State of Decay 2 receives a massive 2.0 update adding tons of free content

State of Decay
State of Decay (Image credit: Microsoft)

Today, Microsoft unveiled the Independence Pack for State of Decay 2, adding a bunch of Independence Day-themed items and content to the game for $4.99, or free as part of the Ultimate Edition.

Additionally, State of Decay 2 has received a massive 7.15GB update across PC and Xbox, piling on tons of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and a load of new ambient missions and narrative content. The full patch notes are listed below.

Since Microsoft revealed that the game has now served over three million players, it's awesome to see Undead Labs (now officially part of Microsoft) continue to support the game this way. The future for State of Decay 2 is looking bright indeed.

New Content

  • "Revolutionary War" zombies can now appear in the world. Who knew there were so many history buffs in town right when the outbreak occurred?
  • 20 new missions now available to players:
    • 10 ambient missions, which can occur as players explore the map.
    • 7 enclave missions, expanding the stories that can be told about neighboring groups.
    • 3 community missions, offering new options for your group to solve crucial problems.
  • New Red Talon & Network weapons added to the game:
    • Danforth Slugger (a lead-filled baseball bat).
    • Trumbull Gatekeeper (a lovingly improved model 70).
    • RTX Extermination Blade (a military-grade zombie fightin' blade).
    • RTX Cyclone (a fully automatic 12 gauge pistol).
    • RTX Rampart (a Vulture .44 with automatic fire, able to stop a charging juggernaut).
  • Previous Red Talon weapons have been rebranded as RTX and given new coats of paint:
    • SOCOM II RT is now the "RTX Hordebreaker".
    • Scar-H RT is now the "RTX Stormbringer".
    • Vector Ultracompact RT is now the "RTX Piranha".
  • A new "Rare Books" trader can appear every few game days, with the following new skill books available for the low low price of 1500 Influence: Driving, Lichenology, Fishing, Scrum Master.

Game Improvements:


  • Added a new jog animation for human characters.
  • Polished the "walk to run" and "run to walk" transition animations.
  • Additional improvements to doors so that their state matches their appearance.
  • Added a "Confirm" option before euthanizing community members.
  • Additional improvements to mounting of ladders, including better interaction when player is strafing and interaction from the tops of ladders.
  • Juggernaut modifications:
    • Ground slam collision volume has been reduced by roughly 25%.
    • Added a half-second cooldown to the juggernaut's initiation of its finishing move.
    • Players can start a finishing move earlier in a juggernaut's stagger animation.
  • Weapon Changes:
    • B50FG weight has been increased to 28.5 (up from 12 lbs).
    • Model 99-50 Magazine now holds 3 rounds (down from 5).
    • M9950 Timberwolf Magazine now holds 4 rounds (down from 7).
    • B50FG Magazine now holds 5 rounds (down from 12).
    • A .50 cal weapon can no longer take down a plague heart without at least one reload, or other tools being brought to bear against it. Without using other tools, it now takes 6 shots from a .50 cal weapon to take down a plague heart (up from 3).
    • Other drum-mag weapons which erroneously had no additional weight for their drum-magazines have had their weight increased (SOCOM II and RTX Hordebreaker, Operator's M4A1, DEVGRU X12 Infiltrator, and RTX Stormbringer).
  • Sniper Towers now count as Watchtowers for Morale purposes.
  • Changed the weight of several luxury items so that their weight better matches the quality of their manufacturing.


  • Added a toggle in the Video options menu on both PC and Xbox that allows players to control the amount of motion blur seen in game.

Bug Fixes


  • Game no longer crashes when player enters a car after calling in a drone strike.
  • Fix a rare crash that could occur during loading screen (affected roughly 1% of users).


  • Fixed a number of softlocks and crashes happening when players were joining and exiting multiplayer sessions.
  • Players will no longer softlock if their console is disconnected from the network while joining a multiplayer match.
  • Fixed desync issue that caused rubberbanding of zombie on client's machine if host moved with a grappled zombie.
  • Fixed issue with supply lockers sometimes not being visible at homesites in co-op.
  • Fixed issue where host's facilities would occasionally turn invisible to clients.
  • When the player suspends the app during a multiplayer session on UWP, they will now be disconnected instead of being allowed to move around and interact with the world.
  • Fixed an issue where players had to move the stick/use input on D-pad twice before the highlighted selection would move when selecting an active character in the Multiplayer Character Selection screen.


  • Game now pauses when controller becomes disconnected during single-player sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where players could lose scroll functionality when initially opening or scrolling to the bottom of the Remap Controls settings.
  • Fixed a bug on Xbox where the Exit Vehicle prompt would default to show "Y" even when it had already been mapped to another button.


  • Removed performance dip when player walks into the smoke created by a smoke grenade.
  • Removed FPS drop when opening the Community Menu on Xbox One before returning to active gameplay.
  • Removed FPS drop when repeatedly firing B50FG.
  • Removed FPS drop when breaking the windows at the Quonset Hut in Whitney Junction.
  • Removed FPS drop when holding up on the right stick on a fully zoomed map screen.


  • The Magnum Ammo Press facility mod now correctly produces .357 and .44 ammo (a bug was connecting the press to .50 and 40mm ammo).
  • Fixed issue with euthanization scene replacing the player's equipped gun with a G17 pistol.
  • Prepper's 10/22 now has a weight of 7 lbs.
  • Fixed a number of instances where zombies stopped attacking players if players were in specific locations.
  • Zombies that have no arms are no longer able to scale fences and walls.
  • Fixed issue where some facilities that were in disrepair continued to provide benefits to the community as if they were in working order.
  • Ferals and juggernauts now have the ability to kill NPCs with their special attacks.
  • Juggernaut "execution attack" can now correctly kill survivors that have a ton of different max health buffs simultaneously applied.
  • A feral attached to a vehicle a player is driving no longer instantly dies when the player jumps out of the vehicle.
  • Players can no longer initiate a stealth takedown on aggroed zombies.
  • Morale bonus effects now update immediately on the community morale screen.
  • Bandaging action is now interruptable by melee attacks.
  • Updated out-of-date text on Pharmacology and Pathology skill specialties. Pharmacology is about crafting strong painkillers and bonus recovery items, while Pathology focuses on plague cure and infection treatment.
  • Dead bodies no longer accumulate forever during long play sessions.


  • Fixed a number of issues that prevented legacy missions from completing.
  • Fixed a number of instances where NPC VO was playing at the incorrect time or repeating itself.


  • Fixed a multitude of instances where players could get stuck on terrain or objects and require radio assistance to get unstuck.
  • Fixed markup on numerous objects that were either preventing players from climbing on them or allowing players to enter areas where they shouldn't be.
  • Removed a number of invisible objects that were obstructing player or vehicle movement.
  • Fixed LOD issues on a multitude of static objects across all 3 maps.
  • Removed multiple instances of floating textures and exposed seams in the world.
  • Performed a clipping pass and a general aesthetic polish pass on environment visuals .


  • Fixed physics in a number of instances where vehicles would become stuck in animation loops after a collision or rolling over.
  • Players can no longer enter vehicles that are about to explode.
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