State of the Mobile Nations Survey - What's Your Next Tablet?

The tablet wars are heating up! Apple is getting set to announce the iPad 3 next month. BlackBerry is going to release a major PlayBook OS update any day. The Kindle Fire is hot as is the Transformer Prime (opens in new tab) in a sea of Android tablets. And Windows 8 tablets are getting ready to enter the battle.

With so much going on we wanted to take a moment and find out where you weigh in on the tablet wars. We have five quick questions (and one bonus) that will take you less than a minute. Hit the link below.

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Why in God's name someone would pick anything over a Win8 tablet is beyond me. It's a full PC and a tablet in one.
  • i agree, only thing (or at least only problem) i can see happening is the regular users might have a bit of hard time walking over that learning curve
  • That is exactly what kills products...inpatient and inexperience users...WINDOWS 8 TABLET all the way..cant beat a full is tablet...just hope the price is right..if not im still
  • I'll definitely go with Windows 8!! But Apple zombies don't think, they buy whatever crApple does and believe it's the best thing in the world even though they have no argument to support their opinion except "it's shiny"... What's scaring me right now is that all the good tv series in the US right now are being paid by crApple to put iPhones and iPads all over the place. It ruins the story because characters are on the phone when they shouldn't and have conversations about iPads for no good reasons. I hate it when writers accept to not only show products in their tv shows or movies but also accept to modify their stories in order to be able to fit more publicity into it. There are at least 6 tv series that got ruined in the last month because they started to do crApple publicities in every episode. So all those TV Zombies and Apple Zombies are starting to believe that iPads is the best thing because some character that would never own an iPad if he really existed said he likes it. Grrrrrrr!
  • Well what will Nokia do?
  • Yes, I will take a Nokia 8 tab!
  • Exactly
  • Done and done.  Can't wait for Win8 tabs and Phone 8!
  • Windows 8 tablet all the way, be it a WOA or Intel based.
  • Windows 8! I love the MetroUI!
    Would buy the Samsung XE700, but in Europe/Germany its too expensive! I hope the price will drop atleast 150-200 euro!
  • Apple has its fanboys and girls droid is like sand in every little crack and cranny and the play what. Window 8 is going to be spectacular metro and 3 screens its going to be great.
  • I'll probably get an intel tablet in a couple of years, despite the much shorter battery life, if there comes one with an external graphics/HDD dock, just for the opportunity to play Civilization 4 and Dawn of War II/II on it
  • iPad 3! I don't get it! Why does everybody want w8 tablet, phone or pc? I have been working with windows for years now and i have made myself a list of things how to speed up windows.. You don't need to speed up iPad! Never! And if anybody thinks that w8 will be fast, i can tell you: they won't be fast after a year. Believe me. I know exacly how it works..
  • I don't get why everyone wants iPads. All they are, are just large versions of the iPhone. People will wants Win8 tablets, because they are real tablets. Oh, and you have tried and tested one of the win8 tablets to make that assumption have you?
  • Since you've been working with windows for a year and consider yourself to be an expert with your list of things to do, why would your system be slow after a year??? You're supposed to more knowledgeable than an average  consumer, so your system should alway be efficient and free of bloatware. It's bloatware and third party software that slows down many windows machines, along with uninformed users. I don't run anti-viruses on my systems and in the last 6 years, I've only have a virus once! and that was due to my kid getting on my system while I was at work!!! Shut your pie-hole wanna be!!!!
  • Why u on a windows site lol posting about apple
  • Win8 all the way. A friend of mine has an iPad. I don't care for it.
  • A Window 8 tablet for me. If I'm going to shell out an iPad-sized lump of cash or more, the blasted thing better be able to run all the software I already own. My next phone will have Windows Phone 8 on it. Right now there is no phone compelling enough for me to upgrade from HD7, especially the way many current higher end models are skimping on storage memory. 8 MB, puh-leeze.
  • Windows 8 tablet FTW.
  • I want a Nokia Tablet that looks along the line of a Lumia 800
  • Pipe dream... But yeah I'd buy that :D
  • Windows 8 seems interesting as a new concern from webos i am liking the system and am excited for a new face in the market but i still am in love with my touch pad even if webos has gone the android route.
  • Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phone forever! Still love my mac though.
  • My company has iPads and iPad2s collecting dust.  I bought the family an iPad2, but nobody used it and I ended up returning it before the 2 week return policy was up.
    There are things Windows can do that iOS and Android can't that we want on a tablet, so we're holding out for a Win 8 tablet now.  However, the longer I go without the harder time I have not jumping on the Acer Iconoia.
  • If you DO make an Android jump, the Iconia A500 is not the way to go.  I found the screen so bad it was frightening.  You would be better to spend a little more money on an ASUS Transformer.  The display is much better.
    That being said, I'm holding out for a Windows 8 tablet of the Intel variety, with either a keyboard dock or attachment like the Iconia.
  • Actually, I was looking at their W500 which runs Win 7.  Seems to be reviewed well, and I see a number of people putting the Win 8 developer preview on it.
  • I'm excited for Windows 8 because it should finally be possible to have a device with a full desktop level OS that acts as a tablet, a laptop with some sort of dock , and a desktop with some sort of dock. MS should definitely sell copies of W8 for arm just like they do for x86 so hopefully I can have Windows 8 dual booting with WebOS on my Touchpad.
  • I've been looking at tablets for quite some time. I really don't like the iPad products so I was looking at Android. I tried pretty much all of them and even though I found the transformer to be the best hardware wise I was disappointed with the OS and that includes ICS. I've decided to wait for Windows8 and I'm expecting that there will be an ASUS Transformer that will run it so that I can use it as a netbook too. I'm also hoping that the ARM version will be Metro only as I'd like to have a smaller tablet for travel too.
  • i'm waiting on a transormer prime with win8 to come to merket. yeah that!!
  • Win8 all the way. I can't wait to be able to do all my CADD design work on a tablet and then play X-Box live games and then use a full version of Office then surf a plug-in free internet. The full Windows experience with the LARGEST app market in the world can't be beat.
  • Definitely win 8! Can't wait to start organising my business on that thing! Its gonna do a hell of a lot more than what any other tablet can offer!
  • I don't like the survey because it doesn't allow multiple choices for the smartphone and tablet categories.  I have 3 smartphones (Windows Phone OS, Android OS, webOS) and 2 tablets (HP TouchPad, RIM Blackberry Playbook, plus an Apple iPod Touch in the mini, mini tablet category) and I can't vote for all of them!
    I'm definitely looking forward to Windows 8 on tablets, especially with a ASUS Transformer-like detachable/attachable keyboard dock.
  • Windows 8! Enough said.
  • I don't need a tablet. My titan does it all! IPhone users need tablets because their screen is too small;-)
  • I'm in the same boat. I still don't see where they fit in the market beyond just being a slick toy. I've said since the beginning id love one as a gift but id never spend the money on one. At least not yet. Maybe win8 will change that.
  • If the hardware spec and build quality are right (e.g. ASUS Transformer Prime) a Windows 8 tablet is a no-brainer...
  • 2012/2013 Windows 8 on ARM;
    2013/2014 Windows 8 x86 AMD SoC
  • I already have a Win7 tablet. can't wait to load Win8 on this thing (or better yet, get a new tablet that's sleeker and lighter than my current one).