  • Did you patch it up to 7.8 yet? She will at least feel a little better about it, mine feels newer now. Though it is still like a brick in my pocket.
  • There's still no timeframe or specs announced, just "by summer" and "HTC & Samsung". My Arrive is still a great phone, but my contract is out now and the One looks mighty fine. Or should I ditch for another carrier and a Nokia?
  • HTC Rearrive?
  • I am a Sprint customer and former HTC Arrive use. As far a Sprint is concerned, I haven't had any problems with their service, then again I am in a big market with LTE implemented in most areas. As I said, former Arrive user. I loved the Windows Phone platform and was sad to leave. Why I didn't make the jump to other services who offered high end WP* phones, well simply Microsoft is still slow moving forward. Half implemented apps, 3rd party removing their apps, and the lack of feeling that MS wasn't serious with their product. It just appeared that they were leaving everything half done with a very good OS. I have been waiting for them to play catch up for 4 years and just couldn't wait any longer, so I try a different OS. I am now a current iPhone 5 user. It is my first Apple product I have ever purchased and yes, I am very happy with the device. Now with that being said, I miss the WP OS system. It is a far superior of an OS!  With day to day practicality and the overall functions of the phones, well, iPhone just has a ton more features and apps that can be used for everyday uses that MY NEEDS want in a smartphone. If Microsoft stops half assing things and seriously puts the effort in and catches up, I will go back. It was Microsoft's failure to keep me using their product. As much as I am a fanboy of MS, I don't reward lack of support.
  • Well said!