Subway Surfers Tokyo

Subway Surfers is one of the few games on Windows Phone to keep pace in updates with iOS and Android. Indeed, the endless runner is updated day for day with those ‘World Tour’ updates. Sure, they’re just re-skinning the game for some new visual flare, but it’s still a fun nod to its users who may get bored. Toss in some new monthly contests to sweeten the deal and you have one of our favorite games.

Today’s update brings you to the alleys of Tokyo, with new vibrant streets, a new Windglider board and new Harumi and Ninja outfits. The developers behind the game, Kiloo, look to have also added a notification system to tell you about new updates (at least it reminded us, even after today’s update). There’s even a new ‘try’ feature for the Lowrider board, which is one heck of a tease for in-app purchases.

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Does today bring 512 MB support? No, no it does not. So that is still one major complaint against this game, but for all of those with 1 GB or more of RAM, you’re good to go.

To start collecting those new Japanese dolls for power-ups, head to the Store to pick up 1.24 ‘World Tour: Tokyo’ update.

Thanks, Moodi Darkness, for the tip!

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