Star Wars Battlefront II update boosts earned credits and more

Following the recent controversy over EA's handling of loot crates and the progression system in Star Wars Battlefront II, EA is rolling out some of the first changes meant to address player concerns. The adjustments are just the start, EA says in a new blog post, but they should work to increase the credit haul for players.

The biggest boon to is players is an overall increase in end-of-round credit payouts. And while the number of credits rewarded to everyone is going up, the top players on each team will see an even bigger boost. That's in addition to an increase of the daily credit cap in Arcade Mode, tripling it to 1,500 credits per day. Daily login crates will also now include more crafting parts than before, EA says.

You'll notice the change right away when you log in. Crafting the Star Cards you want will help make sure you're progressing in the direction you want, and we absolutely want to empower that. This should help you get where you want to go faster when it comes to crafting and upgrading.

These changes are rolling out now to everyone with an update. And for players hoping for more, EA says that these are "only some initial steps toward making much larger changes." This follows EA's choice to drop micropayments altogether ahead of Star Wars Battlefront II's full launch after the fierce backlash from players over the progression system. If EA's latest update is anything to go by, expect bigger changes to hit in the future.

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  • Get rid of the dang crates!!
  • #Truth
  • There's not really anything wrong with RNG loot, it's been a thing for years. It's the paying for it that sucks.
  • I agree.  I actually like a little RNG loot in games, especially for cosmetic stuff.  And I am even ok with allowing users to buy cosmetic stuff, just not through a random loot box.  That is too much like gambling, which doesn't belong in video games IMO.  Uncharted 4 did this pretty well.  Random loot for all cosmetic stuff like outfits and taunts, but also allowed you to buy that same stuff with real money if you didn't want to have to rely on a little luck.
  • Man, they couldn't have done this two days ago? Ending rounds with 100-150 credits was sucking.
  • when is the big price cut for the holidays?
  • Is the game any good? I was going to blow it off altogether because of the loot crate snafu making pvp unbalanced, but if the solo campaigns are good I may pick it up in 6 months - a year when the price is more justifiable.
  • I'm enjoying it. Only on the 4th mission of SP (it is beautiful on the X1X), and about 10 hours in on MP. Much better than the first one, but I didn't hate that one either.
  • Wait for it to hit the EA Access Vault and just pay 1 month when it's here.