Why gamers are still playing 2005's Star Wars Battlefront II for PC

Loot crates, similar gameplay to the 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront and other issues still plague the 2017 release, and fans of the original Battlefront series are still seeking the same experience. If you're not a fan of the new game, the older Battlefront 2 is still being played today. This is why.

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The original Battlefront II is a classic

Star Wars Battlefront 2

After the backlash to the 2017 release of Battlefront II, online game distributor GOG worked on releasing a patch for the 2005 classic, which patched multiplayer and made it easier to play with others online. Not only did GOG roll out the update for its own copy of the game, but the company also partnered with Disney to release it to Steam.

It's difficult to reproduce the magic that is Battlefront 2.

This allows for not only local but also online play. And as someone who has spent thousands of hours playing the game, it makes me happy to know I can lose myself in the nostalgia of teaming up with 32 allies to take on the Republic as a Droideka — seriously, the destroyer droids are so much fun to play as. Being able to roll around and deploy shields to hold out choke points is awesome.

Just in case you've yet to play the original Battlefront 2, here are some features sported by the 2005 game:

  • Enhanced single-player experience as you join the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers to take on enemies of the empire.
  • Take the fight to classic locations such as the Death Star, Dagobah, Tantive IV, and Tatooine.
  • Choose from six distinct soldier classes, as well as hero characters for rebels, Imperials, CIS and the Republic.
  • Play against others in massive battles with multiplayer matches sporting a capacity of up to 64 players.
  • Space battles with cruisers that can be boarded.
  • No loot boxes!
  • Plenty of disintegrations.

Online game modes include conquest, assault, one-and two-flag capture the flag, and hunt. With support for up to 64 players in a single game, it makes it possible to enjoy a hectic and immersive experience. Even after 13 years, the game has aged well and offers countless hours of entertainment. And if you've never played the original — which inspired EA's latest Battlefront games — it's worth picking up to see where it all began.

You can grab the 2005 Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from GOG and Steam for $9.99.

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  • I still play it on Xbox 360 just this past weekend.  It's a great game.  The first one is good too.
  • Yes. I don't remember space battles though. It's been a while.
  • anyone play this on PC still?  Was thinking about picking it up on steam.
  • Isn't that what the article is about?
  • You're on a site called Windows Central and the article is literally talking about this game on PC. Give your head a shake.
  • "No loot crate and all that crap"
  • I still have yet to play a game I like better than dark forces 2 Jedi knight. 
  • Me & my friends logged countless hours on the original versions on the 360. The only thing that wasn't very good was the flight mechanics of the starships in the space battles.
  • Also, why didn't call the new games by the sequential numbers?