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Steve Ballmer is the last of Microsoft's CEOs to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Satya Nadella did it. So did Bill Gates. Now Steve Ballmer has become the final Microsoft CEO to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a very quick video.

Ballmer was challenged by his new employee, Los Angeles Clippers player Spencer Hawes, as part of the growing viral campaign to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a serious neurodegenerative disease. Ballmer's clip is short and sweet, and isn't in the same league as the videos made by Nadella and Gates, but all of this cold water being poured on perfectly good heads is going towards a good cause.

Source: SteveBClippers on YouTube via Neowin

  • Ice, ice, ice! That's not a bucket though.
    A similar campaign should be launched against Ebola.
  • Its the thought that counts?
  • Yeah, you're right.
  • Kudos to all of the Microsoft CEOs in raising awareness and contributions for a good cause.

    Microsoft Empowering Us All site features videos of Steve Gleason, a former pro football player with ALS, using Microsoft Surface and eye tracking technology to help him communicate.
  • Kinda sad. Love the guy but seems rushed or no one cares enough to pour a bucket of ice on the guys head.
  • They had to put this video on YouTube!!! :'(
  • He did the ice cup challenge
  • Ice bowl challenge... :P
  • Why doesn't someone challenge Joe Belfiore and ruin his perfect hair? :3
  • JAJAJAJA!!! Absolute best comment of the day.  You win the Internets for today!!!  I about spit my soda on my pantalla.  
  • Hahaha...It was not a bucket and half of the water was just wasted, it did not fall on his body properly. LOL
  • Icy what he did there... But water you gonna do?
  • Good one!
  • Hahaha
  • I watched Conan O'Brien's challenge and it was funny as hell. Watched it 5 times and still lmao.
  • Yeah,I agree with you.
  • But it's water with ice, not ice water. :)
  • I love you
  • That's a stunning waterfront scenery. Was that at his residence?
  • that bucket fits his bald head so perfectly
  • Lol
  • That's a bowl.
  • The only one with real ice cubes
  • Look at the video of the Google founders, those are real ice cubes ;)
  • No. Those were prototype Google Cubes you can place in drinks to track what customers are drinking, eating, and talking about for purposes of placing appropriate ads on any phones, tablets, our TVs in the area.
  • Lol at that
  • You won teh interwebz.
  • You are awesome LOL
  • They also may integrate Google now
  • recorded on a windows phone!
  • Yup. +1
  • That's what I love the most!
  • he is completely unphased haha
  • Somebody please challenge me, I really want to do this
  • you can do it by yourself and link other 3 person to join
  • I challenge Joe !
  • Tim Cook = wuss.
  • Well actually, he did it.
  • Oh did he? I stand corrected. He's still a wuss though. Steel cage match between Gates and Cook, Gates DDTs him into submission.
  • I agree. Cook did it because he couldn't refuse, while Gates put some imagination in it.
  • Recorded with a Windows Phone offcourse.
  • "So let me get this straight. You waste clean water as a challenge, in order to avoid raising money for charity?" Lol...
  • Right?.... Even in Cali with their drought
  • It was filmed in a WP device
  • I'm really happy this is taking off.
  • Looks a bit childish when compared to Bill's approach but anyway, good to see him taking on this challenge
  • Why has no one challenged Kate Upton yet?
  • Brilliant! Topless, of course.
  • Very awesome, but no one has done better than billg :)
  • Have you already forgotten .....18000 employees had a cold shower before they did.
  • Blablabla
  • Hope your next in line for a social security check and your former ceo drives by and honks at you.
  • Joke's on you, I'm unemployed.
  • Nice Feel sorry for you, but your not allone
    there are atleast 18000 others blabla bla
  • Ballmer Ballmer Ballmer Ballmer Ballmer Ballmer Ballmer Ballmer
  • Focus on your lockscreen app. Didn't you get APIs yet ?
  • Steve Ballmer should be the first one to take a cold shower. After all it was under his watch that Desktop computing moved into Tablet/Phones while he had remedy for illusions; an imposer of reality; a dampener of spirits, to move Microsoft towrds portable OS. Google and Iphone moved inn and dominating the Phone/Tablet OS marked while Ballmer was watching without any usefull reaction.
  • Rubbish. We don't know what went on and for how long. Pushing unification didn't start with Satya. It is a strategy that has been long in the making. It will pay off long term for them. The tablet buzz will fizzle much like the netbooks. Android is in a better position than Apple because of their OS portability. Apple in the meantime has to work between iOS and OSx. Microsoft will have an OS that can work on anything and so survive the form factor fluctuations that occurs. That's the goal. Whether it will come to fruition or whether Google can gain market share by advancing Android/ Chrome on the Desktop is another issue.
  •  You are entitled to have an opinion, but slanging Rubbish on others opinion is something else. You are denying the fact that Apple and Google have moved inn and dominated the Phone/Tablet OS marked under Ballmer's watch.  Your catch-up strategy, something that may happen sometimes in unknown future, is a recipe for disaster. Any kid will tell you that you better stay ahead of your competitors all the time. Yes, "Microsoft will have an OS that can work on anything and so survive the form factor fluctuations that occurs" some day, but the Phone/tablet growth have proven that it should be in the marked  for a long time ago.
  • Anyone noticed the video was taken by a WP? A 1020 maybe?
  • So the people with more money prefer to take the challenge rather than donate?
  • They usually do both
  • Couldn't they have frozen him on ice instead?
  • The whole thing is stupid. I don't get it.
  • Can someone link me to bill gates ice bucket challenge
  • Bing it.
  • Someone please challenge Joe Belfiore on doing the ice bucket challenge. :)