Stream live footage from your Windows Phone with UTrailMe

Instagram and other social networks enable consumers to share photos with friends and family. It's interesting to check exactly where someone has been and what activities they've been enjoying. But what if you could share live footage, instead of a still shot (or recorded video)? Cue UTrailMe for Windows Phone 8.

What the app can do is share live recordings with social networks. The Windows Phone owner can simply fire up UTrailMe, hit "Go Live" and a link will appear on supported networks. If you'd rather not share your video links for live streaming with everyone under the sun, this can be disabled and the video footage will be saved within the app and on the UTrailMe website (

So how can UTrailMe be used in the real world? It's a perfect solution for live music and concerts, or if you're currently experiencing the most incredible view on top of a country hill. Simply whip out the Windows Phone, snap some shots and launch UTrailMe to begin streaming what you see with everyone else. Before anyone freaks out about streaming video and data limits on contracts, there are some options to help out here (and you don't have to record for hours - just capture a few seconds if needs be).


UTrailMe will upload the video at a later data should the current data connection not be stable enough for upload. The video quality can also be configured to save space and bandwidth. We strongly recommend checking exactly what your allowance is for each month before cracking on with such apps. This is the first release too, but DreamTeam (the developer behind the app) have some interesting features planned for UTrailMe:

  • 100% offline mode for recording (and upload when connection is available)
  • Sharing to groups
  • Location services support
  • Push notifications

An exciting possibility is the intgration with other Windows Phone apps. The developer has opened up UTrailMe so other developers can get cracking with connecting to the live streaming capabilities and offer their on consumers a unique experience. It's a concept worth checking out if you find yourself recording numerous videos, but would also like to dive into live streaming too.

You can download UTrailMe from the Windows Phone Store (available for Windows Phone 8 only).

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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