SugarSync app planned for Windows Phone

We're always on the look out (and get very excited at any news for) well established brands looking to join Windows Phone and now we have some shots of a support chat between wpcentral reader Hassan and a SugarSync representative. They're reportedly in the process of designing a Windows Phone app that will integrate into their hosting service.

SugarSync, much like DropBox, is a file hosting platform but requires a subscription with no free plan. It's cross-platform with support for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and more. To find out more about SugarSync, head on over to their website (opens in new tab).  

Thanks Hassan for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Correction: SugarSync DOES offer a free plan, it is 5GB and you get more free storage when you complete some specific tasks and try some specific features, and of course when you refer friends. I know this because I've registered for a free plan, and now I have more than 7GB of storage without having to pay a penny.SugarSync > DropBox :)
  • Actually, SugarSync does have a free plan. Check right under SugarSync for Business here:
  • What are the benefits of a paid plan??
  • Ok, I cannot wait for this to come out!!!
  • So this would enable me to get music on my phone without going through Zune???
  • It would NOT allow you to stream music - I don't think Sugarsync supports that. It's exactly the same idea as DropBox but with a more powerful synchronization feature with your PC / other device and MORE free storage space.
  • Not only does it sync a magic directory everywhere (put stuff in the box... get it out anywhere else) it also allows sync of specific directories you choose.  This is a small but important differentiator.  You don't have to reorganize things that live in different places if you want sync.
    It's going to be important for SugarSync to get a WP app out fast.  I heard Windows 8 will have Skydrive integration with the OS.  That's one of the last things missing on my new phone that I miss from iOS.  (Skydrive auto-sync with WP is nice but getting to it from a computer by having to go to a website is less than elegant).