Streamlabs OBS and Loots team up to offer streamers easy monetization

If you're a streamer, you'll know the name Streamlabs and if you're a frequent viewer there's a strong chance you've seen it at work. It's a popular tool for a multitude of reasons, but one big one is an easy way for streamers to accept donations and tips to help monetize their channels.

Today, Streamlabs is announcing a partnership with Loots, which gives users of the Streamlabs OBS broadcast software an easy way to add monetization to their channels by way of sponsored messaging.

Sponsored Messaging from loots works by giving viewers the ability to send a note to the broadcaster immediately following an advertising-supported message. The advertiser bears the expense of the message in exchange for 15 seconds of screen time on the live stream. The broadcaster will receive revenue for providing the advertising space.

Essentially, the program allows your viewers to support you financially without having to actually give you any money through donations, tips or subscriptions to your channel. By integrating directly into Streamlabs OBS you can plug Loots into your stream with minimal effort.

Payouts are determined by an algorithm, with factors such as your audience size and engagement taken into account. Yes, it's serving ads, but it's serving ads delivered by your viewers as often as they want to support you, and you'll always know who dropped the sponsored message.

Loots is the latest addition to the Streamlabs OBS App Store and is the first that's completely free of charge. To get started simply fire up Streamlabs OBS and grab it from the App Store tab.

Download Streamlabs OBS for Windows

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