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Emergency Kit, a first aid guide for your Windows Phone 8 device

One benefit of staying healthy and fit during Fitness Month and beyond is being better prepared in dealing with emergency situations that may jeopardize your health and well being. Emergency Kit for Windows Phone 8 is designed to help you make it through the these times of crisis by providing emergency first aid information.

The Kit contains information on how to respond to allergic reactions, snake bites, broken bones and even how to jump start your vehicle. Emergency Kit is a little on the condensed side but has some nice features.

When you first launch Emergency Kit you are prompted to complete your emergency profile which contains not only your contact information but also any medical alerts. You can also add emergency contacts that can be dialed from the app's main page.

Once your profile is set, you will have access to the other pages of Emergency Kit which includes:

Utilities Page: This page has a selection of utilities that includes a Share My Location tool that will let send your GPS location via SMS or email, activate your Windows Phone screen as an emergency light, activate a siren alarm, send SOS via screen flashes or audible beeps, and purchase the Unlock Features for the app.

First Aid Information Page: This page will provide you with details on tackling various first aid issues that includes CPR, Poison response, and excessive bleeding. The page also contains information on jump starting your car, building a first aid kit and Global emergency services telephone numbers.

The Unlock Features is an in-app purchase that is running $1.29 and lets you add a PIN number to your notes. It adds a layer of security to sensitive medical and personal information that you can store within Emergency Kit. Another nice feature with the Unlock Features add on is that you can set your profile to be used as your lockscreen. You'll have to do this through your Windows Phone settings but it acts similar to a medical alert bands by displaying any allergies, medical conditions, etc. that you may have.

Overall, Emergency Kit is a nice app but a little on the brief side.  It would have been nice to have seen more first aid topics listed or maybe links to first aid/medical websites. I liked the location sharing feature and if you're so inclined to buy the Unlock Features add-on, the lockscreen integration is also nice.  Emergency Kit has potential and is a step in the right direction but needs more beef to it.

Emergency Kit is a free Windows Phone 8 app that you can find here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone The Unlocked Features add-on is running $1.29 and can be purchased within the app itself.

QR: Emergency Kit

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I've had this for a while, and it worked fine, even allowing the first 2 emergency numbers to be called directly from the lock screen. Since Portico, the numbers are still displayed, but they can't be called. Kind of stupid if you've got a password on the phone...
  • Another useless stupid app!
  • Being able to have possibly important medical info at hand is useless? I'd hate to see what you consider useful.
  • Ha, maybe for you! I'm downloading this right now, this kind of app could be potentially invaluable.
    Thanks for bringing this app to light WPCentral =]
  • smh
  • I can see this as being an extremely useful app for someone who has a medical condition. Imagine if the app lets you list things that are wrong with you, medicines that your allergic to, and contact information all from the lock screen. If someone gets a heart attack medical responders usually get a persons phone to try and get contact information for a family member. Now imagine them turning on the screen and seeing all this information about them in the lock screen. Older people might benefit from this app a lot.
  • It is quite a neat App although limited when it comes to be useful if the owner is incapacitated him-/herself. The lock screen functionality need to be expanded. In its current state one can only activate the lock screen function but there is no way to modify what exactly is being displayed. By standard it uses the name and picture of the owner, as well as the first two specified contacts and their numbers but do not displays their relation to the owner.
    Also the live tile could use some additinal work, displaying more information and even use the backside.
    It would also be great to have a function to create a Wallpaper that can be used as screen for the kids corner and it should provide a standard wallpaper that makes others aware of swiping to the left on the lock screen for more emergency information's on the owner - or integrated into the lock screen ID. Just a little creative alternative use for the kids corner in case the phone is password protected. ;)
    But other than that, the App is fast and it comes in handy to have emergency procedures at hand.
  • I'm "owning" this one.  Thanks George.
  • I've had it in all day, and my battery has been draining like crazy, but it only uses location from what i sew. I don't see it showing in the background tasks. I could be crazy though. Its extremely possible!
  • Nothing for 7.x users here ,, Moving on.........
  • There is. Did you scan the QR code on here? 
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