Pour a little physics-driven sugar with Sugar and Cup

Sugar and Cup is a physics-based puzzle game for Windows 10 where you have to guide a flow of sugar into an assortment of tea cups. Some cups require the flow of sugar to pass through a colorization process before it can be dropped into a cup and some puzzles have barricades, portals and other obstacles to contend with.

Sugar and Cup is an entertaining Windows 10 game that challenges your skills at planning, speed, reaction and timing to pass the sugar to the correct cup. The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and is a fun game to spend a little down time with.

Sugar and Cups

The primary menu for Sugar and Cup offers the basics, with options to play the game, view the About Screen and view other games from the developer. Gameplay includes sixty puzzles to solve where you must fill tea cups with sugar. The first few levels are more tutorial in nature but aren't pushovers.

The general layout of each puzzle has a sugar dispenser at the top of the screen and tea cups positioned on shelves that are scattered around the display. To guide the sugar into the tea cups, you need to draw lines with your finger that guides the sugar flow in the desired direction.

Once the game begins, the flow of sugar begins immediately and you need to start drawing lines quickly. I wouldn't mind seeing a slight pause between the launch of the game display and the start of sugar flow to allow gamers to assess the situation, but the lack of a pause does make the game a little more challenging.

While the goal sounds simple, the sugar flowing into the cups must match the color of the cup. Sugar flows white in color and colored portals are available that changes the sugar grain's color when you guide the flow through it. For example, a blue cup needs the sugar to pass through a blue portal before the cup can accept the granules.

Sugar and Cup

Each tea cup requires a certain amount of sugar granules and as you begin to fill a cup, a number appears to represent that requirement. The number, as you would suspect, counts down as sugar lands in the cup.

Along with the color portals, Sugar and Cup include directional portals that shift the flow of sugar around the screen. Some may carry the sugar from the bottom of the screen back to the top, while other may shift the flow from one side of the screen to the other.

Gameplay is rather challenging, especially when you begin to deal with multiple cups. There is a limit to the amount of sugar available (counter is displayed next to the dispenser) and the sugar flow management must be just right to ensure enough sugar hits each cup. There are times where you need to cut off the flow of sugar to one cup and redirect it to another. This has to be planned out correctly as you draw your lines or you may find yourself with a log jam of sugar that prevents any sugar from reaching the cups.

All in all, Sugar and Cup is a decent time waster that is a free, ad-supported title. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Sugar and Cup offers a challenging game that tests your speed, timing, reaction and planning skills.

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