Straighten out your images with Horizon Level

Horizon Angle is a keep it simple stupid app for Windows Phone 8 users that helps your pictures out. For those viewers with OCD, nothing can be more painful than looking at an image with strong horizontal lines only to have them crooked in the picture. You won’t need a tripod to keep them straight, but using Horizontal Angle will help out immensely. Windows Phone photographers read on.

When you launch Horizon Angle from the app list (or as a lens) you jump into your camera control but with an added UI element – a horizontal angle. You’ll be presented with a line stretching across the middle of your screen with two markers to help you center it perfectly. Great for snagging that sunset picture at the beach.

There are some things I’d like to see added in future updates, more camera controls would be one of them. When you’re in Horizon Angle you can only toggle flash settings, it would be nice to switch between the rear and front camera or alter other settings without backing out of this lens. I’d also like to see more options for getting the perfectly balanced shot, like a vertical angle. It could be handy to toggle between a horizon angle, a vertical angle and both.

That said, Horizon Angle is a neat lens you should add to your Lumia 920 or 8X for getting well balanced images. Check it out in the Marketplace right here or use the QR code below. Have any other lenses for Windows Phone 8 you really like? Sound off below.

Sam Sabri