Strawberry Weather is a colorful way to check up on your local forecast

Strawberry Weather is a Windows 10 weather app that delivers the basic forecast information in a colorful and clean style. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Strawberry weather includes toast notifications to alert you on changing weather conditions, as well as Lockscreen and Live Tile support.

Add color themes, a few weather icon packs and location based forecasts and Strawberry Weather ends up being a rather impressive, free Windows 10 weather app.

Strawberry Weather

The layout for Strawberry Weather offers a clean and colorful appearance that isn't overly complicated. The primary screens include the following pages.

  • Now: This is your current conditions that include a weather icon illustrating the conditions, temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction and barometric pressure readings There is also a Forecast Button at the bottom of this page to jump to a five-day forecast.
  • Next Hours: Curious what the next few hours hold? This page breaks down the weather forecast in three-hour blocks for the next twelve hours.
  • Favorite Places: Strawberry Weather can be set to deliver the forecast based on your current location or you can add specific locations on the Favorite Places page. There is also a premium feature that allows the app to automatically add nearby places to the Favorite Places list ($.99 in-app purchase).

Throughout the primary screens, there is a refresh button and menu button resting in the bottom right corner of the screen. The menu button pulls up the settings option and About screen with the Windows 10 Mobile version. The Windows 10 PC version, with the larger screen, has all the control buttons displayed at the bottom of the primary screen.

Strawberry Weather

Strawberry Weather includes 12 pre-set color themes ranging from purple to pink to gray; there's also a "Chameleon" theme that matches your system color settings and allows for custom color selections. You can also customize the appearance of the weather icons, with options for Simple, Emoji, and Minimalistic.

Expanding on Strawberry Weather's notifications, the Live Tile delivers your current conditions and what to expect for the next forecast period (three hours ahead). Lockscreen support is limited to the Detailed Status settings in lockscreen options.

Strawberry Weather

When Strawberry Weather is selected, current conditions and recommendation on how to deal with the weather (e.g. bring an umbrella, etc.) appear on your lockscreen. I would have rather seen the ability to use Strawberry Weather as the lockscreen background (with the ability to use your own wallpaper). As a compromise, you can use Strawberry Weather for the detailed status and another weather app for the background (such as Amazing Weather HD).

Toast Notifications offer two levels of detail. You can choose Smart Alerts that periodically notify you of changes in the weather. Generic Alerts are also available and alert you only of bad conditions (though I didn't run into any severe weather during my testing that would have triggered such notifications). The duration of these alerts ranges from fifteen minutes to two and a half hours.

Strawberry Weather for Windows 10 PC

Strawberry Weather lacks weather radar, which may be a deal-breaker for some. While you can always install NOAA Weather Radar or another app with a radar feature, it would be nice to have it all under one roof instead of relying on multiple apps.

While there is room for improvement, Strawberry Weather is a solid Windows 10 weather app. It delivers the basic forecast information to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device and the toast notifications help keep you weather aware. If you are looking for a basic weather app that isn't short of color, Strawberry Weather is a great looking Windows 10 app to give a try.

Download Strawberry Weather from the Windows Store

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