Stardew Valley's multiplayer update will let you marry your real-life pals

Stardew Valley developer Chucklefish is hard at work on the game's multiplayer and has provided an update on what players can expect. In a new blog post, the developer provides a bit of insight into how multiplayer will work, but there's one tidbit that's sure to garner attention: player marriage.

Chucklefish confirms that it is working on a way to let you get hitched to your pals' avatars in-game.

A lot of players have requested player-to-player marriage. It's an idea we like a lot, and want to make available as a feature. Player-to-player marriage won't use the mermaid pendant, but rather an alternative method that requires a similar amount of effort to wooing an NPC. We're still working out what that will be.

Multiplayer in Stardew Valley will ultimately allow up to four people to play together, but only online. There's no plan to support local multiplayer, split-screen, or PVP, Chucklefish says.

In multiplayer, the other players will work as your farmhands, living in cabins on the farm that are placed shortly after the game is started. Each player will have their own inventory and "can do almost anything the main player can do." That said, some decisions, like when to sleep and when to start and end a festival, can only be made by the main player.

That said, players will be waiting quite a while for multiplayer, it seems. Chucklefish says it is expecting to beta test the feature at the end of the year for Steam users. The patch will then be released in early 2018 as version 1.3 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Xbox One and other consoles will get the patch as well, but it will hit the Nintendo Switch first, Chucklefish says.

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