State of Decay 2 celebrates 2-year anniversary with new content pack

State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2 (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • State of Decay 2 is a zombie survival game.
  • To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, Undead Labs released a new content pack.
  • You can download the game through Xbox Game Pass.

To celebrate State of Decay 2's 2nd anniversary, developer Undead Labs has released a new content pack alongside some bug and gameplay fixes. Because why not escape from the real-life pandemic and try to survive the zombie apocalypse instead?

The anniversary pack includes eight new weapons, four new outfits, a new hat, a new vehicle, and a new facility mod.

  • Safari Razorback .44
  • F45 Tactical
  • AKS-74U Valentine
  • Ancestral Talwar
  • Heirloom Khanda
  • Industrial Wrench
  • Beetle Mallet
  • Brick Hammer
  • Logo Ninja Hoodie
  • Undead Green Cattleman Hat
  • Sand Shark Hoodie
  • Brown Logo Combat Tee
  • Red Talon Bomber Jacket
  • Trumbull 4x4
  • Anniversary Cake Oven

Players will also find this update added increased speeds for reloading firearms and refueling and repairing vehicles, improvements to follow AI in combat, improvements to combat with Juggernauts, new community events, and adjustments to mission pacing. You can read the full patch notes over on State of Decay's website.

State of Decay 2 is included with Xbox Game Pass, so anyone subscribing to the service can hop into the game today without spending a dime.

Jennifer Locke

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