Steve Ballmer: 'Nobody wanted me to leave' as Microsoft CEO

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated in an TV interview today that he was not forced out of the company when he announced his resignation plans in August 2013 (he finally left in February), but did seem to admit to some heated discussions with the company's board over the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division.

In a live interview today on CBS This Morning, Ballmer said, "Nobody wanted me to leave as CEO. We had a lot of tough discussions about whether to buy Nokia; it's a big decision for a company." He added. "We had some dustup type discussions." In the end, Ballmer claims that he decided to leave as CEO after the board approved the Nokia deal, even though he claims the board wanted him to stay.

Ballmer dodged a question about whether or not he still speaks to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, saying only, "We've dusted up in our lives many times and that kind of stuff happens." He also commented on current CEO Satya Nadella's recent controversial statements that suggested women in the tech workplace should not ask for a raise (which Nadella later recanted and apologized for). Ballmer said, "Relating his personal experience was probably not what that group of people needed to hear at that time … some people don't get a square shake."

Source: CBS News via GigaOM

John Callaham