Sticky Notes gets localized names in many regions

What you need to know

  • Sticky Notes is now localized in many markets.
  • Some markets will show names that make the app easier to search in certain markets.
  • The overall name of Sticky Notes remains unchanged.

Recently, some questions arose surrounding the name of Sticky Notes. Some on the web stated that the app had changed names to "Memo." This created some confusion that has now been cleared up by the official Sticky Notes Twitter account. Rather than an overall name change, Sticky Notes is now localized in several markets. This means that the app will appear to have a different name in some regions.

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Starting with version 3.7.60, Sticky Notes will be known by localized variations. For example, Aggiornamenti Lumia points out on Twitter, the app is known in Italy by a name that translates directly to "Memo."

This makes sense as some phrases don't translate directly between languages.

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  • Good news. I hope Microsoft will pay more attention to all other apps, couse MS Store still sucks in both Russian and Ukrainian localizations, as well as Windows Defender.
  • This renaming is horrible for me. I'm German i switched my whole Windows to English because i can't remember the german names, and if you read articles, they are mostly in english and then you have to guess what the german name of the program could be.
  • Yeah. Similar issues with localized error messages. But I guess this is something that could easily be picked up by Bing. Only it would be better… at anything...