Straighten out your images with Horizon Level

Horizon Angle is a keep it simple stupid app for Windows Phone 8 users that helps your pictures out. For those viewers with OCD, nothing can be more painful than looking at an image with strong horizontal lines only to have them crooked in the picture. You won’t need a tripod to keep them straight, but using Horizontal Angle will help out immensely. Windows Phone photographers read on.

When you launch Horizon Angle from the app list (or as a lens) you jump into your camera control but with an added UI element – a horizontal angle. You’ll be presented with a line stretching across the middle of your screen with two markers to help you center it perfectly. Great for snagging that sunset picture at the beach.

There are some things I’d like to see added in future updates, more camera controls would be one of them. When you’re in Horizon Angle you can only toggle flash settings, it would be nice to switch between the rear and front camera or alter other settings without backing out of this lens. I’d also like to see more options for getting the perfectly balanced shot, like a vertical angle. It could be handy to toggle between a horizon angle, a vertical angle and both.

That said, Horizon Angle is a neat lens you should add to your Lumia 920 or 8X for getting well balanced images. Check it out in the Marketplace right here or use the QR code below. Have any other lenses for Windows Phone 8 you really like? Sound off below.

Sam Sabri
  • Why dont you tag the articles title with #wp8? It would be helpfull.
  • Every app article since like, August has been WP8.
  • this would be good as a tag for WP8/WP7 would save a ton of time (I'm not interested in reading about WP8 until I actully have one)
  • short sighted opinion, I was actually reading most I could BEFORE I got one, to save myself trouble figuring stuff out later
  • "Tags:  Windows Phone 8,  Lenses,  photography,  horizon lenses" If you're talking about tagging the title, it would make more sense to only notify if it's a WP7-related article since the vast majority of any news that come in nowadays is related to Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 either way.
  • The first sentence mentions it being for Windows Phone 8 and does the tag at the end. Do you want me to put it in the title for you too? 
  • Not for me, for many others too, "Horizon level wp8" inside the title of the article, specially when its about an app or game the runs only on wp8 or wp7.x. It is just a sugestion, no harm ment :)
  • Yeah agree on the tags. But not that big of a deal. What sucks most right now is the fragmentation btw 7 and 8 getting bigger each day :( hope I can upgrade sooner rather than later.
  • All of the comments are really about what was tagged and what wasn't? Definitely going to have to toy around with this app, although a vertical angle in addition to the horizontal would be much more beneficial. One is better than none though, in this case!
  • I'm hoping a vertical angle is next. Sure you could argue that the horizon is most important, but it would be nice to have as an option.
  • Hi Krystea,
    I`m developer of this app. thank you for your feedback. Im really want to understand what is user scenario when you need vertical angle? 
  • Would be nice if Thumba or Pictures Lab would have "skew" in their adjustment edit, then you wouldn't have to use a separate lense like this.
  • To save yourself time in post processing, take time to get the settings right before you click the shutter on any camera. This has been true since the dawn of photography. If you want a level image from the start use something like this. If you'd rather spend time in post tweaking your picture that's another option. 
  • Sam thank you for review of my app. I will try to take into considiration your feature list:) 
  • Even more useful, would be a "rule of thirds" grid.  Every digital camera I've owned had this option.  It's simple, helps line up your shots horizonally and vertically, and helps you a bit with composition.
    More info:
  • While we're giving suggestions... horizon and vertical levels, rule of thirds, golden ratio, etc ;)