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Star Wars Battlefront gets new map, mission and more in big update

Star Wars Battlefront fans on PC and Xbox One were treated to a pretty big update today that brought along a slew of changes, including a new map, a new mission and much more. The most notable addition is that new map, which is called Twilight on Hoth and is available to play in Walker Assault, Supremacy, Turning Point, Blast, Fighter Squadron, Drop Zone and Heroes vs. Villains.

The patch also includes a new film grain slider in the settings menu, along with a ton of weapon and Star Card balance changes. In fact, bug fixes and balance changes make up the majority of the patch across the board from vehicles and game modes to hero and mission changes.

The change log is absolutely massive, so we've only included some of the main highlights below. However, if you'd like to go over all of the changes in minute detail, you can view the official patch notes in full on the Star Wars Battlefront forums.

  • General: Jakku DLC Content is being patched into the game, downloading it separately via platform storefronts is no longer required and can be deleted from your hard drives
  • New Map: Twilight on Hoth added to Walker Assault, Supremacy, >- Turning Point, Blast, Fighter Squadron, Drop Zone, and Heroes vs. Villains
  • New Mission: Survival in the Ice Caves added to Survival Missions
  • Turning Point: Jundland Wastes, Forest of Endor, Outpost Beta, and SoroSuub Centroplex maps added to the playlist
  • Attract Mode: GNK Droid added - GONK!
  • Settings: Turning off music in the Sound menu now turns off music everywhere in the game
  • Settings: Added a Film Grain setting slider in the Video menu
  • Primary Weapons: Damage against air vehicles increased by 10%
  • A-Wing: Increased hit box size
  • General: Pre-Round timer lowered from 30s to 20s
  • General: Heroes no longer get stuck in a stunned animation state

Source: Star Wars Battlefront Forums

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  • Woo to the Hoo!
  • Sick! Pretty excited! Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • Hoping the PS4 gets this update also.
  • Got the update yesterday on the ps4 :)
  • This twilight on both map is gorgeous looking. Flying around in a snow storm in twilight with the moons out is pretty epic
  • Hoping that this fixes the audio issues on PC. I use 5.1 surround on my system and when it is set to that in the game, sometimes the maps will load with no sounds whatsoever and I have to restart the game to get the sound working again. Doesn't seem to have any issues in stereo mode.
  • Happens on Xbox One as well when you go to the dashboard and back into the game. Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • I have a serious problem with this game, I'm addicted!
  • How... You know i dont even ask how that is even possible . You cannot get addicted to basically nothing . Literally nothing. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Battlefront in 2 sentences : " ehm.. Phew. The graphics seem nice. Now lets play 'seek the content, and the depth, and the classes, and the team play, and the fun in dumbed down dying simulator 2015' " Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • That may be partly true, but that's what Battlefront is - a bit of casual fun. It's aimed at everyone, not those who spend all day every day playing and building unique weapon classes out of a million possible combinations. It's simple, and I enjoy picking it up to play for a few hours when I have time. Once you take out the different class system, surely it's the same as any other shooter in principle? The map content may not be huge, but the maps that are included are great fun to play on and they've been adding new ones for free to keep the game continuously changing recently.
  • Just enjoy the simplicity of it, given up on Battlefield and cod. My previous fav game was Titanfall
  • 2 kids, Full time Job tight budget exactly right game for me.
  • I think in the song it's 4 "CH"s
  • How to install window 10 on Lumia 535 plz tell anyone..............
  • Post it in the forums
  • Downloads Windows insider sign up to get preview builds choose your ring. Restart phone and check for updates.
  • That used to happen on Battefield, the loss of intial sound. Should have nailed that bug long ago. But this is EA.
  • Meh Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • They ****** up. Even if they add free content now the base game was the biggest "**** you" to gamers of all time, ever.
    And still ppl fail to see that Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Hyperbole much?
  • Nah.
  • Still no ONE PLAYER campaign, right?
  • Nope, online shooter only
  • This is the only real issue I have with the game. Those that complain about the amount of content or depth are basing those complaints on their own expectations. But this is a major piece of what should be there that is just missing.
  • Still no space battles.
  • Ah, but there's a Death Star DLC later this year that will probably remedy that, well, for those who want to pay anyway.
  • Yeah, and classic conquest, can't believe this game called Battlefront but doesn't feels like Battlefront
  • Is it still way too tough to win a game of Fighter Squadron when playing as the Empire unless you're up against a team of newcomers?