SteamVR coming to Windows Mixed Reality on November 15

WMR HP HMD (Image credit: Windows Central)

When Microsoft first announced that Valve's SteamVR was coming to Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), it only gave a general "holiday" timeframe for release. Now we know exactly when to expect its arrival: November 15.

According to Rolling Stone, that's when the preview program for SteamVR on WMR will open up from developers to anyone with a WMR headset. In other words, if you picked up one of the recently launched headsets from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, or Acer, then you'll be able to check out some of Steam's library of VR games.

Microsoft already has some Windows Mixed Reality games available, but opening up SteamVR to everyone will bring a wealth of popular titles to the platform. Some of those include Fallout 4 VR, Job Simulator, Space Pirate, and more. The preview will act as a sort of open beta, so it's unlikely that everything offered by SteamVR will be ready for primetime right away.

Windows Mixed Reality launched alongside the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in mid-October. With support for a number of affordable headsets from partners, the platform brings support for mixed reality and virtual reality experiences built directly into Windows 10.

This is how every Windows Mixed Reality headset stacks up against each other

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • awesome!  so many awesome VR titles on steam! the second best selling game is a benchmark tool! that's how you know they're all good! 
  • You think you're being edgy and snarky. But you just look silly.
  • I think you over estimate my opinions of myself.  silly was what i was going for. snarky is petty. 
  • I got it and I liked it :). 
  • Woot!
  • It will have to get a lot better than it is currently. The windows mixed really stuff runs well, but the stuff that runs through steam it's very rough.
  • Windows Mixed Reality has been a dumpster fire for me this past week. I have no idea what's changed but the headset reboots three times before I can use it, and if I try to use screenshot or built in video recording that results in a crash and reboot maybe 50% of the time. Adding in Steam...I'm hyped. But I can also see there being problems.
  • Sounds like a USB issue. Seriously, I've had the same problem as you. Try another USB port (hopefully on a different controller). My USB3 port I first tried caused this (I assume not quite enough power). My USB3.1 port I now use however works great.
  • Hmmm will try, thanks. I do have a habit of connecting it to the same one (closest one to my HDMI output on graphics card.)
  • Yea, just what I did initially, closest to the HDMI. That was not good though. My theory is that these headsets draw max power from the USB connection right at the limit, and won't tolerate much variance. My logic was that the high speed 3.1 ports would be higher spec for power and so would not be operating on the edge. Now mine does not reboot the headset at all, perfectly stable. If you can't get a good connection at all, one option might be a powered USB3 hub.
  • USB 3 can work obviously but Microsoft recommends using a USB 2.0 port
  • No they don't. They recommend using a USB2 port for the Bluetooth dongle to connect to the controllers (every 2.4GHz transmitter should avoid USB3 due to the 2.4GHz band interference USB3 manages to kick out). The wired connection from headset to USB MUST use USB3 (or 3.1 of course) and absolutely WILL NOT WORK WITH USB2.
  • Sorry, I thought you were talking about the Bluetooth dongle
  • I thought so, but I had to make it clear before misunderstanding took root. Could be because I used the term 'controller' in one post but I was talking about the internal controller for the USB ports, not the VR handheld controllers. Sorry to confuse.
  • Way to kill my excitement for this news.
  • I'm going to grab one of these late this year or early next year - Hopefully bugs get ironed out a bit. It was either one of these or an Xbox One X and I opted for the Xbox - I'm sure if the One X had launched with VR support I'd have found the money for both lol
  • Imagine though if they add in VR support. Next year you can use VR on both your PC and Xbox.
  • Nice to see my post about this in the MR forum has been picked up so swiftly by WC. This is the third time in as many weeks. You guys are very on the ball these days.
  • I thought Fallout 4 was Vive exclusive. If it will be available to WMR, I will 100% be buying the Samsung HMD
  • Awesome news and good timing since the shipping label for my Samsung Odyssey was just created. For anyone experiencing flakiness with the controllers it is mostly like either a USB or a Bluetooth issues. See the Miscrosoft troubleshooting guide at this link and pay particular attention to the Bluetooth Best Practices section  
  • This is great news, I was just waiting for my preview code so this will probably come sooner.
  • Coincidentally, just got my key for the preview. It works like a charm though I'd love that all games got ingame WMR controllers. Still, this is awesome. Microsoft delivered.
  • What CPU are you running? Hearing some whispers it needs to be 7th gen i7.
  • Heh, no, no way. I run a *third gen* i5, with a beefy GPU. Zero problems at all with anything VR/WMR related. processor  requirements for hardware are almost always for developers, or exaggerated. Same with the RealSense camera, makes no sense to ask for a 4th or higher processor for what's basically just a webcam.
  • And with that, a WMR headset is worth serious consideration for me. Probably goign to start my new PC build next weekend (11/17), so perfect timing, I'll be watching for feedback on how this all pans out. Hopefully AMD's new cards actually get out on shelves soon.
  • Good news, this makes the MR headsets an interesting product for all gamers. Now we have a decent choice of headsets for VR games on Steam.
  • Fantastic. Just what I've been waiting for. Samsung HMD arrives next week.
  • So if Mixed Reality comes to XBOX does that mean SteamVR on Mixed Reality on XBOX ONE X?
  • No to Steam. You would, at best, get the Windows Store content corss-published, maybe some things get Play Anywhere if you're extra lucky.
  • In any case, WMR coming to Xbox would be beneficial too for pc users, as it would probably result in a bigger catalog of Play Anywhere titles.
  • If it doesn't eventually happen it'll be a damn shame to waste all that power in the One X. I am more likely to play a VR game on my Xbox One X than my PC (Which can run them, but is in a small office)
  • VR on a console is obviously possible, and tbh I'm impressed by what Sony can deliver through PSVR. Microsoft obviously has a different play, but yeah, I don't see why the Xbox One X can't do at least something.
  • Perfect, more choice and more game!!!