'Stable' build of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge leaks online

What you need to know

  • A new build of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge leaked online.
  • The build is from the "stable branch."
  • Though it's from the "stable branch," it is likely not bug-free.

A new build of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has leaked online. The new build is from the "stable branch" and was spotted first by HTNovo (via Neowin). The link to download the build goes directly through Microsoft's website, unlike some previous leaks of Microsoft Edge.

It's important to note that a build coming from the "stable branch" does not mean that the build lacks issues. As is the case with the Dev and Canary channels of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft has to test builds in every channel. This build is likely just another test build inside the "stable channel."

Downloading the build replaces the classic version of Edge on the Start Menu and the Taskbar. Uninstalling the new build reverts your system to using the classic version of Edge. Another notable difference is that the feedback icon in the address bar has been removed, as this stable release puts less emphasis on providing feedback.

Though the link to download this version of Microsoft Edge is through a Microsoft website, it's always best to exercise caution when installing leaked software. While we don't recommend downloading leaked builds, this stable release comes directly from Microsoft's own servers, so it should be relatively safe to install. You can find the links here.

If you'd prefer to only test out versions of Microsoft Edge officially sent out from Microsoft, you can always sign up to beta test the browser through Microsoft.

Sean Endicott
News Writer and apps editor

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