Star Wars Battlefront II physical sales drop 60 percent over first game in UK

STAR WARS Battlefront II
STAR WARS Battlefront II (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Star Wars Battlefront II recently launched worldwide, delivering the second entry to Electronic Arts' shooter series. And while some welcome improvements have been made over its predecessor, the narrative surrounding its launch has taken a negative turn, following widespread outrage over multiplayer systems and monetization routes.

As reported by, Star Wars Battlefront II's first-week physical sales have now surfaced in the UK, with lower figures than initially expected. First-week sales for the game (starting on Tuesday, November 14 for the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition (opens in new tab), followed by the Standard Edition (opens in new tab) on November 17) are down 61 percent, in contrast with the same launch period for its 2015 predecessor, Star Wars Battlefront. Sales for the game also fell significantly behind last year's EA blockbuster, Battlefield 1, racking up half the sales of the brutal WW1 shooter. This decline resulted in the game's debut on UK video game charts in second place, topped by Call of Duty: WWII.

Star Wars Battlefront II has been criticized for its approach to randomized loot crate systems.

Star Wars Battlefront II has been criticized for its approach to randomized loot crate systems.

A drop in physical sales has been seen for most major releases this year, as the industry continues to shift toward digital content distribution. This clearly accounts for a share of lost physical sales, however, selling less than half the units, it's hard not to attribute this to recent events. Outcry surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II's implementation of microtransactions became the defining aspect of its launch week – many choosing to pass on the game for its practices. Electronic Arts may have removed microtransactions at launch, but a negative view of the publisher remains.

It will be interesting to see how Star Wars Battlefront II sells going forward, once more data is available from other regions. With the theatrical release of "Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi" only a few weeks away, Battlefront II is bound to see wide appeal. However, the impact of strong monetization may have still tarnished an otherwise engaging shooter.

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  • Fingers crossed that it keeps going like this or even worst. That's already too high numbers imo.
  • Thats a real ****** attitude.  People will lose their jobs simply bcause of an edict from on high to add as many gambling opportunities as possible and the illthought over reaction of sheep like you who have jumped on the 'this game needs to be boycotted' bandwagon despite not playing it at all. A game boycott will just hurt people.  Buying the game but NOT taking part in the MT/Loot box system sends an unequivocal message that the gambling is not wanted, but a good SW game IS.
  • people lose their jobs because of bad management. welcome to capitalism. it isn't our job to make sure EA is doing what people want, it's EA's job.  I'm not buying any stupid game that has microtransactions. Screw that. No forza 7, no SW BF2, no shadow of war, etc. They want my money they can copy CDprojekt.   
  • Exactly, the majority give those people their jobs, the majority has spoken...nuff said.
  • No, it's not "nuff said". The people that will lose jobs are not the a**holes up top that decided to screw people over. It would be the people on the bottom. It's time we start holding executives accountable, and stop awarding them with golden parachutes when they f**k their company up or make huge errors like allowing data breaches.
  • +1
  • Curious tho...If there was no micro-transaction from the beginning, no, absolutely no plan about it.EA tells you in a interview (or someone calculated it) unlocking a hero will take roughly 30, 40 hours. How would you feel about the progression design?You bought the game, first unlocked Boba in 10 hours, then Darth 40 hours later, will you go "YES!" and happy slashing other player as Darth?
  • Haven't [purchased an EA game in years simply because I hate EA. Now EA has given me even more reasons to hate them. Well done EA you truly deserve all the abuse your getting. As for the employees, I do feel sorry for them. I know what its like to be out of a job. However like me they will move on.
  • Concequences of actions made by the decisions of the leaders of a company. That's what your complaining about btw. Don't blame consumers for the job loses at EA. Don't blame anyone but EA because at the end of the day there would be no boycot if there wasn't so many practises within the game. Locking the amount of credits a player can earn before they hit a wall. Locking the amount of credits a player can earn on their own, Locking heroes behind 40 hour grinds and the absurd benefits of the cards locked behind lootboxes... A system that purely benefits those who are willing to pay hundreds of pounds to gain a benefit so they can win purely based on their income and not their skill. There are so many shady things wrong with this game. And you're going to honestly turn around and blame the consumer for the losses EA are making? Are you beyond reasoning to look past your petty fanboying of a mediocre, at best, game that you can't understand that "NOT taking part in the MT/Loot box system" is not a good enough message because those who don't buy loot boxes are at a strict disadvantage to those who do. By not buying loot boxes your experience of the game dithers as well, if thats the case is there any point on getting the game when we don't like the concepts in the game? So please take your petty "You don't have to be so hard on EA i really like game also gamers who have morals are bad and are the problem not the game" and keep it to your self and your bad game. We will be over here watching it burn with marshmellows and celebration music. Wulfies
  • This isn't a good SW game. The way EA made it work its clearly a Pay to Win game and if you don't want to support Pay-To-Win then you shouldn't buy "Star Wars: Battlefront II" at all. Otherwise you are telling EA that you are OK to only play half a game for $60 and pay extra to play the rest.
  • Sorry I can't argue with you, you're way too far lost.
  • @Zybch People losing their job is unfortunate. But gamers shouldn't just accept to get screw by these major companies. You want to call people sheeps? On the contrary. People who makes a stand against anti-gaming policies by these major companies are nothing like sheeps They fight for gaming. It's the idiots who blindly and support these companies, and allow them to **** them who are the real sheeps. The sheeps are the one who can't tell us HOW MICROTRANSACTIONS is good for gamers and gaming. Buying the game would mean accepting to grind and get frustrated. Getting this game is accepting that you're playing people who paid to have advantage. Getting this game is accepting MT/loot box system.
  • Here's an idea and I'll send this suggestion to EA. How about EA produces a game and releases it in full for say $60. No micro transactions, no loot boxes etc just the whole game in full. Then maybe in the future create some map packs and sell them for $5 each as DLC... Might actually work ;) lol. I haven't purchased an EA game in so long I find it hysterical that people are actually up in arms about EA and their stupid Micro transactions lol. Don't you already know? EA is out to screw you for every penny they can get. They don't give a rats ass about the end user. All they care about is making a massive profit for the next share holders meeting. Support Indie developers and forget about the likes of EA!
  • Maybe EA gives SWBF the Mass Effect treatment  :P . Probably not though  , dat Disney  exclusivity licence. 
  • I imagine a lot of buyers cancelled once they read about the microtransactions thing
  • Utter disingenuious clickbait headline Matt.  Comparing sales of the more expensive edition of BF-II to sales of the regular standard edition of the first Battlefront game is just dishonest.
  • No. It covers all editions as they released last week. I just included that to note that sales started a couple days earlier, because of that edition. Amended the article to make that clearer (:
  • @Zybch Are you working at EA?
  • The game and it's developers deserve better sales. I'm glad the pay as you play has been turned off, but my understanding is that you don't have to pay for DLC and can progress in the game anyway. On the other hand, being a casual player, i'd find it impossible to enjoy any perks because I cannot sink the hours in. I get it that the first game didn't have enough to engage the pro players though, so you need it to be hard to progress. Interesting arguments both sides I think, but just seems that EA overreached themselves for that extra cash.
  • EA can't win whatever they do, charge for DLC and people complain, put in microtransactions but make DLC free and people still complain. I don't like microtransactions either but you can't have it both ways. Call me old fashioned but I thought that the whole point of buying a game was to play it and unlock these things to give you a sense of achievement no matter the grind to get them, the problem these days is that everyone wants things right away and aren't prepared to do what it takes to get them. If EA released a game with all the DLC and all characters unlocked immediately people would complain that there's no point playing it.
  • They could not... rely on their whole progression system being based on microtransactions and have it not be pay2win... You act like other games don't have microtransactions... Here are some successful games with microtransactions all from differnet publishers: CS:GO PLAYER UNKNOWNS: BATTLEGROUNDS RAINBOW SIX SIEGE OVERWATCH GHOST RECON:WILDLANDS (recently went multiplayer with microtransactions) DESTINY 1 & 2(not p2w) It can be done. Don't come at me acting like they did no wrong.
  • I know other games have microtransactions, Battlefield 3 has them as well and I just choose to ignore them. I suppose you want everything unlocked immediately then? That's why I said that EA can't win no matter what they do. I think this is being blown way out of proportion, if you don't like microtransactions then don't use them just play the game and earn the credits to unlock them instead.
  • But this time... you can't ignore them... You're capped on the amount of hourly credits you can get... its extremely slow to earn credits as skill doesn't = more credits and the most important problem... You can buy items that are directly tied to progression with real money. Therefor you can't ignore it... because when someone stomps you because of richness then you suffer for not being able or wanting to do the same.
  • How is that a problem exactly? I grew up with games that REQUIRED you to grind to get what you wanted so I have no problem with capped credits and that skill doesn't equal more credits, sounds more like a level playing field to me.
  • Wow... you didn't mention the fact you can just pay to pass the grind ONCE in your reply. Its like your ignoring the blaring obvious problem. YOU CAN PAY TO PASS THE GRIND WHILST OTHERS CAN'T OR DON'T WANT TO SUPPORT THAT PRACTICE. The whole issue is that ITS NOT a level playing field. YOU NEVER grew up on multiplayer games that you could just pay to surpass your competitors unless you was playing f2p games. You're being so disingenuous its unreal.
  • Why is that a problem, if people want to pay to bypass it then let them, it's their money. If you don't want to pay then be prepared for the grind.
  • Its a massive problem and I can't believe you just said that. "Pay2Win should be a feature in games" Great point there -.- Pay2Win games die the fastest because theres no point in commiting to a game that someone who is rich enough to pour thousands into a game will always win. No skill required. Companies major benefits are these 'Whales' and disregard all other players making a playing field where the majority stomp the minority based on their income. Within a short timespan you are left with a game with little playerbase consisting of players that pay... may the richest man win. And before you say "Wheres your evidence" look at the graveyard of MMORPG'S that took the P2W approach and the dying breeds that are still struggling to keep relevant. The EXACT same way battlefront 2 is going. And its players like you that kill these games by promoting this rancid practise. Congrats on being a part of the problem of recent games being built around loot boxes instead of the enjoyment of players (Even in singleplayer games)
  • Stop putting words into my mouth, I never said anything of the sort. I fail to see how this is such a massive problem, just don't use the microtransactions. You seem to want level playing field but then state that more skill should equal more credits!!!!!
  • You said everything of the sort when you said "if people want to pay to bypass it then let them, it's their money. If you don't want to pay then be prepared for the grind." But going onto your example... If everyone grinds thats great... games are about skill and you should get rewarded for playing well. Thus the grind is smaller... VS paying for it... One is earned one isn't. Difference. Where exactly does your argument not sound hypocritical? "I want everyone to earn the same... I want people to be able to pay to not earn the same"... It would make sense if you was an EA employee but your not so it baffles me.
  • How much do you make per month being an EA troll?
  • I don't think you get it...The game was broken, because EA made it where the people with decent skill were getting clobbered by people with crappy skill, and big bank accounts. Traditional gameplay and grinding wasn't enough for most people to compete against people who used 'daddy's credit card,' and instantly bought huge buffs. Its the equvilant of lets say... instead of people kicking your butt with skill, and earning nukes on COD, they instead would just be buying nukes, and simply beating you because their bank account was bigger than yours. Just imagine how outraged Street Fighter fans would be if the next game people could just instantly buy fast fireballs, with x5 damage, and 10 healthbars. The game would fail instantly! This is why so many people were mad at this business practice, in high profile games, as 'PAY TO WIN' competitively brakes them. EA knows that, but put it in anyway, because of greed!  
  • Yes but you didn't grew with games that required you an insane amount of grind just so that you would be tempted out of frustration to pay to skip it. What's the point of not rewarding good players and give an incentive for weak ones to improve. Also multiplayer and Pay-to-win can't go along in any game and even less in a 60$ one. The free DLC is just BS to justify MT. A lot of players wouldn't buy them or the season pass anymore with the experience that we all have with this practice in previous games. The attach rate is probably dropping therefore they are moving away from paid DLCs.
  • Is 40 hours a hero too slow? Even faster if you got lucky... What IF, If there was no micro-transaction from the beginning, no, absolutely no plan about it.
    Will you fell ok about the progression?
  • This.
  • Same thing with destiny 2 then we realize a week later they hsve 150% fights sakes improvement. Non story
  • Get rekt greedy bastards. Hope it sells terribly.
  • I bet you would be the first one to complain when there are no new Star Wars Battlefront Games though!!!!
  • EA Cancelled a singleplayer starwars game FYI... Rumour from an employee says... its because they couldn't easily put microtransactions in it. Ironic huh?
  • Any proof to go with that awesome story?
  • There you go buddy :) Now worship EA's destruction of viscerals star wars game you will never experience :) EDIT: Added another link for you ;)
  • Gamestop is doing poorly because they are the EA of gaming stores. Overcharge your customer at every turn any they will Amazon and eBay you out of business.
  • Don't forget that supermarkets also sell games, at substantially lower prices than high street games stores as well.
  • I've enjoyed the game all weekend :) 
  • The game is really fun! I can understand some complaints but the way the internet raged over this first world issue is beyond sad and is telling of the society we live in... 
  • Exactly what I was thinking, it's sad to think that this is the only issue in the lives of some people.
  • So what if its a first world issue? Your in a hobby that is a first world hobby and people are passionate about their hobbys. You like the lower rates of earning things? Thank Reddit You like the fact theres currently no pay 2 win temporarily? Thank the outrage You like the fact that the game wasn't released with major flaws from the Beta? Thank the skepticism I'll get off the high horse there but you forget to realise you're part of a community that wanted the game to do well. If we didn't... there wouldn't be the outrage. People are sick of EA using much loved IP's as just expendable cash grabs.and people are extremely upset that Star Wars was used as a "Lets see how much dirty practise we can get by purely because of the franchise"... You need to understand that the reason people are boycotting star wars because we can't believe exactly what EA did to it... its disrespectful at best.
  • By the tone of your comment I would guess you are a Millennial, am I right?
  • Ad-Hominem but No im not. Sorry to dissapoint I've been around longer than that :) No offense though, Your profile pic makes you look young... like a millennial... tbh If you're older take it as a compliment :)
  • Actually I am older, so thanks. We will have to agree to disagree. I don't like microtransactions either but the point is they are in there so we all have to suck it up and get on with life.
  • Or not buy it... which is the reason for this whole mess. Each to their own i guess.
  • @neo158 That's the funny part. You don't like microtransactions but you are indirectly defending it. I don't know if you're implying that people complaining are millennials. As far as I see it's probably the opposite. People who have been around for a longer time knows about how these things can change gaming. I hope this is a turning point for gaming. Also it's funny how you guys are complaining that gamers are fighting for the survival of their hobby. Why are you guys bothered/upset that gamers fight for gaming? 
  • Digital sales numbers are needed to paint the whole picture.
  • Exactly, physical copies of games are in decline anyway.
  • Physical sales are compared to physical sales. The first was out just 2 years back.
  • Despite being a big Star Wars fan, I passed on the game this weekend. Firstly, I'm simply not willing to pay that sort of money and have the experience cut back to tempt me into spending more. I'd rather pay more up front for the whole package. Secondly, when I play a game based on a significant franchise, I want realism, not childish crates and spinning gambling opportunities. Its a sell out. When I compare the quality of brand protection to the say, the Batman Arkham series, its dissapointing. Yes Arkham Knight had DLC's and expansions, but they sat outside of the complete core game. I'll wait for some reviews/value of the single player campaign before I decide on BFII in the long term, but the microtransation formula has pretty much stopped me from bothering with a lot of multiplayer games.      
  • So here's the deal. As a fan of Star Wars and a fan of Battlefront. I had Pre-ordered the game. I even signed up for EA Access to get 10 hours of gameplay in before really going into the game and playing it. My issue is this. I have no problems with locking things with credits. For most games skill unlocks these additional levels and lets you choose which type of character that you want to be and how you want to progress through the game. The issue with BF2 is this everything extra that has to do with boosting the characters weapons, ships, and heroes is locked behind Loot Boxes. There is no choice behind how you progress. It's all random. While Loot Boxes for Cosmetic aspects are fine locking all boosts behind loot boxes is a regrettable decision. So I cancelled my pre-order. I'll wait until I see better actions out of the industry before I buy any more games with Loot Boxes and microtransactions.
  • I hope Microsoft learns a lesson from this failed attempt of monetization of in game content and wont do same mistake with their 1st party games. Monetization = yes
    Lootboxes = no no!
  • In H5 warzone, sure, similar problem.
    In H5 fire fight, it's actually fun sending out your biggest gun eliminate enemy forces. Coop is a bit different I think. Just curious tho...If there was no micro-transaction from the beginning, no, absolutely no plan about it.EA tells you in a interview (or someone calculated it) unlocking a hero will take roughly 30, 40 hours. How would you feel about the progression design?You bought the game, first unlocked Boba in 10 hours, then Darth 40 hours later, will you go "YES!" and happy slashing other player as Darth?
  • Likely everyone complaining about microtransactions has purchased content in some game or another.
    I feel this article and many similar articles leave out that this is part of a transition to digital. By leaving that key part out, the premise is that the game is selling poorly.
    I love the game and rarely buy in-game content.
  • "Likely everyone complaining about microtransactions has purchased content in some game or another." Nope you're wrong there. I NEVER and will NEVER buy any bs microtransaction.
  • To be honest I think most people have passed on the game because the first one was so...bad. The whole loot crate debacle won't have helped either.
  • I bought a game that has free dlc and options to buy upgrades faster. In the same game that I have not purchased in game microtransaction boosts, those who buy loot crates still get rekt. It's annoying to hear pay 2 win when it is not. It's more pay 2 progress faster.
    EA has fixed or improved almost everything from the first BF, but the loot crates and hero locks. Btw, Rainbow Six Siege also has content locked behind a pay wall, but these gamers only like to hate on certain games and certain game development companies.
  • " but these gamers only like to hate on certain games and certain game development companies." All you're doing is that damage control bs for a certain company. Can you tell me how microtransactions and loot box are good to gamers and gaming? Personally I'll trash ALL companies doing this.
  • Activision, MS, Ubisoft... all others. See this. This could be what happens to your next game if you implement that bs. It doesn't matter how big of a franchise it is. It doesn't matter if it is Star Wars.  You guys should think about a sustainable business instead of greed...
  • If there was no micro-transaction from the beginning, how would you feel about the progression design? Is 20 minutes a hero a better design?
  • In a free2play model, excessive grinding is implemented into the game to frustrate players into paying money. You can look up "free to play psychology".
    I've provided enough links about it and how it works. I could provide more but I doubt you'll read and educate yourself. NONE of you can tell me how this is good for gaming. I don't think there is any way you this can be defended if we keep gaming as the priority. I think I know why you and some other people try to defend it...
    I think you're defending this because MS's strategy is MT, loot boxes and games as a service.
  • Star Wars, Battlefield, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, All ruined by EA, And you can bet your sweet ass Titanfall is next.